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the link to the series is dead; should read: after the redesign


I just watched the Garfield movie, I haven't seen it in a while but started about the time Garfield was in the castle kitchen with the other animals making lasagna and I got to see it - a drunken lemur - had too much cooking sherry! Excellent!


You should get one of these:

Daniel Ted Feliciano

Haha...that is a complete shame.


Patti says:
Scott! I am/was dreaming!
Dilbert, Wally and I just got back from the zoo where we were studying lemurs..alongside our pointy haired boss.
. We threw them some tasty liquor-filled chocolates and they seemed to enjoy those very much. As we studied them, we realized that when drunk, they were more intelligent than we had first thought. Tthe fact that we made a lunch out of those same chocolates, had nothing to do with our findings. In fact, we all believe that we made quite wonderful decisions at the office after watching those drunken li’l creatures. At any rate, Dilbert and the rest of us have decided that drunken lemurs can truly make ..... great decisions.. (I think inspired... pointy haired boss... agreed and will visit lemurs, often)

Now! I believe, I am awake (and "Dilbert-free" for a moment)
And I think of the many good decisions "humans" have made over a glass (or glasses) of wine or liquor.
In fact, isn't that why the casinos offer gamblers those free drinks?
Is it not the reason why they seek to keep us drunk as we gamble?
Don't we actually get much smarter at decision-making.. as we drink?
Just watch the many lunches flowing with drinks (and CEO's rantings) at your local restaurants during lunch and dinner.
Decisions, decisions, decisions! Brainpower is awesome!

SO? Why does management feel they were being mocked?
Maybe, it was not the reference to "drunken" that offended them. Perhaps it was the word "lemur?"
I guess they found that particular Scott Adams “lemur” comparison to be highly offensive.

... Hmmmmmmm .... TOO BAD.

"Oh bartender? Free drinks for all the decision-making lemurs in this place. Okay?"
... (now, excuse me while I get myself ...out of the way .. of this stampede)

Yep, Brainpower is .......firing (oops..) away!!

Mr. Wampus

You got your wish! Bob the Dinosaur is the Deus ex Machina! Good call. Do you also have the ability to see through walls or predict lottery numbers?


You totally threw in an advertisement and I clicked on it.. sneaky! Luv the series!!!


Great job on the series!


Slapped with a Suit??... in spite of myself i had too laugh... utterly ridiculous


Hi Scott,

This isn't the first time Wally has been let go. All the major characters have been canned or demoted in the past. You've always done a pretty good job of getting them back. Can deus ex machina really exist in a strip with a talking dog a cat running HR, and numerous other creative plot devices? Anything should be expected here. In your case deus ex machina is a Latin phrase meaning "let's move on to a new plot line, before this get stale." Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the post,

Mike Brown

The "Grimbledown Down" strips by Bill Tidy were a great source of workplace humour - one of the few I remember before Dilbert. I sneaked a few of these onto office notice boards. G D was a secret government research establishment. Amongst the gems - a dolphin being trained to place bombs had called a senior researcher a "murdering b*stard", Treem the harassed PHB, asks why the dolphin hasn't been told to apologise and is advised that the senior man requires a written apology.... There was also the contraception research group's fury at being placed second in the Christmas tableaux competition, Treem points out the Judge's comments "Could have done with a child in the crib" - and many many more. Not even I will read this comment because it is to an old post - ah well


Absolutely LOVE this whole Drunken Lemur business. Sounds like something people in Politics (here in South Africa)would get up to. Wait.. they already do that!

Kevin Kunreuther

Slap suit?
Damn that was really funny - took me unawares - I was eating at time - thank goodness there was someone next to me who knew how to perform the Heimlich!

Andrew Denny

More colloquially, I call it "with one bound, he was free".


don't know what the other drunken lemurs' problem is, but for me the link to your monitor works


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I just looked at Saturday's comic and of course Dogbert is perfect to be the "God in the Machine"(Deus en Machina). Scott the arrogance of your inner demon amazes me.


Funnily enough, last week there was a letter of complaint in the local newspaper about Garfield's violence towards spiders. You just can't please 'em all.


I love how Patti acts really smug about her knowledge of "deus ex machina" when she actually misspelled it in her post.


I absolutely love Dogbert's ultimate pickup line today.


The phrase “deus ex machina.” Saw it used here as well

Minister of Silly People in Green

Can't wait to try the unltimate pick up line. Did it work on your wife?


Why a lemur?

Why not a drunken ocelot? Are lemurs inherently funny? Probably. But is it the animal, or the name? Or both? Inquiring minds want to know...


Not only will Deus Ex Machina be acceptable in Dilbert, I think it should be a character. Possibly a janitor of some sort. ... erm ... D. S. X Machina. Dave, to his mates.

... anyhoooooo ....


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