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T-shirt Printing

We print t shirts for this kind of thing all the time. T shirt printing is great promotional tool for companies...walking billboard.


i would like to advertise for money


Good experience !! After reading it people will really get inspired to create a business to sell the branded T shirts.


Yeah!! many people like to wear t shirts with company names but some people don't.


College going guys always love to wear t shirts..


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US Freestuff

Thanks for info


An inspiring article !! College students always feel comfortable with the funny t shirts...So now a days many people are trying to settle their business in t shirts..

Nisar Ahmed

no comments.

Gashitha Perera

I live in srilanka our country is very poor and there are lots in there a way we can get free tshirts


only if it was by Nike, the ticks would make up for the ones I didn't get in school.


Anybody remember Bill Watersons Calvin and Hobbes form August, 27th 1992? Calvin states:
"I wish my shirt had a logo or product on it. A good shirt turns the wearer into a walking corporate billboard! It says to the world, 'My identity is so wrapped up in what I buy that I paid the company to advertise its products!'" Hobbes asks: "You'd admit that" and Clavin answers "Oh sure. endorsing products is the american way to express individuality."


I might wear 'the T-shirt' if it portrayed the company accurately..for example:

ME, trapped in THIS CUBICLE
at Google

or NOT one of the LUCKY BASTARDS
at Google

at The Police Station

you get the picture.

Otherwise, I should be paid to advertise not the other way around.

Geoffrey "Badger" Gould

I generally only buy t-shirts with logos promoting say a movie or book I really like. Often when one attends a science fiction or comic book convention, often free t-shirt are given away to promote some upcoming movie or such. Sometimes I get free t-shirts promoting films I've not even seen (or sometimes would even want to see). But free is free is free and if it fits it keeps off at least some of the wind chill...


This is an awful lot like professional golfers. They make a lot of money and get free shirts with their sponsors' names on them.
Then, ordinary induhviduals buy the same types of shirts, (yes, with the sponsors' names on them) for $70 or more.
$5 seems like a bargain!

bob noman

why i pay $5 for a cool t-shirt
when i will wear a shirt with a company logo in my city...all the duds will impressed by that shirt....& when i will tell them it is fre of cost.the will feel impressive prsonality to me......


I don't wear branded shirts. I don't care if they advertise places I have been or hope to be, colleges I have attended, products that I use or hope to use, political or religious bents, or whatever, and I am arguably a high end consumer. It has always amazed me that people will PAY to wear these shirts, when in fact they should be PAID to wear them.


Why would you care about a reader who doesn't think your writing is worth one click?

I do think it's worth one click, but my office's internet filter doesn't allow blogs, but I can backdoor it through my reader. So I can't access your content when I do the majority of my websurfing. Your net loss? Probably nothing. And now I'm catching up on your posts on Saturday at home.

Just one reason why at least the change to partial posts on your feed sucks for me. Thanks for the free stuff, in any form!


Hell no I wouldn't pay $5 for an ad shirt. If they were giving them away and they were an alright company then I'd be like "cool" but otherwise I wouldn't touch those with a stick.


Nyah-ha-hah, my punk friend takes the free shirts and slashes the logos or cuts them out entirely. And wears them proudly. You go Mickey!

Seriously, how do you feel about companies that make so much profit they're giving away shirts by the bushel? When someone asks me if I want a cellphonecom t-shirt or ripoffratecredit card t-shirt, I politely say "No thank you, I already own several T shirts.


Paying for FREE T-shirts? Thats almost like paying for FREE blog posts. Do I detect a trend here?


I would, if it was a good assortment of beefy quality, AND the logos were cool. I was thinking small, unknown companies would be best but if the logo was cool enough and it wasn't embarrassing (like panty liners or something)then i would.
i would pay more for the same shirt with nothing on it


probably, if the company sounded cool and unknown enough.


i wear company t-shirt cause its free............nothing beats free.


i have one or two and they were given to me free. nothing cool about them.

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