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Reading the story I couldn't help but ask myself: "how and more accurately, where did they meet?"


That is pretty messed up. the boyfriend probably should have called medics sooner.


This is random but to the person who said that trailers only have one bathroom, that's rarely the case. Trailers are meant for families, which usually means kids and usually means two bathrooms.


> For most of us, moving from place to place is usually about seeking food, bathroom breaks, employment, conversation, SEXUAL STIMULATION and returning to the computer... A laptop and a toilet can satisfy all of those needs.

Care to explain how one would obtain sexual stimulation on the toilet?

sam gates

There certainly is an element of the sublime in the story. I found it kind of tragic actually. I get dopey late at night.


She's not from India, is she?


Sure, OK...

But when you're girlfriend's butt is fused to the toilet seat, how do you have sex?

Kevin Kunreuther

You know, defecation is too much work. All waste should leave your body effortlessly and without involving too much plumbing. If only excretion was a gas and not a solid, it's solve a lot of problems. Farting I can live with ... and let's face it, is fun!


Are you going to parody this in your comic strips? ;)


I'm holding out til Barcalounger makes a toilet.

Sir Mike Tallon, PhD

What you're proposing sounds like a scene from the prophetic "Idiocracy" movie...


lol yeah. that would meet all of someones needs except for sexual stimulat- oh. wait................

sick man! very sick man!



As hard as I try not to, I can't help but wonder what would have happened if the toilet had backed up.

Argument #399 as to why stories like this just shouldn't be allowed into the mainstream.

Swami Dave

In complete "truth-funnier-than-fiction" fashion, the punch line to the story is the blog link at the bottom of the story!

It is apparently implemented via AJAX technology. After you click the link (From the Blogs) before the data returns, you get the message "Sit tight we're getting to the good stuff".

I'm sorry - noone could PLAN this to be funnier!

-Swami Dave


I smell invention.
The toilet/laptop, designed kind of like those old school desks. You remember, the wooden chair with a drawer under it, and a wraparound desktop-armrest. Just wire it up and add plumbing, and spruce up the design to make it more IKEA-ish (and more hygienic). Et voilà!



FUSED? Oh yeah, sure!
UMmmmm "OMG. I just fused with some molecules on the toilet seat!
The toilet seat attached itself to MY AMPLE REAR and now some molecules decided to actually.. UMMM... Fuse with me."

(OR? maybe.. was it DNA.. from... sperm?)
I believe those molecules were trying to "screw her".
If her boyfriend was any man, he'd be really upset and grab THOSE little buggers.

Maybe, she can even sue the seat manufacturers, too.
Maybe there is some nano-technologies being used from outer-space.. to impregnate her or take some cells from her butt .. TO CLONE HER OR SOMETHING.
Anyway, This story SEEMS CREEPY AND gives me the Willies.
SO?? I am upset!

glenn B

sounds like the beginnig of cybernetic humans. we'd evolve to be 10 lbs of brain and digestive tract.


Scott, I loved that you picked this up. Even easier for her boyfriend - he could "creep around" and never have to worry about being caught. Seriously! He could have a lady friend in the next room and his girlfriend would be none the wiser. That guy had it made in the shade!


Patti adds:
What IS the matter with her boyfriend anyway?
He was a lazy-ass for sure!

In that amount of time,
he would have built her a private designer 2 story outhouse!
I'd drop him .. for real! Geesh.


Patti says:

Hmmm her boyfriend "stuck" with her all that time?
Sounds like a sticky situation to me.

** Okay, the last time I became one with the commode, it was a weekend and my significant other was away visiting friends. I had entered the bathroom with a new lengthy novel and didn't realize that
HE.. had left the seat in the ... "UP" ...Position.

As I began to ever-so-lady-like ... sit .. ..
My ample butt was soon dunked in the pit.
It did me no good to stew and throw a fit..
I was stuck for good and ..that was IT!

Now, at first..I panicked.
Cause, I was really getting pissed.
Then, decided since I was stuck in a swirling abyss,
I might as well flush and get a whirlpool out of this.

SO? There I was ..for over .. 2 days
just a-Flushing, a-reading and a-swirling.
My behind was sore, withered and wet..
and my fingers and toes were a-curling

Finally the bathroom door swung open
and there "HE" was standing .. in all his glory
With me so... angry ..and Em-bare-assed
Being scared to death.. he stuttered ..."I'm Sorry"

Working hard for hours and finally freed
my sore butt surfaced with a horrible pop
The commode was all broken into pieces
and my beautiful floor was all covered with slop.

Now ..My guy is afraid to pee
in a toilet that's meant for me
for he's afraid he might again forget
to lower the seat so that I can sit

and he knows that I will certainly freak
if he again does take a quick leak
leaving me stuck in a wet position
because of his careless omission

He now fears my angry fury
and knows this time I'll hurry
to install a seat that quickly falls
to injure his .. most- precious B@LLs


Snakes, did you say snakes?

Come to me my child.


The key to a successful marriage is setting very low expectations....and just barely missing them. If you meet the expectations, the bar is automatically raised, if you totally miss them, you won't be tolerated, but if you just barely miss them, the bar is gradually lowered more and more till you reach the perfect level of success.

I achieved total victory when I was walking out the door to the Super Bowl and my wife's last words to me were "Don't Get Arrested."


If your wireless network is like mine, it needs some resetting once every few months for mysterious reasons. It seems that it would be a problem unless your cable modem is in your new "office".

I'd hate to have an interruption of service so I would favor a wired jack right in the washroom. Since you're not doing much moving around anyway, being tethered to the wall won't be a problem. As a side benefit, downloads will be faster (Internet downloads I'm talking about here; other types of downloads may be more a factor of what you end up eating).

Considering all factors, it may be more advisable to have to toilet fixture installed in your office rather than the other way around. This way, if you're facing the door, people may never know what's going on (except for you not standing up much to shake hands and maybe the fact that you're taking notes on squares of paper from a roll attach to the wall next to you).

That could work, now that I think about it...

rita mae

Man! That was an about-face. First it's Hay-Soos. Now it's the toilet woman. I wondered how long it would take you to get back to basics. Your love of potty humor has done you in.

JERRY W sez: [Since she was always seated, You could say that her boyfriend was nuts over her. By the way, it's been three days, can we expect the return of Hay Soos? Don't leave us hanging.]

Good job, JERRY W. You put "nuts" and "hanging" into the same post. That's my boy.

This gives a whole new meaning to "Are you going to live in there?" when someone is hogging the bathroom.

Rita Mae

PS. JERRY W -- was there a subliminal message about the three days and Hay Soos hasn't returned? Personally, I think they will roll back the stone and he will be gone. Three days to return? Three? Like from Good Friday to Easter Sunday? You and Scott. What a pair!


A two full bath single wide?

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