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John Elliot

No. Would you send me USD5 for answering your questions?


Having quality T-shirts with the company of my choice for only 5 bucks per unit? I'm in!


I would!

I'd say at least half of all the shirts I own have a company logo, brand name, or campus club name on them. And being a student, it's not out of place at all to wear something like that around campus. They're really nice, and they're not always free (the clubs ask that you pay something like $5 to $10 for your shirt... and if you want one that actually says UCLA on it, you pay $20 or more). And they're comfortable. So yea, I'd definitely pay $5 a shirt to have a greater variety of stuff to wear from day to day.


I'd pay $5 for a Dilbert T-Shirt. :)


yep, I'd pay $5 a shirt.
especially if it were a tobacco, alcohol or firearms manufacturer.

Bill Tkach

I think your too late. You can probably go to any of those t-shirt press on places, and make a shirt with some companies logo on it.
Better yet, you can get one with a logo you actually like.

And those companies already charge for t-shirts with their logos; ever been to a Levi's store, or the swoosh(Nike)? They charge an arm and most of a leg for their clothes, especially for that little symbol.

I'm sure, if you want to promote your Anti-Glare screen cleaner company, Staticide, or your Microsan hand sanitizer t-shirts, you can probably give them away. But no one is going to buy them.

I have one shirt, that's for Barracuda Spam firewalls. On the back, in gargantuan block letters, it says, EAT SPAM! And then the companies name. I'd wear it, if it weren't for the companies name. People can probably figure out I'm a geek without announcing it in massive, white on black lettering.

Will Von Wizzlepig

I don't buy any clothing with pictures, words, or brands printed on the front, and hesitantly buy things where the brand is very visible.

[your name] does not go *here*.


I do it a different way. I'm a graphic designer, and I make my own silk screens. I then design ficticious company logos and/or strange designs to place on them. People often ask where I got a particular shirt. When I tell them it's a one-of-a-kind, they're usually disappointed, but occasionally someone asks me to make one for them (so they can be one of only two people who have it). I don't really make any money from doing it, but it's fun, and it does actually save me from paying retail price for edgy designs.

Peter Paul

Yeah sure, if the company's are vintage...
vintage rock shirts or vintage company shirts.. what is the different?
*thinking of an atari $5 shirt*

Sam Davis

In order to get a company-branded shirt free you either have to win it or be on the inside of some industry or know someone who is. This is a great business idea, since $5 sounds pretty cheap to me, particularly if I can get company names I always wanted as opposed to ones that came free but I didn't want.

Jeremy Thomson

I've always wanted a corporate T-Shirt from defunct companies. Always wanted a "WANG" t-shirt :-). The old DIGITAL and Commodore logos were cool too. Not just old computer firms I'd like some aero companies. It'd bee soo cool to be seen in a Sopwith or Supermarine T-Shirt (or Curtis, North American, Hughes, Douglas, McDonnell).

Bill Harting


How about a little bit more for t-shirts with made up but plausible sounding companies and logos? Then, you could feel really cool about everyone looking at you wondering why they have never heard of Planck Technologies and shoudl they call their broker or if their is a website. Get some graphic design students to whip up some logos cheap.


I would, but depends on the brand, and if I support it.
That means no big brands, but struggling brands, or niche brands.
One thing that I try to get is for everywhere I go, try to get a T Shirt from the local Universities.


Dear Scott.

I was going through dormant tabs I'd opened in Firefox and left there for when I had more free time to browse when I came across the tab opened to your blog. I visited from when you had that Columbia University/Ahmedinejad imbroglio that pissed off the denser readers here.

Scott, I really like your writing. I like your strip even more (haven't followed it in years though, since I haven't received the paper in that long and don't believe in reading comics online...I'm weird like that).

When you're not being a war mongering vegetarian, you actually have good things to say. I hereby bequeath unto you the wisdom to be funny but realize that foreign intervention is dumb.

Trading with other countries and serving as a positive role model for the rest of the world to emulate: good. Invading other countries for fun and profit: not good.

Read this as an affirmation every morning when you wake up (you can let it slide on Saturdays) and you'll be OK.


I'll take a Bosko Lives tee shirt, too, while I'm at it.


I would NOT wear a tee shirt from Nike or any clothing manufacturer even if they gave it to me for free and paid me to wear it.

I have worn freebie tee shirts I received at volunteer events ... and I still felt like an ad whore.

I would, however, pay $5 for a Dilbert or Dilbert Blog tee.

I would gladly pay $10 for one of the cool ThinkGeek or Computer Gear tee shirts ... if they had them in my size (100 lb female).

I did pay I-forget-what for a "Kansas Museum of Science" tee shirt from Bobby Henderson's CafePress site; a goodly chunk of the proceeds benefit organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists. It was money well spent for Bobby's stick figure cavemen and dinosaur artwork.

But I would pay at least $15 for a RITA MAE tee shirt. Better get started designing, Rita Mae! Your fans are waiting!


short answer yes, long answer just see "Andrew | December 05, 2007 at 10:36 AM "


14, not 12.


Why would I pay money for something that companies should be paying me money to wear?


Scott, I am surprised that you aren't charging companies for you to wear their logos when you travel to speaking gigs.... You'd make a double-killing with every engagement. You collect your speakers fees, and collect $$ for wearing a tie with company logo on it, oh say, Dell.... It would be even better if you wore a Dell tie while speaking at a HP function...

Adam Williams


rita mae

CFS '93 sez:

[Nike (from yesterday's comments) I have wondered the same thing. There always seems to be one in every comment community that thinks it's all about them. I think maybe she's just very lonely.]

And, I say:

Who is SHE? Let me know, I will be her friend. No one should be lonely. So, CFS '93, you've been to *every comment community* and know there is one like that everywhere? Wow! You're an important person. Maybe this "SHE" just gets on your last nerve ending? Maybe you could ignore her? Maybe she doesn't give a shit what you think and reads the post because she enjoys it, and responds because she enjoys it. What a novel idea. A post where there can be give and take and people don't judge each other. Hmmmmmmmm. If I was Scott, I would get tired of all this BS and cut my blog short. Oops. Maybeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rita Mae


Yes I would, IF:

1. It was 3XL in a nice thick 100% cotton (gotta hide the man-boobs, don'tcha know?).

2. It was technology/electronics related. No auto parts, no cigarettes, no Budweiser.

3. It was Free Shipping.


5$? Of course!

I'd love to wear Hershey's, or Nestle, or Coke or delicious things like that.


Yes I would provided it was an ethical, interesting, funky company. (I can't believe I just agreed to be a billboard, but there's something about the funky, obscure brands that work for me.)

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