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According to babelfish, the translation is "Break then, poor idiot."


Well, caisse-toi pauvre con does not literally translate to a**hole. More to a poor pig. But that is my french for ya. Personally, I like Sarko (that's what he's called in France - and the french speaking part of Switzerland...) is that he actually managed to marry Carla Bruni. A well known top model after his divorce with Cecilia. And guess what. It was only to make the French headlines for say two or three days. I love the French for their nonchalance...


Here's some footage of Sarkozy drunk at the G8 summit.

Quite the party dude.

David Chapman

Yeah, having lived here in France for some ten years now, the best translation is dumbass. You poor dumb ass, and it's a condensending insult. However, insults are not taken lightly--they are still considered impolite here--and are scandleous. In the ten years I've worked here, I have only ONCE heard of some boss call anyone a his face that is. No co-workers insulting each other (quite the opposite in fact), no friends and no neighbors either.


Why are we always surprised when our great and famous leaders turn out to be human? Any man, or woman for that matter, who doesn’t as Jimmy Carter once said have “lust in their heart” is near brain-dead and has no imagination. Think of any deprivation that a person can aspire to or even actually participate in and I’ll bet at sometime they indulged in it. It just wasn’t reported.

Mostly they do no harm to their office and retire to private life or die. We always put forth these high and unobtainable standards and are surprised when they falter.

Anyone that aspires to high office has by their nature an ego the size of Mount Everest or they wouldn’t make it very far. So who should care if the leader of the Free World discreetly maybe shops at Victoria Secret or has a proclivity for sheep as an outlet. Being a character is not always a bad thing. Nobody likes goody-two-shoes.


You shouldn't let a french guy anything.


Rita Mae said:
"If it wasn't for us, the French would be speaking German."

But Rita, if it weren't for the French, you'd have lost the American Revolution, and you'd be speaking English.

rita mae

MARK -- oops, my bad. The joke wasn't funny now that I look back. I take your chastisement with total chagrin.

Rita Mae


Merci beaucoup, monsieur (Thank you very much, Sir). As a French citizen, it is in the name of the French Republic that I thank you for this moving (and true) hommage to my beloved President for whom I voted (and about whom I am starting to have some second thougts, but hey, that's the way it goes). What is said is "Casse toi, alors, pauvre con" which I would translate as "Get the hell out of here, then, damn jerk", but your translation is also acceptable. Everything else you said is true. Thank you, then, for reinforcing my support for my President. You demonstrate that, even though Sarkozy's economic policies may seem not to have any result yet, and even though his approval ratings went from 65% to 35% in 9 months, Sarkozy is still, in the eyes of the all world, the living proof that no matter how small, ugly and rude a French man is, he can always hope to marry two ex-super models. This, as you recognize, is sure to bring respect, admiration and awe from all of the unfortunate 6,000,000,000 people in the world who are not French (poor fellows). Thank you.

General Tekno

Scott, you would have loved Ralph Klein then when he was premier of Alberta.

The guy did all kinds of off-the cuff stuff.

Mind you, his actual policy accomplishments can be contested, and it can be argued easily that he left a mess for the next guy. But he was pretty popular for that same reason you like Sarkozy.


I'm also from Quebec, and my literal translation for "pauvre con" would easily be "poor idiot". It is an insult we'd use as early as kindergarten, and many songs that are far from controversial feature the word, so it hardly has any weight to it. Again, I'm from Quebec, and our French is mildly different than France's. For all I know, it is like how fanny means different things in different places in the world.


I'm also from Quebec, and my literal translation for "pauvre con" would easily be "poor idiot". It is an insult we'd use as early as kindergarten, and many songs that are far from controversial feature the word, so it hardly has any weight to it. Again, I'm from Quebec, and our French is mildly different than France's. For all I know, it is like how fanny means different things in different places in the world.


To quote Al Bundy:

"Ah, the French...more people we should have killed..."


A long, long time ago France was at the forefront of the Enlightenment. It brought us great advances in philosophy poetry and democracy and helped America fight for its independence.

Today it is the country that has inspired the newest character in the Mr. Men series whose name seems even more poignant today. Meet Mr. Rude:


Well, maybe the blame is not all on the guy. Many years ago, when I had all my hair in my head and for the surprise of some female friends looking old pictures, seems I was actually not that ugly. We had a young French couple, family of mine, visiting us. Well, I saw near all what was to see in the bride of my cousin, to my consternation and her frustration as I was (and I am) completely faithfull to my wife and have enough respect for family. You only need one proof to believe what they say about sex and Frenchs :).


Patti says:

Scott, the French President's response was much more offensive than you stated. But he's our friend. So, we'll lighten it a bit!

Now, we must try to imagine THIS scene:
A man comes up-close to the French President and extends his delicate hand ...just so he can say "don't touch me, you'll make me dirty" (or something close to that)
It sounds like a set-up to me.
In fact I believe that the delicate hand was supposed to be .. the hand of a female (and bride-to-be) whose wedding French President Sarkozy will be officiating soon.
Yes! She was to have an outburst and pretend not to want to be dirtied by his touch. (To hide the fact that they were soon-to-be ..lovers)
They would both wait until her wedding was over and then.. he finally WOULD touch her and make his move. Claiming her as ..his own!!

C'est la vie! Another marriage down the tubes...and another new wife for the amorous French President.

However, I believe she truly was afraid of not following through with her wedding vows, at all, once he actually touched her ...anywhere. I have heard that his "touch" is simply irresistible!
SO? The male substitute stepped in and in shock.. the French President stated those very dirty little phrases.

And now, I say, " Voila'" .. and... "Vive la France"

Lindsey ^_^

I like to study US presidents, being a nerd, and I've been surprised to see that a LOT of our past presidents have done things like this. It's nothing new. But back in the day that kind of thing just didn't get reported. How many people did Andrew Jackson kill in a duel? 12+? Nice. Anyway, you usually don't find out about this stuff until after they're dead, so I applaud the French media for taking a proactive approach to show the "badasser side" of their president. It instills hope in future generations. I guess.


Sorry, but this is kinda weak. (says The Topper)

Our current prime-minister (CZ) once during parliament session gave a finger to communists (and I totally agreed with him), while later arguing it was meant for his Minister of Finance, saying that he is "number one". When asked, the MoF later actually confirmed it! Now this I call a teamplay...

And during presidential election (done by parliament in our case) he wasnt aware of turned on mic and as a result of tragic progress of the election quite loudly said that everyone should just now go fuck themselves (literally go to ass-hole). And again I couldnt agree more...

(sorry, couldnt find a link in english for this one)

And of course, about a year ago he ditched his wife a married his former secretary and current MP. Just B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.


The translation of "con" is difficult because it can be anything from jerk to @$$**** depending on context. However, the only time "con" is used lightly is with friends who are being stubborn about something or difficult. When you tell your drunk friend at the bar "stop being a jerk", it's the same thing. The minute you use "con" with a stranger, it means "you F***ing @$$hole", especially if used in conjunction with "casse-toi" (which literally means "break-you", a "make a like a tree and split" comment). "Casse-toi, con" pretty much means "Make like a tree and F*** off"


I hear that in Taiwan they have fistfights during the Congressional meetings. If that happened in America, we all know that McCain would go Rambo on everyone and kill them all. Which would be fun to watch.


[Google "French military victories" --- it will make you laugh.

Rita Mae]

You do realise that the last victory the US had on their own was when they were part of the British Empire, don't you?

Which wars did you win?

WW2 was Russia, so that doesn't count.


I think I would have said pretty much the same if someone had told me that shaking my hand would make them dirty. The article talks about "his temper," yet at the same time talks about how unfailingly calm he was.

What's wrong with being human once in a while? I honestly don't expect more of politicians than I would of myself, with the exception of their increased accountability.


Italian newspapers are full of Sarkozy's epic adventures since when he started dating Carla Bruni (can't blame him though), and now that they are almost stopping filling pages about french love stories you start writing about it? That's like the last place I expected to find news about this ;)

Ryan Waddell

All I can think of after reading this is that character from Cheers, the french one, who was always saying "Woody, I'm going to steal your girlfriend!"


I think that politicians who occasionally drop the politically-correct facade are automatically likeable. Most of us understand that politics is largely bullsh*t, so it's refreshing when a politician gets "real" every so often.

In this example, the unnamed target of Sarkozy's vitriol definitely deserved the rebuke. I mean, what else can you call a guy who goes to a political gathering and then tells the man of the hour not to touch him lest he make him dirty?

One of Canada's most popular prime ministers (at least in hindsight) was Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The man was witty and intelligent and he was also known to drop the gloves when people either got on his nerves or just plain said or did stupid things.

I mean, here was a man who was known to give the press the finger. They made T-Shirts depicting Trudea lifting his middle finger and emblazoned with the slogan "Welcome to Canada. Wish you were here" after that episode.

When a Newfoundland MP annoyed him during question period, Trudeau told him to F*ck Off. However, unlike Sarkozy, Trudea was smart enough to stay clear of any microphones. When the wannabe lip readers asked him what he'd said later on, he told them that he might have said "fuddle duddle".

I mean, here was a man who was referred to as "That a**hole from Canada" by Richard Nixon. You've got to be good to be called an a**hold by Richard Nixon!

I think more politicians should take their examples from people like Sarkozy and Trudeau.

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