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Elly Farish

you said i feel where once were wings
your face could make angels sing
you said you'd never leave
you said dont worry baby
it'll be all right
i want you to hear me screaming

Love me
the same way i love you to
moving as it was a dream
floating down that love machine
love me .. mmhmm.
the same way you ust to do

as i hovered overhead
belieing all the things you said
reflexs seem so far away
and wishing ic ould see you today
you always said i was your star
driving in that sports car
that girl was such a flirt
that made me really heart

love me the same way i love you to
moving as it was a dream
floating down that love machine
love me ...mmhmm..
the sme way u ust to do
love me the same way i love you too moving as it was
a dream floating down that love machine
love me the same way u ust too DOOOO....


i wish there was any money from this to split, guys...

i'm happy to split the bill for the 1.2 terabytes of bandwidth caused by downloads of this song, hehe. ;-)

or the 15 minutes of fame we got in the english speaking world. everyone gets a minute, yeehah!

the singer of this song


I think what needs to happen is someone should take this song and go to the American Idol auditions....its so non-nonsensical that it would more than likely make the highlight reel....


haha funny song


haha those songs are HILARIOUS

Guillaume Theoret

That song was pure amazing. Great job!


The story sounds good but I think it is a sham. At least half the way.

"A band ... picked out the best of your nonsense lyrics and strung them together... The random lyrics..."
They did fine but the lyrics are no random lyrics. Did anyone notice that even the first two lines were not the original ones? Take enough of randum stuff and you can put together a Dilbert blog or something.

For not only baaing I will try to do some music with a real random selection. I am curious if it will work. I suppose my English is bad enough for not wondering about the lyrics.

"He (Paul McCartney) admitted that most, if not all, Beatles songs were random words and thoughts strung together."
That describes common conversation, isn't it?

Garth Palmer

There is a great song called Royal Jelly, featured on the Walk Hard soundtrack, which is intentionally nonsensical and deep-sounding. "It's not nonsense, it's just ...deep" was the introductory line. The lyrics follow:

Mailboxes drip like lampposts in the twisted birth canal of the coliseum
Rim job fairy teapots mask the temper tantrum
O' say can you see 'em
Stuffed cabbage is the darling of the Laundromat
'N the sorority mascot sat with the lumberjack
Pressing passing stinging half synthetic fabrication of his-- Time
The mouse with the overbite explained how the rabbits were ensnared
'N the skinny scanty sylph trashed the apothecary diplomat
Inside the three-eyed monkey within inches of his toaster oven life

In my mind
I'm half blind
My inner ref
Is mostly deaf
I'm smell impaired
If you cared
My sense of taste is wasted on the phosphorescent orange peels of San Francisco axe-encrusted frenzy

So let me touch you
Let me touch you
Let me touch you
Let me touch you
Where the Ro-yal Jelly gets made

Coleratura singers bringing weeds and social clingers
Hangers-on and fancy flingers
To the dress ball
Mushrooms and bowling pins
Stove pipe hats and other things I can't recall
From Juvenile hall
We're so unlucky and stuff
Woodrow Wilson never had it so tough
Dairy Queen and Vaseline and Maybelline
Paul Bunyan and James Dean

Allegory agencies of pre-Raphaelite paganry
And Shenandoah tapestries
Compared with good mahogany
Collapsing the undying postcard romance
With feline perspicacity
By the university
That night I held a paucity
Which you deemed common courtesy
I wasn't what you thought I'd be
I shouldn't have invited you to dance

In my tree
I'm halfway free
And in my chair
One quarter there
In my dream
One-sixteenth cream
In the coffee of the Courtier
Of the sycophant assistant to the king

So let me touch you
Let me touch you
Let me touch you
Let me touch you
Where the Ro----yal Jelly gets made


Heck with royalties, I want to see all of the names listed on the songwriting credits!!!

Since distributing royalties to those that contributed lyrics would be more expensive than the actual money each would receive, I think that the $$ should go to some charity...

but not to pay Scott's lost bet to McCain. (didn't you hear GWB last night? Under his breath he said "Scott Adams, you owe McCain $1K!)

Gareth Young

The snare drum sounds bloody awful in this track. Someone buy this band a gate.

Brian Mork

I realized that no one had made a CD cover for what I can only assume will be this amazing album... so I took the liberty of mashing some images together to make one. Small (175x175), Medium (400x400), and Large (832x832) versions, because everything is better in threes (with the possible exception of quintuplets).

Your iTunes cover flow will now look complete again (unless you're just really into that blank image look, and thing it's trendy and making a statement, which it very well might be). Enjoy. :)

Ralph Woods

This song is not nonsense. Nonsense is not only a lack of meaning, but a lack of context or purpose as well. This song took a lot of random sentences and put them in a context which gave it all a meaning.

The way it turned out, it is about a guy who is so struck by a woman, regular language conventions can't describe his feelings. Like that scene from Contact where Jodie Foster is staring into the fabric of reality and says "a poet... they should've sent a poet...", or a normal person trying to describe sound → color synesthesia.

Kevin Kunreuther

Who's getting paid? Did all contributors lose right to earn any monies or credit on this recording because they submitted them according to terms of forum?
That's the only reason I didn't submit this time because I knew something like this was going to happen. I got royally screwed out of credit and royalties from some Brit-pop band (formerly some former members of the Subway Sect, who morphed into The JoBoxers - no, I'm not Dig Wayne!)when I was nineteen in London.


Brilliant! Songwriters are sooo out of jobs now!

Now figure out the same for screenwriting and you'll end hollywood writers' strike ;)


Your idea for writing a song was really fun, however the final song kinda sucked. Guess it really isn't as easy as we would want to think.

Ben Nguyen

I love this song! I've played it quite a bit!

It *kinda* sounds like the 90's band, Merchants Of Venus.


For some reason, it makes me think of some of Weird Al's original songs...tongue in cheek about a topic usually treated as weighty.

Bruno Berthold

Lyrics will always come second to the melody and harmony of the song. Simple as that. A great idea, though. Kudos to the lads for taking the time to build the song.

Jeremy Garnett

What a great song, I actually have listened to it more than once, your programming of my sub-conscious must have worked ! Oh and I have used your Dilbert widget, it nicely filled a drafty little hole in my website, and as a non-techy I found it surprisingly easy, eventually.


I expect Scott and RIVO DREI think y'all are a bunch of suckers for writing a new song for them without pay.


Reminds me of the Indigo Girls

Krzysztof Wiszniewski

Great! My question is: who gets the publishing income?


I think all indie bands (and the big ones, too) should record their own version of the same song. I'd love to hear this done as heavy metal, punk, etc. (reggae???)


The song is awesome. It's already on my mp3 player. I don't think I'm biased, since I only wrote the bridge :-P


See, the song is all about drug use and cruelty towards animals:

The lines about déjà vu, seeing thunder and dancing fairies and being outer spaced (spaced out) are hallucinations brought on by the drugs.

Also your hatred of animals is show in the anagram made by the first letter of the first 15 lines:
"A foot Whams Swans"

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