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Andy Watt

You have limited my internet access.

BTW - ROFL at the idea of "peace and quite". Hope that was a typo :)



I don't like Mondays


I will have unlimited internet access until further notice.

Carry on.


Couldn't resist to post a totally useless comment here.


It's Monday, where are you?

In case you missed it.

Bill Harting

Brillant post. I laughed until my sides hurt. You are a very funny man.


ahh a couple of days of peace and quite


Comment from: quantum_flux [Member]

A better question to ask a presidential candidate than "do you believe in creationism" is whether they believe in "destructionism".

Do they believe Genesis and Revelation, and possibly all of the crap in between too? I posit that almost all of the US presidential candidates on the right side do in fact beleive in the "science of destructionism" as well as in the "science of creationism."

This article is not that far off in talking about doomsday being brought on for the faithfully believing christian right. There is, indeed, the same amount of concern for the US today as there was for NAZI Germany in 1930.

Robert Hamilton

Oh BULLSHIT!, Adams. I want to see a funny or interesting blog on my computer from you, everyday! for free! You've got a Blackberry, so no more excuses. Oh, and Happy New Year!

stuart Leigh


ymal brucker

That was hilarious!

'Course I had to use my imagination* because the clip has been removed.

*Involved a twinkie, an NRA gimmie-cap, and page 1,314 of the Oxford English Dictionary.


I honestly wish that didn't ruin my night. Oh well.

NO NAME blocked the

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