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Just found "Bob" from "Weird Al" on youtube:
Apparently the random text generator is not so new... Maybe, one should write a normal text and then use babelfish or something similar to translate it into another language and then back. The result will still be readable but some strange statements will be included.

Let us try this approach with parts of Scotts entry above. Translating the text into Italian, then French, then German, then back into English: (used Yahoo Babel Fish)

"Several blog posts ago, I observed that many popular songs have nonsense lyrics. So I asked readers to submit random lyrics that could be strung together to create a hit song that means absolutely nothing.

German band RIVO DREI took it one step further by putting the best random lyrics together, writing the music, and performing it.

Now the final piece falls into place. Dilbert Blog reader Jem8472, who wishes to be otherwise anonymous, has created the music video and posted it to youtube."

"Much blog it there to alberini the j'ai, which it was observed that many volkslieder have lyrics d'absurdité. Thus j'ai asked the readers, which lyrics to present coincidentally, that could be placed together by l'ensemble, in order to cause a blow song, absoluement did not mean anything. The German volume RIVO THREE seized it it later a measure, by it the improved lyrics coincidentally connected, by it the music written, and by having l'effectuant has. The final part maintained falls into the place. The reader Jem8472 de Dilbert Blog, which wishes, to be at l'contraire anonymity caused l'écran von Musik and he for l'a, which was sent to youtube."

As one can observe this is a fully incomprehensible and some parts actually made it from Italian to French but not to german and stayed there... Nevertheless, I guess with the right lyrics, one could do quite a lot...


Check out Word Disassociation by Lemon Demon for an incredible song composed of a seemingly random string of words. It's very hooky and very TMBG.

And the main guy in Lemon Demon is also the guy who did Potter Puppet Pals.


Often times, I'll really listen to the lyrics of a song only after it has been out for a few years.

That in mind, this song is catchy. Dammit.

Fun video though. I would urge the person that did this video to do an alternate version that has nothing to do with the lyrics. That seems to be the blueprint for most music videos!

John Reedy

It's hillarious how good this all turned out...Most musicians over think things. Dear local musician: You're not deep or troubled / we don't care about your inner-sufferings / you're not the only one who has thought to sing "My love is an ocean".

Great Job.



Your next goal should be to try to get someone on American Idol to sing this during the competition.


scott adams, you amaze me. :)


this is brilliant!
i could suddenly see the power of social networking and similar trends for a fleeting - 3min moment.


"This does confirm what I have thought for a long time, that art really is about the ability to bullshit afterwards."

It depends. It would be hard to bullshit your way into being a good jazz player, for example.


Hey Scott, you should check out Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book Fooled by Randomness. In chapter 4 he does something related in that he uses a computer program to randomly create nonsense prose (he's essentially making fun of literary intellectuals).


1) Thanks to Nobuddy for posting the vixy converter link. I've been looking for just such a thing.

2) Props to the band for their catchy beat and trying to make lemonade with lemons. As a tribute to their ability, it was better than a lot of modern pop songs (damned with faint praise, I suppose). The "amaze me/tazed me" refrain was a good one to latch onto.

3) The picture of the two kittens in the coffee mugs was the clincher. It has kittens. Caturday lives! It can't fail to win acclaim just for that alone.

4) The band's tune and performance as what made this kind of catchy. Without that, it wouldn't have had any zing. So, there may not be any invention in the underlying beat nor in the arrangement (not sure), and there may not be anything terribly unique about vocals and the words may be gibberish, but the tune had to be a bit catchy, the execution had to be reasonably good, and the particular selections of lyric had to fit at least somewhat musically. So, at worst, this shows that most Pop can follow some sort of formula. It is just a bit too opaque to speak to teen angst and tap that market, but with even modest effort at weaving a story into the narrative, you could easily envision a hit that tapped into the usual teen complaints about the world and makes millions of dollars without saying a whole lot that's new or worthy.

A fascinating thought experiment and a wonderful result.


outerspaced me it's a brand new word. it should really catch on.


This is the great thing I've ever beheld. Great song! wow. The power of nonsense!!


Just like all sucessful pop songs, your song is stuck in my head like a carnivorous centipede....

By the way, I'm curious: what is it about the Adams gene pool that lends itself to great comedic writing? I mean there's Scott Adams....Douglas Adams....Uncle Fester Adams.....admit it!!! Dogbert is the illegitimate lovechild of Cousin It, isn't he?!?!? It's time to come clean Scott....


I am also amazed! Honestly, great stuff! (and I don't say that because I am a Kraut too ;-)


Wow... I'm speechless...
That really is amazing!!


.mp3 download please!


I can just imagem crowds of pepols at a concet singing "whoo she amase me, with her love she taze me.." it just works


cool, i really liked it :)


Loved it, loved it, looooved it!!! Thanks!

I have to say, you make it sound easy, but many of your blog readers are just very creative... not everybody has that!


That was astonishingly good.

Can we get this on a music download site somewhere; where download only tracks are included in he chart (like the UK)?

For few thousand downloads (about a dollar and a bit each), we could get this in the top 20. How cool would that be! Hundreds of people could say they had a hit single :D


Great song! and a landmark experiment too. Although I would have preferred if images were a bit more random as well.

Apart from the point on pop music, there is just one more theory that it supports - evolution (!). There is actually sence emerging from nonsense and chaos in this song, just like DNA springing out from the primordial soup.


Just played it in office and one of the girls really liked it. It's got appeal.


Oh, if only there were an "official" music video, so we could see Scott dancing around on VH-1.

I'd watch that. :D


I spoke too fast: there's already a tool to generate metal nonsense lyrics:


It really picks up there at the end too! lol:

oh, oh, she amazed me, with her love she tazed me

oh, oh, she amazed me,

the splender per chryson, she took to the skies, tear drops asunder, no shadow no cry, Apple core, osterige, dancing like fairees

and it escapes me, how she outer-spaced me

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