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Like here

ji donlan




He could promise to eliminate the "death" tax.


This ties in to your "voting for the candidate with the most experience" rants. This guy has proven he knows how to help. Lets let him help America the same way he has helped so many others. It definitely has a terminal disease and is begging for death.


If this is truly the scene, makes you wonder if really has guests.

Reebo Snort

How 'bout a snack Carl? Let's see I've got ...
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Cyanide Souffle
Euthanasian Noodle Soup
Wild Mushroom Surprise
Blowfish Delights
Curare ‘n’ Curds

There to die for I tell ya!


In the latest strips, why is there a curious repetition of advice about pronouncing the name "Jesus" as "hay-soos"? Is this some kind of concession to potentially offended Christians? If so, why not say so explicitly? Is it a fact that a celebrated US cartoonist might be really bound up to such an extent by such matters?


Patti adds:
Maybe, instead ...he can just join the new cabinet as head of the CIA or something.
Or .... maybe he could be in charge of foreign affairs.

Imagine negotiating with him face to face.
"Did you say ..... 'over your dead body?'.."

Jeffrey G. Harper

The thing that amazes me... there was a whole lot of hoopla about trying to get him out of jail early because he was very frail and was dying. They didn't expect him to make his parole date. Now that he's out, suddenly he's healthy enough to run for Congress.

I'm smelling a very distinct odor. Smells rather like a scam somewhere. Hmmmm.


As I read somewhere: "Kevorkian could do a lot of good in Congress"


If Dr. Jack helped 130 people die, that's only a good warm up if he's going to try to

match up with Bush, who in less than eight years has a death count way past a million.

Posted by: jerry w. | March 13, 2008 at 07:15 AM

ummm, a million? really? the death toll for are troops is like under 4000. and i know a million other people havent died. have they?


Poor Carl. 'Carl' is just a good 'everyman' name. It's nothing personal!


I though he was a convicted felon. Do the let convicted felons run for office there? Here in Louisiana, you don't have to be convicted, just a felon.

Robert Synnott

I honestly don't see the problem with euthanasia. It's already legal in many places, and if people are going to kill themselves, they may as well do it efficiently, painlessly, and without leaving unpleasant messes in front of tall buildings or trains. (I recently had to wait in a station for three hours because someone had jumped on the lines. Three hours, apparently, is how long it takes to remove blood stains.)

Adrian Rodriguez Carranza

Hey Scott

Is this the End of 'Pronounced Hay-Soos'? I think it's hilarious, Ay Caramba is Back!

-Adryan (Pronounced Add-ree-ann) lol


Think we can get Blue Oyster Cult to play "Don't Fear the Reaper" at his inauguration?


I wouldn't vote for him unless I knew what his views were besides the right to kill yourself. I never vote for someone based on one issue alone. But it is interesting to think about.

Jacob G

I don't believe the doctor's name has two r's in it, Scott, unless you include one from "doctor." I'd be amazed, though not surprised, if people elected president someone publicly premeditating suicide. You'd have to question his mental status, even if he did run with Oprah, which is obviously a genius move.

Also, the recent strips with Jesus have been absolutely fantastic, every single one of them. Well done. I wonder how many humorless you offended....


Three days later and still no jokes about Spitzer? C'mon, Scott, I want to see if you can do better than Leno, Letterman, and Stewart.


Hey maybe he'll get elected and "help out" some of the old guard bogging down our current system.


Funny.. I never noticed that extra 'r' in his name... I always thought it was spelled Kevorkian, the way you always see it printed in the media... and on his office... and on his political signage.


I saw Kevorkian interviewed on 60 minutes. He is one weird dude.

Mostly, I'm writing today to see if my comment gets posted. The last three didn't. You gotta problem with me Adams?


Mark Thorson

He just served eight years for
his last assisted suicide.
That seems excessive for
something that should be


Imagine if he was president not bush. Instead of "invading" iraq we'd be giving the people of iraq the freedom of "choice".

Jon Peltier

The NY Times called it "the story that almost parodies itself."

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