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Unfortunately, the guard in this incident ended up taking his own life -

Not a very funny outcome to the story.


theres nothin wrong with reading dilbert at age 12. did u ever notice how kids comics arent funny?


hey thats mean about how all readers are 12.u were once 12 u insensitive!!@##


I'd be evil but I'm not funny enough to come up with all of those awesome witty retorts they have in the movies.



Alice in Wonderland

Why is any article involving an ATV accident funny? And if it involves a pregnant woman, hysterically funny?

Captn Rob

DENY, DENY, DENY..... Then shift the blame!


I had exactly the same reaction. I know they're hardened criminals and such, but I've really taken a shining to them. Especially when you consider that they couldn't possibly risk committing another crime, since the jail time would be just staggering, a little, tiny, tiny, tiny part of me is actually pleased that they pulled it off.


...your readers are all 12 years old


Rita Mae

You are too funny!... and yes, I have ;)


Well, strange things in those prisons...

rita mae

MIKE sez: [Am I right in assuming that male-male rape is accepted or even encouraged in U.S. jails? You guys are primitives.]

Not accepted nor encouraged, but it does happen. Only so many guards and soooooooooo many prisoners. We aren't primitives. Where you are from I am sure it occurs, but you are just not aware of it. (See my note to DRAMBO below)

MARK sez (regarding my post) : [Yup, rape is soooo funny!
Me, I laughed out loud all the way through "The Accused"! Hilarious!]

DRAMBO! I love you. You got it. It was a joke, albeit a little sick, but nevertheless, a joke. No! I don't condone rape. Hello? Again, I must slap my forward! How do you sit and read these posts, Scott, and sit in awe at all the people who don't know a joke when they see one? But then, they don't know me. Maybe they DO think I like rape. What an ugly thought.

Rita "Hannibal Lector" Mae

PS CHLOE -- I thought I was the only one who screamed. It helps. Have you tried it? Scares the juice right out of them.

Adrian Rodriguez

I think to plan and execute the scape is Genious...

But, for God's Sake, the Note, That's Evil, Marvelous, Sick, Smart... I Can't Believe it.

I think the Note is the cherry on the top of the Ice Cream, it makes you admire them and say: If I was in Jail I wish I could do something like that and be remembered.

Ay Caramba!



Scott, I think your reaction is simply a normal emotional backlash against that "America's Dumbest Criminals" show hosted by that arrogant California cop who thinks he should be a movie star. We all want to see that smarmy jerk get his comeuppance, so when some reasonably resourceful crooks put one over on the boys in blue without doing any real harm to innocents, it just seems to restore balance to the universe for a minute or two. It's essentially the same reason all normal people reveled at Paris Hilton's brief stint in jail ... it sustains the illusion that justice actually exists.


I guess prisons all around the country will stop showing "Shawshank Redemption" on Movie Night!


This reminds me more of the actual TV show Prison Break. In this weekly TV show they worked to tunnel their way out of their cell and went over a barbed wire fence as described in this story.

We spend millions every year to house criminals in "high security" facilities. Maybe we need to pay the guards more to actually guard and secure the criminals instead of engaging into the criminal enterprise within the prisons that does exist. Who are the REAL criminals?



I'm with you Scott, my Dad owned a liquor warehouse as I was growing up and I was always amazed at the genius of those people who robbed or attempted to rob the warehouse.

In most cases the thief did something incredibly clever to get in (EX posing as a security system maintenance man and disabling the security system). However, they always do something dumb in the end. (Leave parole info behind for the cops to find, leave stolen goods in parked truck in the front of your house). I sure these guys will do something similar that will make them look less than genius.


If the note was just a little richer, say:

"Dear Guard, Thank you for smuggling the tools into prison in your rectum. My freedom is worth the herpes sores I now have on my hands..."

Then the guard would have been humiliated both personally and professionally - a two-fer.

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[Their names and ages -- Jose Espinosa(20) & Otis Blunt(32). I think they will be assigned to separate cells, with seasoned prisoners who are reallyyyyyyyy lonesome. Jose is younger, but Otis is just asking for it with a last name like "Blunt." They might as well start bending over right now.

Rita Mae

Posted by: rita mae]

Yup, rape is soooo funny!

Me, I laughed out loud all the way through "The Accused"! Hilarious!

some dude

I'm in China now and I couldn't see the link. Wonder why.


Shawshank redemption with an evil twist! cool..

Andy Watt

(briefly) funnier than the story itself is the flame war on spelling going on in the comments below the story.

Mr Adams. Have you been winding up the chimps again?

Bad cartoonist. Slap wrists.


Criminals: the most Clever part of society.

What Would Deep Throat Do?

That one can still tunnel out of prison in this day and age surprises the hell out of me.

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