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Anarchy In Your Head

Wow, Scott. This is a hole new side of you.

thank you for not blogging.

Bad ride during the operation due to Ass fault.


I think this may interest you: hypnotist thief in Italy.

jerry w.

This could never have happened to George W. Bush. The doctors would have said:

"Wait, we must have the wrong patient here, we have a perfect asshole in front of us!"


Well, even if she sues, the chances are, only the lawyers will win in the end due to their fees.

Looks like either way, she'll end up taking it up the ass...

That would be a real bum rap...

But maybe she'll break a leg and her luck will change...

Wai Wan

Man, she must be the butt of all jokes.


Woman: I got a strawberry stuck up my ass, doc.
Doctor: I've got some cream for that


'Came in with a leg hurt and then what? Just like your first in Sing Sing, then...'
'Imagine what would have happened if she came with an anus problem.'
'That operation was anal.'
'Did someone ask if the doctor was dyslexic?'
'The doctor must have been polish... and jewish.'
'I'd imagine it'll be a crap recovery.'
'How's her leg, by the way?'


i guess she got the hole package.


This may not be the funniest medical mistake ever, but it's up there.


OK, so the surgeons made a mistake. But, it's not like they got it all ass backwards.


Hey Scott, what's with all the potty humor lately? first the lady stuck on the toilet, now this. I just have one thing to say... the lady in this story must have been pretty bummed :)


Was it Heather Mills?


When she goes to trial and is asked how this has affected her life she could say "I needed this like I needed another hole in my head".

Rob Henry

"You'll fix this my ass!"

Phil Alexander

I'm sure that by the time this gets up, it'll be the hundredth all making the same old joke. Butt here goes.

She was unfortunate to have a surgeon who couldn't tell her ass from her leg bone. But she probably came out feeling a hole lot better.


Somehow I cant find it in me to crack a joke on this event.
Maybe its a slight irregularity with my funny bone, I dunno, but COME ON...!
Evil HR consultants are good, Hay-soos was nice, but this one is kinda sad!

Never thought THIS wud be my 1st comment on ur brilliant blog! (seriously, no sarcasm intended here! :-)

William Kirby

HAY-YOOS, I won't be reading your strip any more. Happy Easter.


Man those Doctors are assholes... get it... because they gave her a new asshole?? Do ya get it??... Huh!?!?! WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING!!?!!!?!.....
fine i know when i'm not wanted...
*goes and cries in corner*


Most people have to get married to get a new a**hole

jerry w.

Then the hospital CEO said "I don't know if this will make you feel better, but if it's of

any consolation, we only charged you the leg operation rate, so you hardly will have a

leg to stand on if we go to court over this.


I don't think it is right that she should be the butt of your jokes after her ordeal.

Frank Paine

I'm finding it hard to believe that noone has commented, but here's one-sort of: Last week, I attended a workshop on critical thinking, in which one of the facilitators, in telling about his experience working for MacDonalds as a teenager, said that MacDonalds was anal about cleanliness. I suggested that he try to find another adjective. P.S. This guy was a PhD!


She may sue but does she have a leg to stand on?


thats one ass that she wudn't be able to kick :-)

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