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John Reedy

Making dreams come true...


How do you judge the value of nonsense phrases?
How do you judge best in the first place, Penn and Teller have a good reply to that.
People need to stop using the word Best when they mean circumstantially appropriate.

Abe Cubbage

A good song that made sense to me. Does that disprove the idea that the lyrics are nonsense?


Well whaddya know. Sometimes you CAN make chicken salad from chicken sh*t.


Cool! Is this first Open-Source song? What about creating a wiki with song lyrics to use for free?

sida zhou

I've just learned something new again today.. about song writing.


Sweet! My Thunder...Sunder thing is in there.....nice...royalties are sweet! :) wow...1cent a year forever...Porsche here I come!


You can almost see Britney dancing to this song. ..Alright - it's not that bad..
But "Apple core ostriches dancing like fairies." really amazed me.

I'm sure there is some application out there making computer generated lyrics by assembling random words together.



Really good song. Could certainly be hit material as far as I'm concerned (certainly if I compare this to the crap that becomes hits nowadays).

OK what do we have to do to get this in the charts and out in public? I'm sure someone from us should have a connection somewhere?


Outstanding! But I don't think you're entirely right.

The essential ingredients of a hit song are a musical "hook" which is what catches you, and (ideally) one unforgettable phrase. If you can have both of those in the same bit of the song, then it's a winner.

All the other stuff that you mentioned helps: psychedelic or inscrutable lyrics, etc. but that is really the core.

So, whoever wrote the chorus: amazed, tazed, outerspaced, deserves a royalty check, but I'm not convinced it quite has the "hook" to make it a hit (unless you are listening to it knowing that it is a Dilbert/Scott Adams production).


So now we can sit back and wait for the royalties?

Also, well done to those who submitted the soundalike lyrics like the snippet Chief pointed out: '"A letter colored blue" sounds like "I let her color blue" when sung'. Soundalikes always make songs sell much more while people try to figure out what's being said. And the implication is that the *real* words, the ones you can't quite discern, are incredibly deep and profound and will enrich your life.


Unambigiously ambigious sort of enough ....
Much too definite not mists and vapours ...
to the deep...
The song has too much definite things like frogs and stars to be considered a deep song it must have much more ambigous songs and to be a deep song it really should be a audio presentation og mists and vapours i.e above

Also vote bill gates for president !
George Bush for the anitchrist1\

Maurice Condie

The really clever bit is to use the way in which the lyrics were put together as a selling point.
It would become "cool" to be one of the people who knew the secret... then iw would be "cool and ironic".
The song would be massive BECAUSE it is just random lines and better because everyone knew it.

Tyler Jorgenson

That was a fantastic song, it could easily be a hit. Sadly this song seemed to make more sense to me than many current hits.


Those saying music in Germany is all Brit/US need to change radio stations.

Dan Keene

Any chance they'll make the instrumental of that song available? I really like the back beat.


This song is awesome. The performance really is what makes it. Actually, I noticed that the band, Rivo Drei, did try to form some coherent theme with their selections. The theme of being sent into space appears in several lines, and the kittens get tied back in at the end. Still, in general it shows that with quality musical accompaniment and a talented singer, you can turn anything into a hit.

Speaking of, I don't know how popular Rivo Drei is in Deutschland, but they should put together a few songs in English and see if they get picked up in America. Their sound is definitely Top 40 material.


With her love, she tazed me
Destined to become a classic.







Not bad. bdd has it pretty much on...

The drum mix is a bit rough, but perhaps they meant it to sound like that.

On some reflection, I tied this whole concept into Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" in my latest blog entry... It doesn't make a lot of sense, either...

Dave Oblad

Gotta say, the melody was catchy and the lyrics Wonderful results Scott! Best from Dave :^)


I love how several of the commenters have shown their ingnorance by admitting that they didn't know that lyrics to pop culture songs were a bunch of nonsense strung together.

Scott, do you ever believe that you are enlightening an educated crowd with your "philosotainment?"

D. Mented

I'm just really, really glad my babblings didn't get in there.
D. Mented


Good grief, Mr. Adams.
You're quite an icon!
I wonder how many people in the world could whip up a song by having other people contribute voluntarily.
Anyhow, please don't get too famous that the media will have to kill you.

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