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Personal details (Name, Address, Tel#, Address)
Job History + brief description of content (already correct)
Courses (name + date finished) don't tell them how long you needed!
Education 5same as with courses)
I never give references, but that is a personal choice.
Good luck with the job hunting!

Way to go Scott, there is a warm, friendly human behind the cartoonist!


And now for the TRULY relevant question:

in a land that is so lawsuit-minded... could he sue you for the prejudice he suffers further to him being fired?

And by posting his resume aren't you - to a certain extent - admitting your fault here?

Any takers on those questions?


Can't get u a job. But admire the way scott has backed u.


ur the man..David....way to go ..

All the best for ur new job


I have never been fired for posting comics that poke fun at our workplace. We have an IT department that likes to lock down our computers and make them diffucult to change anything on them. So I decided to post a few comics of Mordac the Security Preventer at my workplace. Everybody thought it was funny and in no way wanted to fire me.

Let's face it, management always does things we don't agree with. I am suprised that some people can't take criticism. I guess we know who aren't the real team players.

Dave Oblad

Good luck with the job hunt David.

As a person who is responsible for hiring people, I have
a few suggestions on your final resume:

1. If this example resume has typo issues, fix them.

2. If, in fact, you only had one month of college, don't mention it!

3. For the driving school, if in fact you spent 4 years to complete
a 6 week course, just state: 6 Week course completed on date @@/@@/@@
Let the employer make the assumption you started it just 6 weeks prior.

4. All jobs over 1 year.. just state the ending date. Again, let
the employer make assumptions about the duration of employment.

5. Never list previous salaries nor expectant salary!!!!

6. Any jobs of less than one year.. don't mention them at all.
It's better to state that for a short period in the early part of
your history, that you held some Misc. Jobs from this Date to that Date.
No specific dates should be mentioned per job, nor the number of jobs.

Myself.. I must have had 8 jobs inside 3 years: Dishwasher, bus-boy, cook
at several fast food places, dog kennel, painter, roofer, AC installer, etc.

My resume thus read:
"1972-1975 Misc minor jobs unrelated to current goals."

Don't Itemize the small short term jobs!!!!

I, having read a list of short term jobs, would assume you can't keep a
job for any decent length of time. So what you might perceive as valuable
experience, will instead be viewed as non-committal and undependable.

So.. For opening:
State your goals and you commitment to those goals.
List just those long term jobs that you are proud of. Put some spin on them
as to how these jobs have helped increase your value, by increasing your
potential towards your previously stated goals.

Leave out anything that might indicate you lack long term commitment.
State you would appreciate a personal interview. Salary is negotiable.

Finally.. keep it brief and to the point. Make sure it it is easy on the eyes
and has no typing errors. Don't cross out and write in changes with a pen.
Re-type and re-print a clean resume when changes are made.

I look for intelligence, commitment and neatness, in a resume.

For a bonus, research the potential employer and that specific job.
Tailor each resume to indicate your value in any area that might be
perceived as an asset, to that specific company or job.

Good luck David...

Best wishes Scott from Dave :^)


"References available upon request" is unnecessary.


"References available upon request" is unnecessary.




The following site creates an e-mail address link that is harder to harvest, if you can post javascript.


Let us know how he does!!! Hopefully he will get the minimum of spam...


Ummm, I think the four years was for high school, not for the week driving course and I THINK the 6 week driving course was at the community college... Scott, I think this is just a formatting issue, you might want to delete the colon after the 6 week course and hit the "enter" key before the high school dates.

Other than that, the resume looks pretty good.

larry horowitz

It's nice of you to put his resume up and try to help him, Scott. Here's a video of David talking about his situation:


Good luck finding a job. With the Dilbert readership on the prowl, anything could happen. I wouldn't be surprised if a few employment agency websites go down in the region due to overwork. :)

As for the critique:
I'd get rid of objectives, and just cover that in a cover-letter individually tailored to whatever you happen to be applying for. Other than that, it seems fine... maybe a little sparse. Done anything else?

I too have blogged this.

I'd love to know what's happening in the Casino management/workplace surrounding this whole issue. They must be in serious damage control mode, even if it isn't really likely to impact their bottom line. There goes Scott's line of credit, eh? :)


disembodied consciousness

I see the job offers are pouring in, from every place that people flee, from the frozen north of Alberta to the empty praries of Iowa, to another casino job that is probably at the very top of his wish list. There's probably jobs shoveling coal into the Fiery Furnace of Hell too, if he's interested.

It sucks that job prospects are so limited for a guy with no college degree (which is why he can't get into law enforcement). I'm going to show this resume to my 12-year-old, as a memo on why he needs to do his @#$% homework or learn to suck up to useless bosses.

There was a year, before outsourcing and computerization, when that experience might have meant something. Maybe aliens have given one of you readers a time machine, so we can all go back there.

What a world, what a world. Moist robots indeed.


I have lots of tips. First, I agree with some other posters - get rid of the objective statement. If you're applying for a specific job with a company, your objective is obvious. That goes for other unnecessary detail as well. Managers usually skim resumes, so if it doesn't apply to the job you're seeking, it might actually hurt you to have it. It's also not a bad idea to have more than one version of your resume.

Like Chris said, the contrast between one year at college and 4 years in a six-week course doesn't look favorable. I only put completion dates on my resume and the qualification earned, not the duration I attended a course. I spent 6 years going to a 4-year university, but employers don't need to know that.

Next, I would leave out jobs that don't pertain to my goal. If security is your interest, no one needs to know you worked for a year at a dry cleaners. Now, if you'd worked there for five years, it might be good to show you have that level of commitment and longevity for a company. But, if it was just a part time gig for extra cash, keep it between you and the IRS. Again, too much detail can hurt you.

I would pad my experience a bit. Don't "lie", but emphasize the important bits. For example, you didn't work Maintenance/ Security/ Driver at Best Western, you were a "Logistical operations and security specialist". You didn't observe the casino for intoxicated customers and improper behavior, you "Maintained a state of vigilance in an effort to ensure safe operation and customer comfort".

I would avoid a strictly chronological resume. I would put experience first, then education - even if that education happened later. For example, I would put the first aid certification with education.

I might make a "skills" category. Your skills section can be where you list your software ability, organizational skills, management skills or anything else that's helpful to your career pursuits. If it's not formal education or a specific duty, but you still feel it's important for employers to know, then this is the section to list it.

Don't say "references available..." This makes it look like you're bluffing. I would actually have at least a couple references on your resume at all times - and make sure that your references know that you're sending your resume out.

For presentation - never fold your resume. Always send it in a letter sized envelope. Try and keep it to one page, but if you have multiple pages, print double-sided. This makes it easier for managers to see the whole thing and not lose any bit of it. Print on quality heavy paper, but not card stock or anything cheesy like parchment paper. Avoid centered text - Flush left is easier to read, especially when dealing with a lot of information. Put your information into two columns if it looks like the left is a bit 'heavy'.

David, you're a brave guy, and I wish you the best. Hope some of this helps.


What neopolitan said/wrote.Plus to bring justice to the whole situation.Give this guys former boss the lowest paid job there.I'm assuming costumed jester is that job!
But seriously, relocating might be the best option, since these Indian casinos sprout up everywhere these days.

Robert Hamilton

Scott, It's very decent of you to go out of your way to help this guy out. The next thing will be to use your powers to crush that casino out of existence or at least to force them to hire him back with more pay and better benefits. Good Work. Now you just have to get registered to vote. You can even waste your vote on Ralph Nadir it helps.


Oh can I recommend him for a job at my office?? Huh can I please? Give me a break. He was asking to be fired. Maybe in his next life he will think before publicly humiliating his employers.

Mr Tibs

Good luck to you! Hopefully you avoid the PHB in your next job.


I love chocolate cake. Seriously.

Ace of Sevens

I suggest applying at Alliant Energy. I work there. They aren't particularly uptight and they always need security and drivers. They have an office in Fort Madison.


Looking for a security job? Then drop the shirt press operator line. Not relevant and it doesn't create a gap in employment.

Michael Casey

Scott Adams! It is I, your arch-nemisis, Norman Soloman! I return to unveil the hidden evil self-interest behind your grand scheme(s) to be nice to other people!

Helping Mr. Steward find a job is all well and good...but what about all the people that read this blog? Isn't it *your* blog? Doesn't that attract attention to yourself? Is not your true motivations dastardly exploitation? If you were truly interested in helping someone find a job, you would pretend like they they did not need one! That is the only way for anyone to express other people's opinions in my opinion.

-Norman Solomon

(not actually Norman Solomon)


>>One month at a community college and four years in a six-week driving course?<<

That's a formatting issue (which Scott told you to ignore). The one month at the community college and the driving course belong together (i.e. the course was taken at the college). Imagine a line break before "Aug 1971 to May 1975", which is the years he was in high school -- it's unrelated to the driving course.

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