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Vomiting / Nausea is your body trying to tell you that..




The absolute worse is the Zicam liquid Cold & Flu medicine:
Each dose comes in it's own disposable spoon, and the directions say you can either take it straight or mix it into a beverage. Believe me, there is no beverage strong enough to cover up the extremely nasty taste of this product. I was almost ready to gag before I finished the whole drink, and I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to taking medicine. Next time, I'm sticking to Nyquil capsules.


I did the same thing the other day with an Airborne...

I knew you were supposed to dissolve them in water but:

1. I didn't feel like getting up for a glass of water.

2. I wanted to see if I could bare the experience.

.... It wasn't half bad, you just gotta man up Adams.

Johan Hjelm

You did remember to ask your wife whether she agreed about that aura of infallability thing, didn't you? Otherwise, you may be in for yet another surprise. It is one of those things that happen when you get married.



Don't see it as a mistake. Explain to your wife you were simply testing out that famous paradox "what happens if the worlds toughest guy has to take the worlds toughest medicine." It works every time or your money back.


[...are designed to be dissolved in a tall glass of water, like Alka Seltzer.]

If it's Airborne you are talking about, you can use just a wee little bit of water - one sips worth!

S@ns S@nity

Just returned from my vacation...

wish you a very happy new year!!

have a nice one!


Did you take a look at the tablet cover? Maybe it was one of those "just-swallow-it" tablets.

V N Saroja

i have been reading stuff of a guy who cannot read?? when did you move to being an Induhvidual? not a good start to new year i can tell you.


See what several years of animal testing leeds to? By then even the most stupid ape knows how to take that pill.
Next in line is the human, the superior one... *evil grin*

Santa Claus

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Happy new years!!

Muthu Ramadoss


Happy, Happy 2008! Hearty wishes for you and your family.


I knew something was wrong the moment you said it was about the size and shape of a quarter.

Because of you, this drug manufacturer will now have to include a little drawing of a person putting the tablet directly in his mouth, with a big red X over the picture. It would be an honor to know you're the one whose disaster made them put a mysterious, yet intriguing warning on the label. (DO NOT feed them after midnight! Why - what happens if I do?)

I used to think I could tolerate any kind of food taste too - if it were something that large numbers of other people had eaten for centuries and found to be non-toxic. But I haven't ever been able to handle okra. The taste is fine, but the texture feels so slimy it's like eating mucus.

Chewable baby aspirin was the most I could endure in the realm of bad-tasting medicines. I was definitely a wimp there.


Happy New year Scott

SCott - 0 , Mrs Scott 1

Whaty a way to start the year ( a self goal )

Andy Coulter

You're lucky your wife doesn't see you as a total liability.


Don't worry, the dog shit story gave you enough "infalibility" credit to compensate for this one, hahaha!
Actually it turns out most of women (including my wife) think of these little mishappens as "cute", so it's good for me to pull one of these every now and then.
A couple of times I was coming back home, and I was reading and walking at the same time. It's an ability you need to work on for a while, but now I manage to avoid dogshits, traffic lights and other dangerous obstacles that could hit me in sensible areas.
Anyway, while my abilities allow me to avoid immediate obstacles, the overall route is traced by my automatic pilot, he just knows the way by force of habit. The problem is when the book is so interesting the automatic pilot also starts reading. So for a couple of times I found myself going into our neighbours appartemnt. Luckily they are nice people.

joshua holmes

great post, scott


Happy 2008 Scott and hope you feel better by now


Buddy, you don't know what a bad taste is until you try valerian root. It has been charitably described as "sock stink with rotten cheese."
It's in a capsule, but your burp will be sheer hell. You trying chewing on this horror; and somehow, it's available as a TEA, which I cannot believe anyone could drink without wretching.
And I thought the smell of witchhazel was a vile bad tequila smell.


I guessed it was Airborne too. My mom is kind of obsessed with the stuff. I'm not sure it does anything but often take it to make her feel better (and because I actually like the way it tastes dessolved). I imagine after trying to eat one normally you would have lost all taste for the dissolved form. Also: Zinc will make you throw up if you OD on it or take it on an empty stomach. Airborne isn't all Zinc to it's not likely to make you throw up on an empty stomach but I used to take straight Zinc just as a supplement to help acne and digestion and if you take it on an empty stomach it WILL make nauseous and very likely make you throw up (This has happened to me after taking a tiny 10mg pill).


I think your "auro of infallability" may be safe, but now you just look like a dick for taking medicine without reading the instructions...

...remember kiddies, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!


Hahaha, the source of your "aura of infallibility" is still there.
Well, however, that thing isn't neither a medicine, neither magic, I agree is lot easier to take an oportune pill than to eat regularly a variety of fruits and fresh vegetables with (my own recipe of) an special shake at the mentioned first symptoms, but for what I know and believe I say it is for sure more safe. It is not a bit exagerated the american culture of the pill?

Happy new year, sincere best wishes for you, your family and all the blog readers.


I did that once with Air-borne on a dare. It burned. I swore the devil himseld laid an egg on my tounge.


There are a couple of comments about garbagemen collecting garbage on a holiday. I don't know about where you live, but garbage is collected on holidays in my Shire. The garbagemen love it - Triple Time overtime for Public Holidays.

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