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Totally off topic but I thought you should see a fantastic blog of a fellow illustrator. I truly admire what he is doing with his time and skill. He and his blog truly make my day...


It's a big deal here in Sydney. After all, beef isn't that good for you or the land. Roo meat has almost zero fat, tastes nice (v easy to overcook tho'). Also the cloven hoof carrying over a ton of weight really punches a hole in the soil. The land erodes much less with a soft footed creature. We have very sandy soil too, and it really gets damaged by cattle.

Roos are really easy to farm too. They'll control their own numbers by the amount of water you allow them to have.

Matthew Kovich

no new post.

sadness envelops me

Matthew Kovich

no no post.

sadness envelops me

Jared Kells

The gas comes from the cows burps

Kev K

Scientists all over the world dedicate themselves to curing AIDS and cancer. It takes a particular mind to decide to focus on gassy cows..

Are they going to focus on politicians next?


In a kangaroo-fart post, the line "smells a rat" is priceless.


Where's Scott? Dude, todays Dilbert (Is input supposed to feel this bad?) definitely reminds me of a previous setup.


Love it


“Geez, Bob, was that you?”

change to

Geez, Bruce, was that you?

trust me, that's WAY funnier. But you have to be an antipodean to get it :)

PS: I note you got a testicle reference past the editors. You must be proud :)


Hilarious post Scott. And thanks for starting a healthy rivalry between cows and kangaroos. Now cows too have a rat to blame.
"Uhhh, Billy that was a huge one girl."
"Nah, you saw that high hop from Bob. Its him dear."


They have been developing a vaccine for sheep for a while, which they hope to also use on cows:


And to GLK at 09:21 AM:

"... so how much are the Carbon Offsets for eating beef?"

Depends, of course, on if the steak in question came from a "free range" cow (no guilt whatsoever -- carbon neutral) or one raised in a feed lot (just send in your SUV -- big money)
GIVE ME A MOMENT a lifestyle

jerry w.

Hey Scott, you said Asok left a DNA sample, but didn't say what kind it was.

Did Carol notice that her candy tasted a bit salty after it was stored in the jar?

I'm just asking.......


Ok read this slowly,

You know how Asok died? then you know how he reincanated in the very next comic?

That means hes not dead.

I have come to realise a good percentage of you are thick, but please pay attention.

jerry w.

It's a little strange that no one else (so far) has commented about the angle

of Asok's clones arms (and where his hands might be) when he said "Why do I feel nuts?".

You seem to have snuck that one by.



Damnit Scott! I read the headline and thought you'd come up with a plan to burn Kangaroos to power our SUVs. And you're making a fart joke instead. Nice missed opportunity.

Scott Yates

That's not true about termites, is it?

Anyone know how bison compare to cows?


Chubby Mike

You killed Asok, therefore I'm boycotting this blog for 30 days & I'm not buying anything Dilbert for an entire year!!! Your actions have consequences!


But at least you now know how real Global Warming is.

So real, that its supporters decided that spending time and effort researching Kangaroo Farts... that's how real.

Heck, I don't think we've even taken cancer that seriously, and I strongly believe that processed eucalyptus leaves are at least part of the answer there; but I still don't have the million dollars I asked for to research Koala farts.

Honestly though, if this is all the more serious you're going to be about the problem, why am I expected to take you or your problem seriously?

Kavi Chokshi

Thanks for this excellent blog post!

It's on of the best ones :)


Today's Dilbert where Asok transmutates into a Snicker's bar and Asok asks "Why do I feel nuts?" is the funniest pun I've ever seen in a comic strip. I was laughing for a good 10 minutes after I read it. I cut it out and hung up on my desk.


The summer between 7th and 8th grade my parents sent me to a science summer camp in Appalachian mountains that was "internationally renown."

However, I believe the only international thing about it was that all the live in counselors were international students who didn't realize what they were getting themselves in to. In my cabin we had a sleepy Russian and a quiet Australian.

One evening I think the Australian slipped out to have a few drinks because he came back unusually cheery and began to tell us about his friends in Australia.

He introduced us to them by telling us various stories about how they would hunt Kangaroos from the back of pick-up trucks.

"You wouldn't always hit 'em with the shot," he said, "but the sound would cause 'em to fall over... and that's when you get 'em with the truck."

I'm not against hunting, but I thought that was pretty extreme.

But I guess now he can say he's fighting global warming.

Mark Thorson

Japanese research shows that
whale farts release far more
methane than cattle farts.
They are proposing a plan to
reduce the rate of global
warming by converting several
species of whales into an
ingrediant of nutritious
ramen soup.


Loved the comic today... naughty, but with juuust enough room for deniability to get into the paper. Very nice.

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