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Otro buen sitio de Vacaciones es saludos a todos los amantes de los viajes.


Scott - you're AWESOME - I love your writing.


Be grateful that you didn't get violently ill. I went to Cabo for the first time last winter and spent an afternoon and entire night throwing up. So did my relatives. I asked around and discovered this was a common occurrence. There was tons of immodium whatever in the gift shop. Why do people go to Mexico? They don't clean the doodies off their food.


Some of us hate changes or routine, but sooner or later we appretiate them.

Totally off topic but I was wondering... why you haven't say anything about the writer's strike? Don't you feel you might be a victim too?


That's why we went to Cuba. Hardly any Americans there, at least on the north coast.

Personal-experience travel tip: eight margaritas in an afternoon is at least one too many.

Real Live Girl

All my good memories of food in Mexico are false - but I never made it south of Ensenada so maybe it gets better the further south you go? Lucky for me, there's excellent authentic Mexican food available all over the place here.

And when I want the beautiful beach vacation, I go to Hawaii. Soft sand, warm clean ocean, gorgeous scenery, lovely people, and I've never had food snatched off my plate there. (Even though I was with family!) Plus, I'm pretty sure Hawaii has internet access. LOL.

Andy Watt

I can recommend the all-inc "Palace" resorts on the Yucatan peninsula. Although they had lots of spherical americans, the food was less buffet and more a la carte (but still included) and at the Spa palace they had more restaurants than we needed in one hotel complex.

I have a great attitude when going on holiday because it always takes me by surprise, even when I've planned the holiday: I don't look forward to anything while working as a) work causes tunnel vision in men and b) I'm a depressing bastard. This means I don't really emotionally "see" a holiday coming up at all: so basically I only realise I've got 2 weeks of fun happening when I get on the plane. This is an excellent strategy as it keeps you more realistic while working ("life is shit") but makes you ecstatically happy while on holiday ("woohoo!").

All I need to do now is find a job which pays well and feels more like a holiday. If only music paid better...

Loaded people are usually loaded for a reason...they know how to manage their money and live well below their means. The majority of wealthier people never lease a car for instance, because they know a new car is a waste of money. I am guessing you would like a new car, A.C. I wouldn't have said anything but you called S.A. a "prick" and I don't like that kind of language young man ;)


Tried that type of holiday over the years. Became a tortoise instead and bought a Motorhome (RV to you in the US). Now home can be on the beach, in the country or the middle of town whilst we enjoy the local culture in the UK and Europe.

Maybe you should give it a try, I'll bet most sites have wireless internet access in the states! You on the laptop and shelley and kids in the pool/sun - sound like your sort of "break"?


Dude, that wasn't Mexico...

Andy Coulter

I thought you were loaded. Loaded people dont' do all inclusive vacations unless you are just a cheap prick.

Chris Hulley

Go to some nice tropical place with good snorkelling near the beach. Some of the Fijian islands are like that. There may be others near you. Then, for sun protection wear a lycra suit as buyable in most good dive shops. You can get good ones that include a hood. Get dive gloves, dive boots and a decent mask and your total skin exposure is only about 3 square inches. Block that out with zinc cream, and you're all set for a great day. Kids love it. Anyone who comments on it looking wussy, you say you wear it in the water diving or snorkelling; noone calls divers wussy. (Choose a good color like blue.)

If you're in a colder area, get a 1 millimetre sports suit.


I'll be driving down to Lake Atitlan later this month. It's the world's most beaut

Rich T.

"I just returned from some vacation time near the beach, down the coast from where we live."

Don't you live in Pleasanton, and the beach is in Mexico?

Yes, that's just a wee bit "down the coast"... :-)


vintage adams! thanks scott!


None of the politicians believe what I believe. And being Methodist is potentially as afterlife threatening as being Muslim. They're both wrong, no matter how many times you pray on a rug or under the desk.


Definitely the right attitudes for vacation: it helps you appreciate home!


We spend 95% of the year working like dogs, to buy a nice house and fill it with nice things - that we have no time to enjoy as we're working so hard.

Then, when we get some time off, we choose to leave our hard-earned house and toys behind, and go somewhere where we pay twice for accomodation (mortgage still running, remember!), where everything is expensive, and deliberately remove access from all but the suitcases full of stuff we've brought with us.

We pay for invonvenience, basically! Clearest evidence we have no free will I ever saw.....


I just read that you're willing to join Bin Laden.
The police are on their way.


"All Inclusive" holidays are only of real value to people who don't get hangovers. I have taken one of these holidays and spent one night trying to get my money worth of alcohol and the next two days recovering - it wasn't worth it.

I hate the Christmas Holidays more than Summer Holidays. I spent the first half of Christmas day with my wife screaming at me to get out of the kitchen and the second half of the day with her screaming at me that she "could use some help". I thought it was meant to be a nice day...


Forget Mexico, if you are going to mentally transform your holiday you should also throw in a beautiful deserted island and several scantily clad women waving you with palm fronds and rubbing coconut oil into you with their breasts.

You can't beat that.


You should have read this

before travelling. It would have saved you at least the all inclusive frustration. Cheers!


It's not the budget that guided you to Meh-he-co... There are so many great and genuine places to go in the world. Especially when the 'merkin-to-aliens-slash-natives ratio is huge-mongous.

Next time, put some dosh/dough/bucks down to enjoy a holiday where you're not competing for food, space or attention.

Now. Some comments.

1. Isn't it funny how some people feel better when they can pick you up on a typo/bad grammar? Sad.

2. @random visitor: who said you were trying to replace Dave Barry - good one. And it wouldn't hurt, you know. Perhaps quality is better than quantity after all?

And finally, some wisdom from a smart man you'll never get to meet: Either do, or don't. But if you do, commit to it. That way those around you get to have a good time, and you, at worst, will have a slightly better bad time.

Peace from the South Pacific, where holidays... ...well, you're a smart man :)


Great Post Scott!!! Hilarious.

Kevin Kunreuther

Time to head back to Vegas - AFTER the nerds from CES leave!

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