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I think it's a great idea. The only thing that i dont like is the fact that in the all purpose family room the big screen tv is the most important thing in the room. And since the family room is right next to the entrance everyone who come to that home will only see the tv. you should put it in a less obvious place.


It looks exactly like something an IEEE standards committee would come up with. I am sure the first prototypes will be huge successes.

By the way, not air conditioning a storage area will most likely cause anything stored there to rot (unless you are lucky enough to live in a desert).

I have two questions:

1. If you are such a busy person, how do you have the time to come up with this nonsense?
2. Why am I reading this nonsense?


So where are you going to hide during tornado warnings?


what's this supposed to be? architecture by a lot of people?

its obviously a good idea to bring one's ideas to paper, but from then on, hand it over to an expert you trust. might be hard to find in your case, though :)

re round staircases: i have one, it is a dream, saves a ton of space, looks good. is centrepiece of house, gives adjoining rooms interesting curved walls.
an architect came up with it, of course. i remember my wife having all kinds of objections to it, (e. g. can't carry laundry basket on a round staircase).
all forgotten once finished.


what is it you people have with bathrooms and laundry?

don't you do other things than shower and wash?

Why not have a toilet beneath each bed a master bathroom, and a separate bathroom for each person in the household and one for guest and of course one for the cat, the neighbour and the neighbour's cat.
You could think about a spare bathroom and a spare toilet in case one in cloaked or broken...

seriously... two toilets and a big bathroom are sufficient for a 4 people family. Or does the look of your naked wife coming out of the sower make you throw up? In case you tend to a Yes, leave the bathroom she might feels sick as well when she sees you sitting on the toilet resting your paunch on you thighs.


When you do a real concept planing like this one you should look into
- natural lightening of rooms to reduce the need for electric lightening
- central heating/cooling in combination with proper insulation of the house (outside walls)
- natural air/room conditioning
- natural, regenerative venting of rooms to regulate humidity/moisture/freshness
- solar hot water systems
- slope of the roof and orientation of the house in regard to the points above

Keeping the footprint of a house closer to a square shape reduces the outside surface area, thus reducing the need for heating/cooling.

What about a room for your Server, Cable/DSL model, home hifi media centre, patch panel? the house will become a more and more networked place.
what about a cellar or a wine cellar... don't you have that sort of thing in the states?

keep in mind that you might want network cabling in some rooms, much better than wireless

what about a panic room, a terrace, a pool?

The Muffin Princess

Very nice. How do wheelchairs get up the spiral staircase? Oh! You've got flying chairs at your house! SO COOL!


Your casual dining area overlooks the family room without any buffering wall or sound barrier. I believe this will be problematic. If you have kids in watching TV or playing with their Wii, it might disrupt the adults having a quiet coffee in the dining area. If you have some boring adult coffee klatch meeting going on, you'll probably disturb anyone watching a movie.

It would be better to have some sort of wall and door between these areas (vs. a wall with just a doorway). This doesn't impact the multi-purpose use of the family room, but it would make the dining area more cozy and help to provide sound isolation.

Worst case, hanging some sound baffling material at the interstice between these two rooms could be quite useful.

One other note: Unless your garage is a really decent width and/or depth, you might have some fun getting things from a vehicle backed into it into the pantry entrance. Most garages I've seen built into commercial budget housing are very limited in extra manouvering space - you might have trouble getting a hatchback open or a swinging gate (as you have on some SUVs) open with the vehicle inside and the garage door closed. This matters most in winter climate locales where doing your unloading with the garage door open in -25 C isn't a terribly fun idea (plus it gets snow into the garage).

Bill Hanz

This thread reminded me of a comic I cut out of the paper possibly 25 years ago. I am sure it is at home somewhere in a box down in the basement. I finally found it online today. All I could remember was the cool car, secret submarine base in the basement and the moat. It's still my dream house.

bill hanz


I don't know if anyone said this, but I just love that you drew the big screen TV and marked it on the floorplan. ^_^ Do you have a big screen set yourself?


Where is the backyard?

I see the covered patio on the side but thats an odd place for a backyard

Adam Williams

1. The two non-maters bedrooms need a bathroom. (turn the office into one).

2. You can probably add a basement

3. maybe have the storage also lead outside (90 degrees to the left of its current entrance). Adding the entrance to the garage would kill too much storage space i think.

4. Unless you add windows to the garage or storage, the front of the house will look funny (window-sparse, at leqast on the first floor)

5. draw the windows. Thats a major part of any house design.

6. Either shrink the bathroom or patio or extend the family room out in order to get a bigger entrance way to the house (if you have more than a few guests, you'll need the room).

7. just something small: because of the fountain in the corner, there will be a weird wasted space beside it that will probably look funny (at least thats how I imagine it would seem).

8. what the hell? Did you add bathrooms to the second floor WHILE I was typing this? Creepy. (or I wasnt looking close enough before)

9. looking at the top floor again, Id say to change the office into bedroom 1 (due to the extra window space, and change bedroom 1 into a shared bathroom/shower for bedrooms 1 and 2. (you'll have to move bedrooms 1's closet too I guess)

10. switch the master bath and master closet. The bath should have the extra window space. Also, it would be nicer to have the bigger bath.


----> View

----> View

I wish I just draw a line and write view with my house and instantly have a nice view.


I think having an unfinished space below the house (not a basement per se) right under the living and dining rooms would be a better place for a storage room. Then, just have a large section of the living room floor on hydraulics so that it can be lowered down to access seasonal/special occasion furniture. an aircraft carrier.


It is considered bad feng-shui to have a toilet directly connected to a bedroom, especially if it faces the bed. You might not believe in feng-shui but you can see how this could be unpleasant. I think the way the master bathroom connects to the master bedroom now is good but how about a separate bathroom for bed 1 & 2?

Also I agree with the following points made by others: - not having the master bed over the garage. - paying more attention to where the sun rises and sets and how that affects heating, sleeping in and big screen reflections.

Keith Petrus

Read the book "A Pattern Language."


To the person with the bedroom over the garage, I believe that's also a problem in an earthquake. I took an earthquake survey, and you deduct points for rooms over garages.


The storage room scares me because it would become a horrible fire hazard if it were mine.
Make the foyer/entrance hall huge, with long closets on either side. Let all the crap accumulate there so by the time you make it into the actual living space you've left the crap (books, jackets, helmets, etc.) behind.
The master bedroom must have his and her bathrooms, and each has a hall so it's not directly adjacent to the master bedroom. This is so you can't hear your spouse in the bathroom when you're in bed.
At least two utility sinks for washing the dog, washing out paint cans, grooming plants, etc.
Definitely two sinks in the kitchen plus a small wet bar type sink, all in the kitchen.
Two refridgerators in the kitchen.
No vaulted ceilings so you're not freeziing all the time.
Skip the heat-sucking fireplace.


I think that it could be problematic to have a second-floor laundry room. While certainly, this positioning is most convenient, there are often large water quantities deposited from washers that lead to many a wet basement.


One key component in a house is the concept of "wet walls". That is, you want as little plumbing as possible in a house. (Fewer pipes to break, less distance for hot water to travel, etc, etc, etc...)

In your house, you have no shared wet walls, really. (Except for having the laundry room above the kitchen. As long as the sink and dishwasher are placed on the same wall as the washing machine (probably the external wall), then all is good there.)

So you have plumbing at the extreme ends of the house (bathrooms) and in the middle of the house (kitchen and laundry rooms), all separated by at least one "non-wet" room.

This is where architects really get to hate the amateur home planners. No practical considerations at all.

Consider power as well... Your appliances in the laundry room require high-voltage outlets (220v), and that power has to be run through several walls and floors to get from the garage (where I assume your break-out box is) to the laundry room. The farther that power runs, the greater the liability.

One suggestion for fixing the "wet-wall" problem: Go with instant water heaters mounted in the bathrooms and under the kitchen sink. This means you only have to run cold water all over the house, and you gain the efficiency of an instant heater.

Of course, now you have to run a natural gas line to every one of the instant water heaters....

Nice house, though! Shame you'll have to use an outhouse... ;-)


You forgot the thickness of the walls, Scott.

Do some sketches with sizes on them and figure out the INTERNAL size of the rooms you want. Add 1/2 foot for the wall thickness for each wall internally and 1 foot externally.

With five internal walls and two external, that's nearly five feet wider than you'd think when you figure "a bedroom at least 10ft by 15ft" You also find that your upper floor doesn't match your lower unless part of the Bedroom 2 floor is the cover for the patio downstairs.

As for the loss of head through the front door, one thing you may want to do is a 5ft square "room" outside the front door. One door external to the outside (doesn't need to be locked, so parcels can be left inside) then the REAL front door where you have it. Meters for electric/gas/water/etc can be put in this room too. Could make it a little wider than 5ft.

And you'll find that the profusion of crappers doesn't fit unless you have an unfeasibly large house.

I'd also drop the straight stairs because you're losing too much available space and have too steep a stair to be safe. Unless, again, you have a really large house in mind.

I have a figure that if the garage is about 15x20ft, about right for a double garage when you have to have space for the spiral stair, your house is something over 55ft longest dimension [plus walls] and thirty foot deep [plus walls]. The main room is about 15x30, kitchen about 10x20, store 10x10 and pantry 5x20 (basically a walkway beside a lot of cupboards.

Though the upstairs cannot fit like that because unless your closet is really shallow, you can't fit bedroom2 in unless it's considerably thinner than 10ft. You have problems fitting the bogs in where they are too. Unless, as I say, you have Bed2 sticking over the patio.

splint chesthair

Marco said: "It looks like a normal house."

That's what I think, save for the laundry room upstairs disaster, and the inefficient bedroom over the garage design, this is my house and I live in a cookie-cutter McMansion.


Just hd a thought: Scott, how much pissing and shitting do you expect to be doing? Four bogs???

I would suggest on a more serious note that you think about the frame and fit the place into a steel box so that you can build the place sturdy enough to hold up. Not a big thing in America, but it will keep your house upright for a long time and will allow you to make it as soundproof and as open as you need without worrying about 20-foot loading walls suspended over your head.


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black spot

I see you have two staircases (unlike most commentators) but I would change add a family bathroom as the cover for your patio. Additional room without compromising your design and having the pleasure of naked kids shocking visitors when streaking through as they are wont to do.

The one thing I do like about having a separate lounge and dining room is that the family can be noisy in their own why in either – we have the computers and game consuls in the dining room to allow people to watch the television in relative quiet in the lounge. You either lose your spare room by making it into a games room, or have an only child, or possibly scream at the kids while you try to answer that all important quiz question off the telly. Oh, and get rid of the toilets in the kids’ rooms – your wife won’t thank you for the extra yucky cleaning and the plumbing bills when unexplained item get flushed down (admitting personal habits as a child).

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