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UPDATE personality
SET personality.attentionspan = 0
WHERE obid in (
SELECT personality.obid
FROM personality, surroundings, relation
WHERE personality.identity = 'Myself'
AND surroundings.description LIKE 'Social gathering%'
AND relation.leftrel = personality.obid
AND relation.rightrel = surroundings.obid);



An intelligent person at a party will find a way to have fun rather than sitting like a moron in a corner staring into their beer. I usually manage to find someone interesting to talk to or dance wildly with cute chicks; introduce them to a little up close groin-grinding ball room dancing or some frenetic jive, punk or disco. So many times other guys won't dance because they think they can't, they are too busy talking sports or playing drinking games so I entertain the ladies who are at a loose end because of these bozos.

I have been the guy in the corner lost in his own thoughts and I apparently have an IQ of 140 which I think puts me outside the 'congenital idiot' league, but that was an unsupportable waste of time - I am now middle-aged and realise that time is a non-renewable resource. So now I find ways to have fun when it is on offer.

Sit in the corner feeling smug if you like but I'll be out there dancing with your girl. Sucker.


This begs the question: Why are some people stimulated more by their external environment than others? e.g. why do some people get more joy from watching a sunset/flowers in the field/the sea than others?

I wonder whether this is because they're feelings are allowed to flow more freely, because they have been given more love and affirmation as a young child and are hence much less inhibited. I also wonder whether these people do hence indeed not have the need to become more intelligent, and therefore migrate towards the artsy stuff, like painting, wearing ugly t-shirts and putting flowers in their hair. God knows I tend to consider them "Less Intelligent", although I probably shouldn't.

But its an interesting halfothesis.


I believe the Jungian hypothesis about Introverted vs. Extraverted attitude (innate he says) may be more explanatory for you. Introverts utilize the external environment just enough to stimulate their own ideas/imagination and extraverts are primarily oriented externally. or something like that. Hypothesis 2: there are those with sensory hypersensitivities (sensory processing/integration disturbances) that get overstimulated easily in noisy/stimulating situations.

Hey, I came across another term this week that you might like: philosophology. perhaps a cousin to philosotainment.
Pirsig uses it in talking about the people who study philosophy but have no ideas of their own, but yet call themselves philosophers. you actually are more of a philosopher who enjoys entertainment :)


You won't like it, but read 1 Corinthians 1:27-29 for another explanation. If you can stand it, read the whole passage for a larger context v18-31.

Anton the Chrome

Too simplified I think. In some cases it's true but the opposite can be just as relevant. Try sitting in a room with a group of advanced quantum physicists. Facinating subject, but because you're (probably) the dumbest in the room you'll drift off in minutes. Bottom line is that if you're talking to someone with common interests (be it hobbies, geography or a desire to get jiggy) at a level you understand you will enjoy it. And if you're not you wont.


I really depends on what they are daydreaming about. Are they trying to resolve the conundrum within Einstein’s theory or relativity in relationship to the time space continuum interacting with black hole theory?

Or are they thinking about the color scheme to paint their body parts for the next pro game to try and outdo their drunken buddies? They may be geniuses or they may have nanosecond attention spans with the imagination of a retarded monkey.

Hmm, what are my teams colors?

Klaus Kaan

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Sudarshan Karanth

Well, evolution once again.... nothing new in these observations, Scott.

The africans survived the evolutionary cauldron precisely because of the hard conditions.... leading to us, homo sapiens.

Even before that, Paranthropus and other hominoids died out because they were accustomed to plentiful food and could not adapt to changed conditions.

Boring post. Not worth the energy expended in clicking here from my RSS feed to come here.

Martin Stennert

So you noticed it, too, huh?


I'm sorry what were you saying?


Then I must be a freakin' genius...


"Are the people who start daydreaming first usually the smartest people in the room?"

Yes and No. Some people are great at "creating" fun in the party, because they are very creative.Hence they enjoy party more. I would refine your hypothesis. The people who get fun easily in a passive way are not that intelligent. So, yes, if in a party where it is mostly passive fun then you start daydreaming and in that setting you are right. Daydreaming is easy. Hence, it is mostly intelligent and lazy people. People who are not lazy and intelligent will do something about it, and be creative.

I belong to the lazy group.


Based on the number of affirmative responses, clearly the people who drift off first think they are the most intelligent...

Kevin Kunreuther

I'm sorry, I started daydreaming this morning halfway thru the post and just snapped out of it now. My, that was refreshing! Hmmmm, how did I get to work? Oh, well, back to thinking about Angelina Jolie's great big pillowy lips.


Could it not be the other way around?

Ie. I didn't find my external environment very stimulating as a baby because I was already revelling in the delights of my imagination?

I do know this much: There is no such thing as a "boring activity" or "nothing to do", only a bored person, or a person who can't be arsed doing anything.


Considering becoming Rita Mae's stalker, just for good measure

Manoj Jacob

I'm not sure if a dead external environment actually is such a good thing. I've often found triggers around me that get my imagination going in wicked circles.
Here's an example:

Johan Hjelm

If this is a halfothesis, what was the other half?


Taxi guy

In the 80s or 90s psychologists did brain scans of introverts & extroverts expecting to see more brain activity in extroverts than introverts. The results were the opposite of what they expected. They reasoned that introverts were thinking all the time and had active brains while the extroverts had quiet brains and thus had more desire for external stimulus.

Will White

Although smart people sometimes tend to daydream more often, young children that get little or no mental stimulation can develop severe learning disabilities.

Though I understand what you're doing with the Halfothesis idea.


So you are saying that introverts are smarter. Reports differ on that halfothesis.

As for the stimulation thing, the lemon juice test - and the science behind it - certainly supports that part of your argument about processing differences in introverts and extroverts. Check it out:

jerry w.

My halfothesis:

My wife gives me little excitement.

So using my imagination and my girlfriends who all have the last name Jpg.

I have explored many happy endings.

Haiku.... Gehzuntiet!


It depends on the type of stimulation the child recives. If its stimulation that requires the brain to be more active, like reading, then intelligence will be higher, but if it doesn't require any action i.e. is not participatory- like TV, it will be lower. At parties though, its likely that the more intelligent will get bored quicker if theres not enough good conversation to take part in, but those that are less intelligent could easily get bored if theres not enough going on to observe.

Peter G.

I spent some time thinking about this, and it seems to me that...

Oh. Right.

Never mind.

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