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If souls have clones, they do

Throwback to earlier post:

I sold my soul to the deyyyyyyvil and cried my heart out
Heartless soul-less me, whats to sing about
Maybe another me so the grief we have we share
Gimme another soul free doppelgagngeyyyyr

Soulless -lord-of-sucky-lyrics


thank you very much

Kevin Kunreuther

(I apologise if this seems to have been double posted, the connection appeared to have drooped out the first time I hit the POST button)

[Do clones have souls?]

1.)Do you believe in souls?
2.)WTF is a soul?
3.)What is the criteria for having a soul?

What about re-incarnation? Since you could conceivably come back as anything from a rock to George W. Bush (I prefer Heidi Klum), isn't it conceivable a re-incarnated soul could pop up in your clone - hey, maybe souls are clonable and we don't it yet!

In some cultures that once practiced cannibalism, you ate your enemies not so much as another source of protein but to gain some aspect of their abilities, to honor them, to merge their soul or spirit with yours.

Andy Summers, guitarist and sometimes songwriter from the Police addressed this humorously on the infamous B-side, "Friends":
I likes to eat my friends
And make no bones about it
I likes to eat my friends
I couldn't do without it
Ain't a man or poet, friend
I know just how you'll taste
Your limbs go sliding down my throat
And never go to waste

Your death of course, will sadden me
Until I grok your essence
I know your life was not in vain
When digestion is commencing
Consider this a celebration
And the deepest pact of friends
And I hope that you will dine on me
When I come to an end

Even friends may come to you
With a new found revelation
But think of it as life renewed
And not their termination
"To know you is to eat you,"
Should be the code of lovers
Death brings the highest act of love
Preserved for one another

People say that what you are
Is only what you eat
And my friends become a part of me
Oh it's then that life's complete
To know you is to eat you
The act of love supreme
Each one of us inside himself
Can appetise the dream


Well, they certainly have calories, so chop him up and freeze him in portion size freezer bags.


You know someone is someday going to try to market this. Send us a vial of blood and 2000 dollars, and we'll send you a legally retarded version of you which has had severe growth hormone treatment, and is genetically engineered to be 30% healthier than you. I would buy it

Jonboy X

Azi, what's the definition of consciousness?

I figure consciousness is something we made up, like supernatural things. It's just an idea that keeps us from hurting ourselves when we think about other abstract things like identity and life.


Wow, all these comments and so far
nobody worked in a comment on "soul food"...

Laxminarayan G Kamath A

If you have the craving to eat your clone, and so you clone yourself, the clone will have the craving to eat his clone. And imagine ifhe does not know you are the original. The clone thinks you are the clone , and himself as the original.

Will you start fighting with yourself ? Or will both of you let each other eat each other? or yourself ? Or will both of you start wondering about all the confusions in English grammar that will sudden arise due to such situations, and forget to eat each other altogether ?

Or will you both start fighting as to who wants the PC/Laptop to blog about the current situation? whew..


Having a soul is surely about religious belief and if God (who is a delusion anyway) doesnt make clones then they wouldnt have one. Unless of course he gave us the ability to clone and its all part of His (him being a delusion) plan.

Incidentally I know its acceptable for vegetarians to eat placenta paté, as nothing needs to die in the making of it. Just thought Id mention that in case you fancy it Scott.


I wonder if cowards taste like chicken?

Neil Melville

Hofstadter is the man (hi Sam).

In the traditional sense of the word 'soul', the answer is a resounding NO - since there is no such thing.

In the far more interesting sense used by Douglas Hofstadter, clones have just as much soul as the rest of us (within normal variation).

I'm sure you realise it Scott, but several of your readers will not: your clone is NOT just like you. Not any more than identical twins are "just like" each other.


No, clones do not have souls.

None of us do, as far as the evidence (so far) says.

Andy Coulter

aphids, bacteria and other things clone during normal reproduction. some species of fish and reptiles change sex in adult life. eathworms and many plants have both sets of sex organs. so what is correct reproduction practices for life?

o crap, i am getting philosophical. just shoot me.

Tim Martin

By "Soul" you probably mean "The set of 3 sub cellular components located 1- where the spine joins the brain, 2- Pituitry, 3 - Pineal"
By clone you mean either a embryonic clone, common in current earth science, or full body clone, common deep with the labs at 4 corners and other secret places but denied to dorky PHD's with no security clearance.
Done properly a full body clone is open to a transfer of those 3 sub cellular components which contain your personal akoshic record from your head to the clone head but you have to die in the process for the transfer to complete. An embryonic clone who begins having life experiences will likely develop their own soul thus become ineligible to receive your data transfer.
On a separate note it is uplifting to hear a vegetarian support cannibalism, and realize how different human flesh is from cows and pigs. Eat the rich. Remember: royal blood is much tastier and healthier than peasant blood.


My theory is that the Earth is a big sandpaper pad for souls, who inhabit (usually but not exclusively) human bodies for the purpose of getting polished. Then when they are 'done' which takes many lifetimes they go somewhere else, for more polishing, or perhaps to Nirvana etc. My point as regards to today's post is that the soul- which you don't believe in anyway, so I don't know why I bother to tell you- does not care how the body came into being, it just wants a chance to live a human lifetime. In the East they say "Even the Gods desire human birth."


Assuming you have one, yes, from Hofstadters point of view.


Can't you call an identical twin brother a clone? It happened naturally and in a very early stage in live, but still...I wouldn't know what the difference would be. Besides that you would have a baby twin brother and not a fully grown one. I dislike the idea of baby-eating a bit more than regular cannabalism. Though I am curious about the taste of human flesh. My plan is to catch a terrible disease that will need an amputee to cure it and then cook what is amputeed. That would be ethical right? You wouldn't hurt anyone. Does anyone knows a good leprosy
colony in the neighbourhood?

Christopher Brown

Cloning is just another form of reproduction

Does each twin or triplet have a soul or merely some fraction of a soul.

Avi Bernshaw

The biggest ethical dilemma isn't with eating your clone, but having sex with it.

Is it masturbation?
Is it incest?
Is it statutory rape, considering that your clone is, chronologically speaking, newborn, even though the genetic material is the same age you were at the time the sample DNA was taken?

Or is it just the perfect relationship?

My money's on masturbation, as that's basically sex with yourself...


Clones Have Cloned Souls


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Do clones have souls?

A more important question ... does anyone at the FDA have a soul? Or in government work in general, for that matter?


Who cares if they have souls or not? Provided that they fart less than cows they'll be a better choice for food. And hey, we can stop experimenting on pigs to get them to grow human-compatible hearts.


Do clones have souls?

If you define soul as something supernatural then no, and neither do you. Sorry.

If you define it as conciousness, then yes.


Eating your clone is wrong.
Use him for organ transplants.

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