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Never, unless you count times I dreamt I would wet the bed.


A couple of times I had glimpses into the future. In two of them, the glimpse was enough to get someone else to avoid a tragedy.

I am told that I had a dream at 3 or 4, and told my Dad that the wheel fell of the car. Humoring me, he checked it, and found 2 lug nuts loose on the wheel I described.

Another one, I told my Dad the positions of people in the car, the State they were passing thru, the week they were passing thru it, even that one particular window was closed (it only was because the air conditioning was fixed the week before). I told him how the accident was to occur. I also told my brother, who was in the car. The brother shoke my Dad out of the daze in time to avoid the accident. I wrote it down, and mailed it to myself in an envelope before it occured too.

Another one didn't turn out involving an airplane crash.

And finally, another one which I consider a kind of self fufilling prophecy involving a girl.

All in all though I would rather get glimpses into the future which didn't involve tragedies where some of my family were injured or killed. But being able to avoid them is a plus.


It appears that this type of blog is most interesting to the public, so here is my story.
I was enamored by the same company you mentioned but did not do anything about it. My forte was drawing airplanes but took a turn into architecture from which I retired about 8 years ago. Go art in any form.

Sam Thornton

Since the universe is infinite and there are an infinite number of universes, it stands to reason that at least one of them contains a me that is handsome, rich, beloved, and a hell of a golfer.

I've always had the sneaky feeling this isn't the one.


I never have, but my wife has had some dreams that have been similar. Usually they are dreams about what will happen to others rather than herself. I usually don't know what is going to happen until quite a while after the fact. I guess I wasn't a good programmer in my previous life either, huh? :)

The question is....if you had not had the dream about San Francisco, do you think you would have still stayed?

Dan Keene

Do you have to pay royalties to the guy who gave you the name Dilbert or do you just thank him a lot?


I've had the feeling a few times and always explained it to myself as self-determination - the feeling has inspired me to work towards the goal more single-mindedly so it came true. I'm not 100% convinced by this explanation myself, largely due to the fact that sometimes the strong feeling that it would come true has actually lessened my motivation to work towards the end on teh basis that it would happen somehow.

More interestingly is the one time I feel like I influenced the future. I was watching a cricket match, and I really really wanted my team to get a wicket. Sadly, it didn't look like happening, but I sat there and wished and wished that it would really hard. I probably looked constipated. Suddenly there was a feeling inside like I'd been pushing at a concrete block mentally and it had just shifted. And I KNEW with real certainty there'd be a wicket in the next 6 balls. And there was.

I also know that this is probably co-incidence more than anything else, but that KNOWING inside has never been replicated again (and not for lack of trying), and I've never predicted anything that accurately since (and again not for want of trying). There's no way of describing this in a way that doesn't sound nutty or intangible and explicable because the difference between that time and all the other times I've wished for something was just that feeling inside, and no-one else can ever understand that.


I have feelings of deja vu, like everyone. But back in seventh grade I woke remembering a very vivid snatch of a dream. An older man with dark hair and a receeding hairline, dressed in shirt sleeves, talking enthuiastically, leaned back against a bookshlef and rested one elbow on something while continuing to gesture with the other hand. This dream fragment stayed in my mind, while the rest of the dream evaporated.

Weeks later, my social studies class got a student teacher. Yep, he was an older guy, receeding hairline, but it didn't ring any bells. Then one day he was discussing cultural haibts and traditions and why immigrants don't assimilate the way we expect, and a girl, a cheerleader in costume, no less, was saying she would try to blend in if she moved to another country. And he said, "What if the culture there included shaving all your body hair?" She wrinkled up her nose and said, "Well, that's not important," and he said, "Exactly! And that's exactly what..." and went off on his thing, waving his arms and leaning back onto a bookcase I had never noticed, propping one elbow.

It was completely unimportant, this little snapshot, but I was convinced from then on that all these fleeting sensations of deja vu meant I had dreamed what I was seeing, and had just forgotten. I didn't think I was psychic, but that probably life isn't as linear as we assume.

Now I am older and wiser and think that coincidences happen, and tired eyes and minds make connections that aren't there.

But for a while there, a few years even, I felt like I had tripped over the tip a a big fucking iceberg.


You mentioned selective memory...
I'm thinking part selective memory, part manifest destiny.
Since you had these visions, perhaps you subconsciously (or consciously) pursued them to fruition. You also frequently reference your optimistic tendencies. It is proven that successful individuals are more often optimistic than not. Likely this is because the optimistic person will see their ideas through, even through great adversity, where a more cynical person may not even try to make their idea succeed.

Just a single piece of the larger psychological puzzle I suppose...

Quirky Quill

As only the 176th person to comment on this- No, I've never had any such visions. Would have been most useful to realize life's purpose in a slice of life.
Why do you let whackos post the same comment thrice. Annoys jobless people such as me, who have to wade through the drivel that repeats.


Sounds strange, but I have also had vivid images like this. If time were a donut, it would explain the phenomenon clearly. It's the bits where the surface of the donut touch.


I knew I'd be posting an inane comment.


Hmm. I've always had the feeling that I would one day become famous and respected. I'm not either yet, and still have the feeling that something's not right. I'll let you know how it turns out.


I don't get anything exactly like that. I act much more quickly when I get feelings like you described. Sometimes changes, paths, or decisions just feel right, or special in some way that makes it obvious what I want to do but leaves me puzzled why it didn't even occur to me until that moment, yet leaves me at a loss as to why it's so special. I often embrace it and chase it down which can mean going to a new job or a new city. The way I wrote it I think it sounds impulsive or flighty, but it's really not often, it's more like you described, just with less time between the genesis and fruition.


I like the dog. :)


"I had a similar feeling the day my coworker, Mike, suggested a name for the bespectacled character I often doodled on my whiteboard at work"

I hope he gets some kind of royalty, I can imagine 'Bob' would have been quite so popular.

I know what you mean though, I often know whats going to happen, or is happening. I think it's more my mind speculating than anything spooky though, probably at least.

Why is Mulder stood outside my door?


You moved to San Francisco after college and lived there your entire adult life? In my country we think adulthood starts at 18, but that certainly explains the behaviour of your Spring Breakers.

Guillermo P. Mogorron

I always wanted to be a scientist, I was very sure about it, meanwhile I used to make a lot of drawings. Eventually, I became a profesional artist, and I keep my dreams about studying physics, but I am realistic, it could not happen never. Anyway I love my job, I have passion about it, but I regret not having more force of will to have study what I first wanted.


I used to read tarot cards and rationalised that they were simply a crutch for cold reading (although I didn't know that term at the time). I stopped because I wasn't hard hearted enough to give people the bad news I was receiving. I "saw" a failed exam and a death (turned out as a miscarriage). Plus - what was the point? I felt like I couldn't say "this might happen if you don't..." I am not the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Wu Wei

Yes, happens all the time to me, always did. More like deja vu though, meaning I often see a certain scene, just a glimpse that is, and years later I find myself in that exact situation. There is no practical use unfortunately but it helped me evolving a strong intuition.

Paul Bruner

I the fact. I don't know why but sometimes it just hits me like a rock something will happen in the future.

The problem is that its very speific, and usally happens during a dream when other crap is going on. Always ends up months down the line saying "Wow! I have never been here before but I remember it in my dream!"

Sure there might be more explinations, but I'd be damned if I knew.

evil tabby cat

Every day I have this feeling that a co-worker will screw something up. 100% hit rate so far. Even on weekends. ;-)


Yea, that happens to me all the time

Donald Jang

I thought you had some special abilities that others didn't have. I am sure you have apecial ability now.
I realized that if i believe that I have a strong will and ability to be a someone, I can be the someone.


I had a sleeping vision of a car making a dangerous move on a stretch of road I normally speed along, by dangerous I mean sweeping from a left hand slip road (UK road) across 2 lanes of fast accelerating traffic, causing a pile up.

The thing that made this differ from a dream was not the content but the feeling that went with it.

The very next morning whilst continuing on a as normal, accelerating away as fast as I could and rapidly building speed I had a sudden twinge of fear that caused me to back off the pedal, just as a car, exactly as in my dream (dark green VW Golf) swept across from the left and across 2 lanes of traffic.

Had I not backed of there would have been contact beween my car and his and one hell of a crash to follow.

I'm not a big believer of predictions etc. but this one was so profound I thought I'd share.

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