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Unexpected population decline? If couples are no longer routinely sleeping together… ;)


Wasnt there a drug like this in the film Outland (1981). Made you work like a horse with no sleep etc but over time sent you psychotic ? How many years would you have to test it to be sure ?


I doubt that such a drug can exists. At least with no side effects. I mean, surely you can told the brain you don't need to eat, but if the body hasn't enough nutrients to keep going on, that pill has death written all over it.

Sleep is more than rest for the brain, as the body uses the sleep hours to regenerate itself. And tiredness is not only brain related, as even the most 'perfect' body would wear out after, let's say, 20 hours of carrying bricks.

And that's not counting the ability to do 'real work'. For mindless work we've machines. No one can stand 20 hours of doing numbers as an accountant, and surely no one can stand 20 hours of serving coffee as a barista.

As much as I love my job as a graphic designer, I need to give my mind a well earnt rest for the weekends, as I would have lost my inspiration by the eight hour. I can barely stand eight hours of straight working, mind you.

We're talking about intelligent people here, and that pill would be completely useless as, even when you're completely awake, you can go 'bored' with something. Same as I couldn't work for ten hours straight in the same thing, i couldn't party for that long.


My favorite part about the article is that some of the monkeys were given a placebo. I know monkeys are much more like humans than we generally give them credit for, but I am curious whether the placebo effect has been proven to affect them.


If it is unregulated, it will be accessible to everyone who has a job, period. It will be in every office area kitchen - free for the taking.


I don't like the idea of eliminating "sleep-overs", but I suppose it would allow more time for the real activity.


Sleep is important to repair the body. I don't know anything about this drug, but I wouln't be surprised if using it all the time would seriously shorten your life.

OTOH imagine the possibities if we could eliminate the need to waste time on sleeping and eating...

John Doyle

It'd be fantastic as it'd hopefully shut my wife up. Moan, moan, moan, just because I get to bed hours after she does and then turn the light on for an hour's read or crossword-doing. I can't sleep otherwise. Sleep is an encumbrance that I can do without; I never have enough time in the day to do anything.
Then again, what if my wife started taking this pill? I wouldn't get my 'me' time alone on the computer or watching crap on the telly. Would the marriage survive without the 12 hours we spend 'apart' every day (8 hours sleep but she's in bed 2 hours before and I'm up 2 hours later)?
Yes, this is a very me comment but I'm just off to bed and am too tired to think how this would change the world.


I enjoy sleeping. I wouldn't wanna take a pill to stop doin something I really like.


Hahah, the very ideaaaa of America banning something that would make them money


"Do you think a sleep drug would be a good thing or a bad thing?"

Personally, I think it would be a great thing. The ability to be work 12 - 15 hours a day without getting tired, and then heading home to the wife and maximizing leisure time. So from a personal perspective, its all good.

However there will be negative externalities:
* Is it a subsidised drug? Or do only the wealthy get their hands on it?
* Do employers look down on those staff that don't take the drugs?
* How will this affect insurance premiums?
Blah blah blah blah :)
Nice post


Any external agent working causing chemical reactions on human body will have long term side effects... It will be left to conscience of goverments weather they need to fund such studies


Technically, wouldn't it be an "anti-sleep" drug?
And it would be good in some ways, bad in others. Like your strip.

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