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This does confirm what I have thought for a long time, that art really is about the ability to bullshit afterwards. That is what is removed from this process. We all know that the lyrics are strung together nonsense. The band do have some wriggle room because they can say they selected the phrases which spoke to them, and which together created a powerful message of teenage alienation. But we are too bright to get baffled by that, aren't we?

Think about a "serious" art for a moment. For christ's sake there is even a piece of art made from cow manure. Well, for christ's mum's sake, to be more precise. If that is not very very close to bullshit, nothing is.

If I were better at bullshitting people, I too would be making millions from throwing paint at canvas, or stringing nonsense phrases together. Sadly I am an engineer, dedicated to cleaning up the mess after someone else bullshits their way into trouble.




I thought that the lyrics sucked when I read them, but I'll be danged if the song doesn't work wonderfully.


You inspire so much. Anyhow, what happened to your Dilbert cartoon? That is so hilarious!

Johan Hjelm

Next time, start with the pictures... All it needs now is some serious marketing. How about a gig at Staceys?


Kevin Kunreuther

A fun project, I just hope this was copyrighted under Creative Commons license, so nobody feels like they were taken advantage.


Jem8472 rocks!!!


I showed this to my husband who is a musician and he's already seen it somehow. Good marketing.


I love it. It's already going around in my head and making me dance like one of the kids in the "Charlie Brown Christmas" show.


I really liked the song ("she spins round and round with a frog in her ear" is really great and deep) but the "music video" is pretty much what everyone does to songs they like. Show pictures. It's not really a music video. You see them all over on youtube.


reminds me somewhat of the llama song...


Awesome, I want another one.


What a great song. And it's getting an awfull lot of hits on Youtube...


You know I think this could very well be the next Eurovision winner.


Nice. Pretty repetitive video; could use more variation. Still, an outstanding first effort. And I totally agree that we should continue the project.

Oh, and our band name should be: Blog Brain.


Scarily good, I must admit.

Even better; the "Related Videos" display led me to this cool video

of Scott at a speaking engagement. If you want to save the video, go here

and just pop in the URL.




You know what this means, that maybe your crazy idea to become a president might just work. I wouldn't vote for you but there are other crazies that just might.



Now how about some other genres?



Is it bad that I have a feeling of accomplishment, though I had no direct input into this song? I mean, really, I was there for moral support, all the way.

I enjoyed the song, as simple as it seemed. Thanks everyone for this.


I loved this. But you have to admit, it mostly works because the guys who did it came up with a good tune. McCartney may have used nonsense lyrics, but he had some seriously catchy beats.

Shalene Boring

Hilarious, you Go Jenwhatsthenumbersagain!!!!! Wonderful idea!

Personally, if I saw one of my pics used I'd be flattered; plus, you can find pictures all over the internet for free use. I don't think there will be a copyright problem. Nice ending tho ;-)

PS Hope you made something from this Scott and RIVO DREI


that sucked.

tell the kid who made the video to fuck off with his "windows movie maker"

and the band blows.


Cosmic Connie

"I asked readers to submit random lyrics that could be strung together to create a hit song that means absolutely nothing."

Take away the music element, and you have the formula for most selfish-help/New-Wage books and other products. As you well know, this also seems to be the formula for all too many business-babble books and products and workshops too.

turkce mirc

Very good.

Paul W

I really enjoyed this video, and what really sells it is that it was well performed and recorded (even if some people didn't appreciate the style of it).

In a way, isn't a blog (your blog at least) just another vehicle of affirmations? You mention something on here, it happens in real life.

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