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Now I know why I keep my Dilbert calendar at home and take Garfield into the office every year. I knew this would end up happening to someone sooner or later.



Allen Anderson

Man, that is as close as I have ever gotten to having a criminal role model. Hahaha! You made my day.


John C sez:
I find it amazing how I've heard nothing relating this story to an exact duplicate of the movie "shawshank redemption".

The article Scott linked to mentions the Shawshank link quit boldly and clearly...

I'd be more impressed if they didn't address their note to a specific guard. If they could've cast the web of doubt a bit further, it could cause REAL havoc...


OMG, Rita Mae. That was f***ing hilarious!


D. Mented

I do not approve of bank robbers.
It's not free money - even when the government guaruntees it - that's just taking it out of our tax dollars. It's not cute, it's not cool. It's stealing and putting innocent people in danger, and it's wrong.
But Still...
There were these two bank robbers (true story) back in the EARLY seventies when most banks didn't have security cameras yet -in fact, tthe case was an inspiration to banks all over the country to get cameras fast.
The bank they robbed didn't have a camera yet or it wouldn't have worked.
Two women robbed a bank.
High noon, long lines, plenty of witnesses, no disguises.
No masks, no makeup, no stocking over their heads, no clothes at all above the waist.
Everybody had a description, but no two descriptions matched; they were black, they were white, they were tall, short, one of each, fat, thin, blonde, redhead, brunette, young, old, big breasts, small ones, perky, droopy, there may have been one accurate description, but since no two matched, there was no way to know.
Everybody did agree on one detail; they certainly were topless. (until they exited the bank, of course)
They never were caught. They never repeated their stunt.
...It's the brazen confidence in their understanding of human nature - that not even the women in line would be able to keep their heads on in the shock of seeing bare boobies.
Too hilarious. Thirty years and I still laugh every time I think about it.
D. Mented


Scott, this is cool, but didn't you notice that Britney Spears 16 year old sister is pregnant?

Everyone loves a clever crim, like one of Australia's folk heroes, Ned Kelly. He was a merciless robber and murdered a whole bunch of perfectly decent hard working policemen. He robbed from the rich, and others, and kept it. But he also wore a steel mail box head piece and steel armour so he could walk about like a 19th century terminator shooting up the cops; how can you not think that is cool!

cr steuusy

Prison is full of people that aren't terribly what you would call "smart". Those guys are criminals, but apparently they're somewhat smart. That worries me.


Am I right in assuming that male-male rape is accepted or even encouraged in U.S. jails? You guys are primitives.



Did you make some kind of change in the formatting a couple weeks ago?
I can't read your whole blog entries (only partial entries) using rss with Avantgo on my Treo.
Your blog was the first thing I read every morning....


Haha! That was my first reaction too! What a great way to mess with the pursuers... every little distraction you throw at them is a tiny piece of a percentage chance you'll actually get away.


Life imitates art -- the guard got "Shawshanked" ...

And to Nikhil at 09:07 AM:

Yeah, maybe the guard was dazed by their bold evil genius scheme and just let it continue out of amazement -- Barney Phyfe syndrome
GIVE ME A MOMENT a lifestyle


If you want to see evil incarnate try to looking into the eyes of Charles Manson. This miscreant personifies evil. His is a genius in the way he duped many of his followers into inhuman acts that even hardened police were stunned. He slipped through the cracks of the Liberal Rose Bird California Court to dodge the death penalty. No matter your belief about capital punishment this creature would be a good candidate for retroactive birth control.

Historically there are masterminds that get people to do their will but we put them up there with the insane like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Jeffrey Dahmer. Where is a good strike of lightning when you need it?

Our society glorifies the infamous but in reality Jessie James was no Robin Hood, just a murdering thug with a good public relations agent.


It's the little things that make the most difference in life. I think it's great that they were polite enough to leave a thank you note. It says, "we care."

Romeo Vitelli

We identify with criminals like this because, deep down, we know we're capable of doing the same things in their place. How many of us would hesitate to break the law if we were sure we wouldn't be caught?

Celtic Ferret

When I moved on from my 1st job in Silicon Valley I came back for a visit later and gave all my old bosses and a few previous co-workers a personal copy of your 1st book. They all loved your strip, but we were all caught in one big real-life Dilbert cartoon.

Kelvin Kao

Hey, I've always been fascinated by scam artists and cult leaders. Sometimes I admire their creativity like I admire performing artists.


On the topic of the man fired for posting dilbert, man what a-holes, i must have posted a dozen Dilbert strips on the billboard and some Dogbert Tech Support ones on my door (i was the only Tech Support guy there), the bosses loved them and always stopped to read the new ones and to keep it up, even the ones insulting accountants and managers (they were both).

Can he counter sue his old boss and the judge for not having a sense of humor.

Sir Mike Tallon, PhD

I think if they put acne creme on prison walls it could prevent future breakouts.


Saw that story earlier, I liked some of the details from here:
"Blunt, who is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 210 pounds, squeezed into Espinosa's cell through an approximately 16- to 18-inch hole.

The two inmates wiggled through another 18-inch hole in the outer wall. From a roof landing, the two dus "took a running jump or they were standing and they jumped approximately 15 feet out and about 30 feet down"


Maybe they were thanking the guard for playing Shawshank at the last prison movie night.

OK, I passed the captcha (I think?) but TypePad apparently thinks I'm spamming.

If I am, sorry. :-(

Cyrus Uible

I'm amazed that people can still dig their way out of prisons. You'd think the authorities had seen enough prison escape movies by now.

(giving away stuff every week)


Off topic: I guess everyone doesn't find your humor funny. Fortunately, one judge rules that you can't fire someone just for posting a "Dilbert" strip on the company billboard.

Mrs. Micah

Shawshank was the first think I thought of. It's classic!

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