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Sorry man, missed it -- the whole cartoon. Just didn't read it that day.

Said it before though, many recent Dilbert strips ROCK
GIVE ME A MOMENT a lifestyle

Aashish Gupta

Where's the third possible interpretation? I can count just two:

1. "Why do I feel nuts?" as in "Why do I feel crazy/weird/whatever?".

2. "Why do I feel nuts?" as in "Why do I feel testicles?".

How is that a triple-entendre?

Oz Bloke

I remember laughing loudly when I saw that strip, it didn't occur to me to call it a triple entendre - I just thought the three jokes in one was bloody funny!

"A woman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a double entendre - so he gives her one."

He he.


I thought that being a Snickers bar just automatically meant that one's arms would be flattened down against one's body. It seemed like that was why his hands weren't above the sheets.


I was expecting it and looked for something like that. However, I didn't see arms. I figured you were just loosing your touch.


MIssed it, but then I read it quite quickly. Nice one!

Yep got it, but mainly because we have a snickers ad in New Zealand using a similar double entendre. (In fact I wondered if it was a bit of dodgey product placement?)

Space Cynic

The bump in the blanket comment reminded me of the old Far Side cartoon that caused quite a stir in its day, the one entitled "when dogs dream" that showed a dog on top of an overturned vehicle, baying at the moon at his success at catching the car...

The people who apparently found it objectionable misread the dog, standing over the transmission hump, as baying because he was busy engaging in "getting jiggy" with the car... as if that is what every dog dreams about.

Apparently, Larson didn't even see that objection coming, as he only drew in the transmission hump to make the car seem more realistic (according to his comments on that cartoon in the book "Farside Prehistory").


I totally noticed it. =) Then again, I'm a teenager, sexual innuendos are my forte.


I didn’t really notice his arms but I immediately got the nut-feeling reference.

I vaguely remember an old porno movie where a guy dresses up as a woman to sneak into a “women’s only” party. Some hot chick starts running her hand up his skirt saying “Oooooh, I’m feeling a little crazy...”

So he says, “Pretty soon you’re going to be feeling nuts!”


I don't think it was noticed because Asok, who was already male, should not logically wonder why he has testicles. Now, if Alice had been triple-cloned with a Snickers and a male creature of some kind, it would have made more sense.

titch the clown

As Ronnie Barker used to say "The funny thing about a double entendre is that it can only mean one thing". I wonder what he would have to say about a triple entendre?

I am sure he wouldn't try to decompose it as he is decomposing himself.


I prefer the apparently unintentional double in the second panel !


Nope, sorry. I couldn't even see that he had arms. He looked like a candy bar with a face. But then I haven't yet gotten my new reading glasses.


I noticed Dilbert and Asok but nothing else.


I think it has to do with the size of the panel. you just can't tell where the top of his arms are aimed. Maybe you should have had the sheet down a little further. Then again, you might not have been able to run it that way...

On another note, I was really hoping you'd go on a run where Asok's DNA mixed with someone who ate the candy (Wally???) and--in a complete disgrace to biologists everywhere--they somehow fused.

The fusion would be physical and, when Asok reincarnated, mental as well. Imagine Wally with Asok's psychic powers. Or Asok influencing Wally's personality, to disasterously mixed results. Could have been a fun run of comics. And it may have drummed up new readership. Once people find out that a character had been "killed off", everyone would wonder if/when he's coming back. That kind of thing becomes water cooler gossip.

Tom O

The comic would have been much better (and maybe censored) if Asok was a woman who had asked that question. "Why do I feel nuts?" ...with hand under sheet. Now THAT is funny.

A guy asking that question? Not quite as good. He should have said, "Why don't I feel nuts?" Dilbert: "Your DNA crossed with a Mounds bar." (definitely banned)

Good blog post though. That comic had me thinking twice about the whole crazy concept when I first read it.

Michael LaRocca

I didn't notice it because I was too busy feeling my own nuts.


No.I didn't notice. Asok looked like he reincarnated in a brown Bob Squarepants.


wait i got the, asok has no balls jokes and the snickers have nuts. what's supposed to be the second joke?


I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. However, his arm is really small, it's barely noticeable.


Why would Asok be surprised about having nuts in that sense Scott? Probability wise, there is maybe less than a 1% chance that's what you actually meant with this triple entandre.


No I just glimpsed dilbert that particular day and thought it was a mildly funny pun/entendre. Good job getting that past all your editors.

Jay Bee

Nope - however, I was concerned that ASOK had died. It seemed way too heavy for a cartoon but like most American fiction, there was a happy ending.


I was more concerned about what strategy are you going to use to bring Asok back to life. Maybe you could've used the strategy commonly used in Indian soap operas...a person dies and then after the last rites have been performed and 10 years pass by, the person magically reappears at the door claiming that one who died was a look-alike and he is the real deal. Ha Ha.

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