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Cor Treffers

The price for a barrel of crude oil should be in euros, not in dollars.
That should ease things down in the financial markets.
The EU already seems to do so at

Cor Treffers

The price for a barrel of crude oil should be in euros, not in dollars.
That should ease things down in the financial markets.
The EU already seems to do so at


I'm so tired of hearing about "foreign oil." Just because oil comes from the U.S. doesn't mean it isn't damaging or dangerous in serious ways. Like the post though.


connect all the exercise machines in clubs and private homes to small generators, as well as revolving doors in office buildings


connect all the exercise machines in clubs and private homes to small generators, as well as revolving doors in office buildings

Carl Boyd

OH! we could lace cat-flaps with rubber and creat a never ending flow of statick electrisety as the critters will rubb there fur against it over and over again... not shure exactly what this could be used for but I cant be asked to have all the awnsers.


p.s. in referance to the last article ; watch carefully what you do with food preparation and preserving -as it can get toxic -fast and poison you or others if not processed right .


hey folks question for ya from the high school dropouts quarter-the ones that didnt makeit to colledge for higher lernin .

it seems to me that electricity -or the need for it is borderline getting out of hand -to a point wars are fought for crude oil deposits to assist in transit delivery and electricity.
problems with these senarios -is simple -there subject to weaknesses that effect the entire system -can i give you folks something to look for in the future .power failure in critical areas why -because the green freaks and epa . are trying to eliminate hazardous metals from the metals that give wires and other components there flexability and heat conductivity and sturdyness-basically they call these defects fisures or slivers or burs or spurs --every time a wire is juiced super heated -it has to expand and contract
copper heated to a point self aneals and does fine after a while then corodes and becomes brittle -with certains metals
mixed it helps copper wire stay together longer -metals like aluminum ,zinc. and tin .now due to epa requirements these in the years to come will not have this sturdyness-and when the wires heat up these fisures will expand and split -and the piece of wire under heat will peel off like a banana peel and melt or through vibration cut through the insulator plastic-or rubber casing and either break -or short -down goes the system down goes the circut down goes the machine -or machine system .have fun trying to think how many systems you have in the future that operate this way -and what type of machines will be affected -the manufactures dont care -because planned obsolesence requires that after breakdown -a new part must be bought and installed -job security for them .-now try to picture those cheap parts from overseas -china possibly -mexico -korea -tiawan -best example i can give you -yes they have alot of the unsafe metals in them wich means they will last longer than ours except quality workmanship and inpure refining processes --this way quality control suffers and prices get cheaper -and they out compete us -price wise -but two things come to mind on there items safety and reliability -1. china had to recall extension cords four or so years ago due to fire hazzards -2.and ford batery terminal cables are still junk -they corode inside were you cant see because of the junk they make them out of .-me im good with learning how the survivalists do and the savage tribal people do as a hobby
and also the old order amish . cause when everyone else is starving -due to power failures and the frigerators go out -i figure the biggest problem is preserving what you harvest
farm wise -or what you catch fishing wise -or what you hunt and kill or trap game wise and anything in your storage room/pantry you cook up -you can not preserve -so food goes bad quick -unless you can dry, freeze dry,salt,pickle or can or pressure can or -pot as in potted meat -grease preservative at high temperatures .or vaccum seal .-with out a refrigerator -everything goes bad in days -normally
and mise well give up buying things as plastic or computer money cant function without power to transpher funds or check balances -as for trying to learn this later on the internet good luck powers gone by then plugs been pulled .
as for people getting hungry out there -i wouldnt like to be near a city if out of food for a month -people get wierd after a few days .and being weve created artificially high populations -i cant see every one heading for the hills and living off the land at once --not sustainable .for long periods -- so to all merry christmass -and happy new year
dont stress too much -i figure a computer virus will hit before power grid failure by mechanical means -daniel


I thought this would be an interesting alternative.


1) Burn cadavers to create energy or just plain heat. At one body every 3 seconds = 20/min = 1200/hr = 28800/day. That should keep some people warm for awhile. Besides, we're running out of room for all those stinking corpses

2) Or just like in dump sites, turn the rotting corpses into methane gas from cemeteries

3) Tie a string to every left hand in a porno theater and tie all those strings together to create a motion machine (like a wave machine)and create gads of energy

4) Place windmills in the back of pick-up trucks so when you drive down the road the windmill is actually producing more energy than the truck is using. You could actually put more or larger windmills on the big rigs

5) Place small strings on bullets of hunters connected to a windmill type device so that when the bullet goes whizzing along it is winding up some type of a gizmo that then activates and produces energy like a spring uncoiling


You forgot the most important source of free energy:
The endless supply of hot air emerging from the mouths of political candidates.


Just to clarify a point to some readers. Extracting hydrogen from water does not constitute a fuel source. It takes as least as much energy to extract as you get back. It is the equivalent of a perpetual motion machine.

The main reason why hydrogen is a big deal is it is a viable alternative to fuel oils for powering vehicles, both in terms of engine power (grunt) and range. But the energy would be sourced from whatever is producing the electricity to do the extraction in the first place.

This should not be confused with using the 'heavy hydrogen' in water for nuclear fusion energy. This indeed is a potential major source of energy, but appears to be at least 10-20 years off.

Hope this clarifies things for some people. Apologies if this is all obvious.

One other thing - this post is only about security of energy supply - what about Climate Change?

Phil Goetz

How about

12. Congress provides funds for one of 1-11 above, instead of focusing on ethanol and opening up more of the arctic for oil drilling.

Little me

Hey Scott. There really is no silver bullet. All the solar energy hitting USA would suffice for half the current energy consumption of automobiles in USA. So the answer to your question: energy savings. By means of taxation.

Compare US and gasoline taxation:
You spineless egocentric ass-hats pay only ~30 % tax on gasoline. While we, upright, ecologically responsible, bright minded, etc., etc. pay more than 75 percent. That means 300% more than the non-taxed gasoline.

For those who fear percentages: a liter of (regular) gasoline costs here 1,3 eur, i.e. $1.8. That makes ...
$8.2 per gallon.

Doubling the price could (could it?) more than halve the usage; think popularisation of mass transit, telecommuting to work, improved logistics... This alone would make you independent of foreign oil. IMHO.


Oh, and the results from the Navy's current Polywell project are expected between March and July.


Polywell fusion.

The Navy has funded a project to validate Bussard's results. If it pans out word is they may fund the $100-200M full-scale 100MW power plant project.

There are a few other IEC fusion technologies in the wings as well. Odds are one of them will pan out, and all of them are far more efficient than current power producution, partly because they can produce electricity directly from the alphas generated in a hydrogen-boron11 fusion reaction rather than requiring a thermal cycle.


Well, the preferable idea would be to discover a Perpetual Motion Machine or a power station that harnesses the power of stupidity.

Other than that, how about something that harnessed the power of lightning during storms? One giant supertower built to attract lightning and store the energy provided from each lightning strike. The most natural power of all. Unfortunately, it would only be useful with ideal weather conditions, but the payoff may be vaguely worthwhile.

Farmer Beavis

It is a cycle. Back in the Seventies, when I was a wee lad, and sneaking the Penthouse magazines from under the mattress, there was a cartoon of a Framer hammering a cork in his cow's butt. 'Sorry, buddy, new EPA regulations.'

Our kids have enough to worry about, why confuse them with politics?

Farmer Beavis

It is a cycle. Back in the Seventies, when I was a wee lad, and sneaking the Penthouse magazines from under the mattress, there was a cartoon of a Framer hammering a cork in his cow's butt. 'Sorry, buddy, new EPA regulations.'

Our kids have enough to worry about, why confuse them with politics?

admiral krunch

build a sattelite, hook a power turbine to it and spin it to generate power every few years, let the lack of gravity take it's course


Another source could be the differing current in the earth itself or telluric currents. Similar to a potato battery, the earth has a current that averages low voltage currents in the ~3 Volt ~500 Amp range. Or ~1500 Watts per meter separation of poles. 2 copper poles driven 50 feet deep with 100 feet separation could power a single family home including heating and cooling with power to spare. It would require an adjustment to the voltage or a change in standard appliances. It would be more practical to have power plants that transform the energy en-mass.

I also like the prospects of wave energy. An ocean bottom mounted cable or rod attached to a worm gear driven generator attached to a buoyant object like a boat dock, floating airport or large deep sea buoy. As the boat dock rises and falls it would exert much energy that could be translated into a gear driven generator efficiently, while shock absorbing the dock etc.

I like the prospects of solar energy. On average the suns energy is ~1000 Watts per square meter. This is for daylight hours and all earth locations that sunlight touches. This is a LOT of energy. Our current solar panels are extremely inefficient ~15 Watts per square meter or 1.5%. A 15 Watt panel costs about $75. The cost and efficiency of solar panels need to improve.

Also, we need more windmills. :)


The Solar Panel company that can manufacture a panel that takes the shape and cost of a conventional shingle can potentially end the global competition for energy . If shingles or tiles can easily connect to each other , and feed a simple, reasonablably priced conversion / storage device to home residence -it will have an large scale effect on energy consumption.

It does not take much to imagine the total amount of residential roof space in the US, Canada, and Mexico that has the potential to convert solar power to electricity.

The payback costs just have to come close to the cost of a conventionally shingled roof and a couple of years of energy bills.

Even in a temperate climate, stick your head in the attic and realize how much solar energy is being absorbed by the roof.


This article was published just days ago about creating natural gas from old wells:

Gas quickly produced from old wells;_ylt=AmrA83.MCcfym9BxeK6B505vieAA

One of the sites it mentions could benefit is Utah and also Canada.

Ujjwal Dey

"9. Technology to turn coal into liquid fuel"

From Scientific American magazine

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste


Chris Bogardus

Put clear plastic over lousy windows and seal off attic access vents in the winter. Works great.
Scott, please check out my dyslexia website:
Give it 15 minutes. It might work for you. Might not?
PS, Dilbert and the Pointy Haired Boss both work at Lexmark in Lexington Kentucky.

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