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Attie Naude

I just returned from the same ordeal. Luckily it was raining most of the time, so I could stay indoors and enjoy the couch...


Man! I had to make a really strong effort not to laugh out loud...
But then I read the comment of "minister of silly walks" and exploded.
We are 100 people in this room, each one in his own cubicle, so I am all red-faced now.

haha..brussel sprouts.. *sigh*..

D. Mented

Camera-hunting elk from dangerously close (they came out of hiding and stepped over us the MINUTE it got too dark to get a shot) Hiking 23 miles distance with 7000 feet of altitude (up and then down) in one day, hang gliding, horseback riding, digging for opals in a clay cliff- or shark teeth fossils, or whatever- yes.
Wading hip deep in infested, polluted water clearing junk?Volunteer animal rescue at a "collector"s house? Like to try that some time.
Beach? Maybe long enough to get some interesting photos - but only if it's stormy, or the light is just right, and then only for an hour...I just don't like sun, sand, endless trash, jam-packed tourists, and boredom.
Shoot me now and get it over with! (not seasick; bleed-from-the-ears bored, with no escape)
...Know the kind of things you like, and stick with that.
D. Mented

Lewis Schiff

Scott, you're not alone. The average "middle-class millionaire" takes only 12 vacation days per year as compared to 19 vacation days for the middle-class. There's a reason for that. Citing "working hard" and "not giving up" are the highest rated attributes by "middle-class millionaires" (88% and 83% respectively).

What about Sunday nights? Do you get antsy about the week to come? It's common for entrepreneurs to view Sunday night (or even Sunday afternoon) as an electricity-filled ramp up to the following Monday. On the other hand, most people who work for someone else think of Sunday evening as a time when the "blahs" set in.


Face it, the ocean is just one big fish toilet. My wife and daughter love it, but I insist on starting prophylactic antibiotics before I'll dip my toe in it.

Bert K

I guess it should be modified to read Engineering/Drawing Syndicated Strip.


Your exact list is the reason why I never go on an all-inclusive package. I'd rather have the option of going into the city and going to museums or going to a different beach or a different resturaunt without feeling guilty that I was waisting money.


Hi always you never fail to make me lol...look at the bright side, at least you don't have five children to haul around. I'm doing Disney World next year with: an ADHD 11 year old, 7 year old, 5 year old, 4 year old and recently potty trained 3 year old. Let me know if you wanna trade! Take care!

cr steuusy

The trick is simply to go somewhere you want to go, not somewhere you're dragged.

What would be the perfect Scott Adams vacation?

wombi feh

yes, i recalled walking into the waters along miami beach only to get my bloody feet massacred by rocks, shells and god knows what else!


Totally understand. Vacation shouldn't cause more stress.

My perfect vacation would be in a secluded mountain cabin, with no plans other to waste the day away and be far away for other humans, except for one person. BUT that person would rather go to the crowded beach, wait an hour to get in any restaurant and fill up your schedule with activities you don't like or enjoy.

So I just go alone. That is the perfect vacation.

Cpn Kirk

This is the funniest post I've seen on your blog.

Ray Kremer

I mostly worry about all the things I'm falling behind on and will take too long to catch up on after I return home. Videotaped television programs, internet comics and forums, that sort of thing.

Douglas Lonngren

Strange that I should see two different items about looking like a wedding cake in one day.

Check out this report on a bride with a full size wedding cake likeness:

I like "beach" vacations as long as I don't have to actually sit on the beach. I just want the shortest distance from my comfortable room to decent snorkeling. I wear a dive skin while snorkeling to avoid using sunscreen. Probably increases my chances of attack by a near-sighted white shark who thinks I am a seal. Probably should dump the black dive skin and get an orange one so I only have to worry about near-sighted, color blind white sharks.


Strange, (save for heirs) people who have money are unable to enjoy them; people who can never have any...

Cyrus Uible

Wow, way to take one for the team there Scott. Have you ever gone on any vacations that you did enjoy? What were they like? I suppose this is a "what would the perfect vacation be" kind of question.



Now that I've thought about it, I just realized I never go on vacations like that. We always go visit our relatives in Florida for a week and have a nice time. No beaches.

Michael jones

Damn, you're writing is funny.


Kind of reminds me of the old timers that do not want to go to Europe for a vacation and tour. When they were there in WW II as a soldier all they remember is that it was all blown up and everyone was shooting at them. No imagination.

With me its luxury cruises. I was in the Navy at sea a lot and get no joy at looking out over green water day after day. No imagination.


Scott that was your best post in a while
funny like tv

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

That's funny, it immediately reminded me of a friend from Germany who recently took a Caribbean cruise departing from the US. Most of his comments were regarding the amount of food the Americans in the dining room around him were consuming and how much whale watching he did while on the pool deck, without ever looking toward the ocean.

Sadly, he is so right, but it's not just Americans who were born and raised here. This country has a unique way of making people fat, and this includes immigrants from other countries who were of appropriate weight before they moved here. My personal experience in this regard includes people from all over Europe, Australia, South African and South America.

Proud Kansan

Golly Scott, we ain't got no porkers here in Kansas; he/she/it must've been from Missouri. In Kansas, we gots moocows and lardasses, but no porkers.

And btw, next time you're headed out on vacation, give me the heads-up on your destination and I can make sure only the Pretty Person from Kansas shows up.


Scott's vacation article and the associated comments illustrate dramatically the appaling stupidity of Yanks [Aussie jargon] whenever they make the huge decision to move their arse and mind [synonyms] a centimeter or so... maybe even [courageously, as in Scott's decision to try out Mexico] beyond the frontiers of God's Own Country. What a bunch of naive fuckwits! Will things be better after Bush?

Mark Thorson

When I was four, my parents
took the family to Europe for
three years of travelling
around in an old VW bus.
(This was when Europe was a
really cheap place to do that
sort of thing.)

When we came back, Dad bought
another old VW bus, and we got
back to California on a long
drive across Canada and the
northern U.S.

By the end of that, I had more
than enough travel experience
for a lifetime. My idea of a
great vacation is to stay home
with the only driving being
to Trader Joe's for food and
cheap wine.


Great post.

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