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Thats easy: Dweezil Zappa


Lenny Kravitz?


someone I dont know... because I dont know anyone of those famouse people... and I dont live under a rock, I just dont care about people who arent sharing the same room with me or are polluting the air Im breathing right now


Marilyn Monroe's love child!


Britney Spears :)

Affiliate Confession

A short black Attorney General who's really a Mafia boss.

Bill Tkach

A Dead Beige Crooning Coke Sniffing CIA Agent?

Matt McDonald

I'm convinced that Sammy Davis Jr. is already a perfect meld of the other two. Therefore, the answer to your question is 2*(Sammy Davis Jr.)


A sailor who is unable to release his grip on a bra strap?


Oooh I know this one...

Is it the cloverfield monster?

D. Mented

Must be a guy thing...if Ella Fitzgerald married Alan funt - she'd be Ella funt! OH HA HA!
If this is political,
I want Lou Dobbs for president, and Ralph Nader for vice!
That's right, you angry Corvair fans, Ralph Nader - who singlehandedly invented the consumer information/consumer protection/truth in advertising movement! To hell with your "there was only one car worth driving in all of history, and he destroyed it" attitude. There are plenty of sports cars out there. I for one like to know if there's lead in my lipstick BEFORE I put it on.
Vote for Dobbs-Nader in '08! Write them in! The future of America depends on getting rid of all these corporate whores and bleeding heart idiots and electing some common sence and human decency.
D. Mented

C. R. Dick

Yeh, I'd have to say Obama too. And I agree with your assessment of how the election will turn out. I'm not quite sure though that Bush will share his election rigging machinery and infrastructure with McCain, though. But now that we've all seen it done, not once, but twice, it obviously can be done, and McCain has the resources to hire lackeys to do it all over for him from scratch if he wants to win that bad.

Zog the Infinite

A dead mobster lackey with a glass eye.


Michael Bublé (with a really dark tan)


1/2 part Frank Sinatra ethnicity
1 part Frank Sinatra musical talent
1 part Sammy Davis Jr. musical talent
1 part Bobby Kennedy hair


mix all parts together. set aside to allow dough to rise. bake in oven until golden brown.

Serve warm with mellow coffee and rich cake.

side note: i strongly recommend reading/watching Everything Is Illuminated. you'll never be able to hear the name "Sammy Davis Jr" without laughing.


A pile of bones resembling the long lost republican elephant?


Hillary Clinton ! - if Obama is in he list, then Hillary cud not be away ..

When u think of it ... Hillary does have a good case here ..

Karl H.

Bill Cosby?


An ass-large dose of ashes.


A blogpost.


Is this some heat on the election? =_="

Ajith Prasad

The pointy haired boss :)


I'd get the barkeep to pour me another beer and I'd go back to watching the rugby.

(couldn't you have made my life easier by asking "what would you get?"?)


A dry pile of oddly-shaped bones.


A dry pile of oddly-shaped bones.


Agreed! Just wrote about how cool Obama is on

Good stuff

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