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Same problem someone else mentioned: Firefox, only mousemovement reveals strip under the mouse. IE7, same machine, works fine.


Add me to whoever wished that this widget would be made back-compatible with earlier Mac OS versions - I've got 10.4, which is only one iteration back, and no go.

Sad day.


Already in my Facebook! Great


I have the dashboard version for my OS X 10.5. I noticed that this morning it did not refresh automatically to the new comic, but rather stayed on yesterdays (in "Daily" view). When I went to "Weekly" view, it also only showed two comic strips (Monday and Tuesday). To refresh it, I had to press "Prev" to go to the previous week, and then "Next" to go to the current week. After this, it showed the proper 3 cartoon strips (Mon, Tue, and Wed). It would be nice if I did not have to do this, and it would refresh automatically. Or, have a refresh button.

Also, I don't see the point for the "Grab It" button. If I already have it installed in my Dashboard (or anywhere else), why do I need to see more options? If I want another version of it, i'll just go to the website to download it again.

Otherwise, looks and works great.

conan (again)

will it be possible to search for strips by text / character ?

eg "PHB, Carol, massage" should return the strip for 2007-12-23

that would be cool. you can market it as Dilbert-Pro

you're welcome


I Face Booked your widget, and it works great. And I have shared it with friends. Your plan to take over the world continues at a pace that would make a megalomaniac donkey jealous.


The widget is nifty. However, one feature it is lacking (or I can't find) is the ability to easily share a particular strip with someone. For example, I would like to share today's strip with someone. To do so, I had to start my browser, go to the Dilbert website, locate the strip, and then email them the url/image. Ugh.

Suggestion for this function:
- should not require the recipient to use the widget
- should be an image/reference to the script you are currently viewing (may be in the past)
- should give you the option of copying to the clipboard the url to the strip (so you can paste it in an email or IM message)
- give you the option of copying the image to the clipboard (so you can paste it in an email)


Thank you for making me feel all warm and fuzzy by granting me "special status" in bold letters. That will grant you my loyal readership for as long as you continue posting.

Dwight Schrute

My gift to you: DON'T SEE CLOVERFIELD!


Just from playing around with it for a few minutes, the only addition that I would like would be to add a button that takes you to the beginning and end of the archive.


How do you monetize this?

rita mae

WTF? Am I caught in a time loop? Is my oxygen-deprived brain playing tricks on me? Where are we? Where am I? Do I answer any questions here? Help.................

Rita Mae

PS Peek is still peek.

roy ashbrook

awesome, this is what i've been waiting for. =)


Testing report - the version I wanted was the dashboard version for mac os. Apparently, your fancy widget only runs in the very latest mac os, which I don't have yet. It would be easy to make it run in my OS, too, though, FYI.

My work here is done.




Scott's gettin' all technical and fancy on us. Oooooooooo.


Does not work for me - I tried to choose Blogger service and add widget on my blogs sidebar, but it never opened whatever page it planned to open. I clicked all this widget asked and then nothing happened. I tried also with different browser and it didnt work also under IE. Please make em fix it.


That is really slick. Any chance of getting something like that released as a widget for MacOS widgets or the Windows Vista side bar?

Really slick.


Surprised you haven't yet blogged on this:

As to to widget, I'm considering adding it to my blog, as it is my favorite cartoon. But doesn't mean it's the favorite of MY readers so I'm not sure if I'll add it. I look forward to seeing it all in one strip. It took my feeble mind a little while to figure out how it worked.


I don't know how I did it, but I had the Google calendar widget on my iGoogle page and I added your widget. When I tried to move your widget around, I eventually got it moved, but someone my "Google Calendar" now had your widget body (but still the Google Calendar title). I still had your widget on the page, but I had another copy that said "Google Calendar" as well. I've since deleted the google calendar from my page, but I'll see if I can re-create it.


très, très cool. having dilbert on my blog will be so much better than having content! now I'll have a reason to go there, even if no-one else has ...

but for the voting, I'd rather not know the result until after I've cast, so my degree of (non-)normality will come as a bigger surprise.

but if I don't have to go to any more, how will I be able to feel smug about not clicking on the ads?

Eric Harrelson

I read the post below - what does the widget have to do with words?

Mike D



Scott, I have a question.


I thought you tried making your work available for free with "God's Debris" and found the results... Unfit for duplication.

Is the theory that, since recent comics have been available for free online around the times that their books are published, it won't make much difference in this case?

Anyway, sorry to be a killjoy.

Good luck!


Am I correct in believing that you are doing this, in part, to control access to your strips? i.e. You'll make the archive available for free, but we have to view it through your chosen portal?

I ask, because while it's easy to simply save the .gif from it is not simple at all to do so from your widget.

It means that I can't save the .gif, print it out or email it to a friend except via your widget.

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