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Was she operated by a renowned French personality - Dr. "ZINEDINE ZIDAN"?
After all, who has displayed his "head-butt-ing" skills so prominently?


I'd sue them to get my old butthole back. I don't want some dead guy's anus.


To the woman:
There is always light at the end of the tunnel


It's not an isolated incident in Germany:-


MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: 'Ere. What's going on?
MAN: Uh, he's donating his liver, madam.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: Is this because he took out one of those silly cards?
MAN: That's right, madam.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: Typical of him!
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: He goes down to the public library, he sees a few signs up, comes home all full of good intentions.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: He gives blood. He does cold research. All that sort of thing.
MAN: Oh.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
ERIC: Ehh.
MRS. BROWN: What do you, uh,-- what do you do with them all, anyway?
ERIC: They all go to saving lives, madam.
MRS. BROWN: Mmm. That's what he used to say. 'It's all for the good of the country' he used to say.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: Do you think it's all for the good of the country?
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MAN: Hm?
MRS. BROWN: Do you think it's all for the good of the country?
MAN: Well, I wouldn't know about that, madam. We're just, uh, doing our jobs, you know.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MRS. BROWN: You're not... doctors, then?
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MAN: Oh. Blimey no.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MAN and ERIC: [laughing]
YOUNG MAN: Mum. Dad. I'm off out now. I'll see you about seven.
MAN and ERIC: [laughing]
MRS. BROWN: Right-o, son. Look after yourself.
MR. BROWN: [screaming]
MAN: Oh. Now.
ERIC: M-hmm.


..."Hello. Uhh, can we have your liver?"

Craig Taylor

I blame it on the nurse who always got things mixed up.
"Nurse, prick this guy's boil.."

sharlin kaur

ooh thats bad man

Charlie Bravo

She should sue their butts off.

Russ E.

Five more operations like this and she gets a free cup of coffee.


I could not find the most obvious -

At least all of her problems are behind her.

snort snort

Rich Smith

Of course, if she did represent herself, she'd have an 'ass' for a client!

If it had been a guy then this sort of thing would just be crying out for a "Rectum? Damn near killed him!" joke.



I think most of the jokes have been covered now, but does this mean she can fart in stereo?


Patti rethinks this:
Maybe we should all demand a large tilted mirror above and behind the doctor so we can observe everything.
Then, we demand a heavy local anesthesia and we watch all surgical procedures.

"Hey, doc.. stop that. What the hell are you doing down there? THAT is NOT my LEG. Excuse me but you seem to have lost your way.... NOW CUT THAAAAT OUT!!
Stop doing THAT this instant!"

or... "HELLLLLLLOOOO... Dooooooc... stop foolin' with my leg and get down to business recreating my sphincter...ok?
LOOK, I don't want you searching around my whole damned galaxy.. just the black-hole...please.. and..ahhhhh by the way..., doc, don't you even THINK ABOUT the big-bang theory!!"

(Let me tell you, Scott, this hole-thing is upsetting me)


She's unluckier than a two assed woman in an ass kicking contest.


"I thought you said you slept at a Holiday Inn last night..."


The lady's husband must be sweating with excitment. His options for pleasure have tripled. just like binary coding, when you add another value, its not linear, but exponential. Think of all the possibilites.


New facts have come out about this story. Apparently the woman was a former employee of the doctor. She was fired for incompetence, and he was regularly overheard threatening to "tear her a new one."


If only the same fate could happen to my wife.

rita mae

KARL H said: [What's the point of giving someone a new anus? Nothing good will come out of it.]

You are a genius. Thanks, Karl. Made me laugh hard.

Rita Mae

LA Clay

tried to fix 'em, just rectum.


Poor girl, doctors messing with her ass and you making fun of her...
Now I can't help but wonder. If she sues and wins, will they put the old one back where it was?


she got made


My work buddy forwarded me this with the caveat that 'this is the first time in the history of the world that these words have ever been strung together':

she's looking a gift anus in the mouth.


Anus and leg are not similar words in English or German. I'd hate to see what happens if you go to the hospital and mention to the doctor that you have a daily diary.

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