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Christopher Glen

Inevitable? I hope not – lol. It definitely brings a new meaning to "Horsepower" though. I don’t think my "Mustang" would last long if I kept bringing it to McDonalds.

Joy Forever

Here's something along these lines...


Funny but misinformed. Fuel combustion engines are way more efficient. The only advantage Scott's machine has is it uses food for energy. But like others have pointed out those things used to be called horse carriages.


Horses put their shit on the road.
This one have no shit, right Scott ?


It sounds ridiculous now...but so did flying machines 150 years ago!
Good Luck with it! My only worry would be the junk food diet!


hey Scott,

Get a job!! you give me creeps...thank God u r not one of the Policy-Makers in department of renewable energy sources!

Luca Masters

My car is a lot heavier than I am and is designed to be most efficient at higher speeds than a marathon runner can sustain. Heck, higher speeds than a sprinter can reach.

Except I have no car.

David Cheung

Why stop at cars? we should be thinking about flying vehicles! like dragonfly or something

Paul Hosler

Scott it's already been done!!! Check this out...


...its called a "horse."

Leo Greenwolf

So your car would be alive.

Animal right activists are not going to like this!


Hmmm... If you could engineer it to run on managers you'd have plenty of hot air readily available for the airbags and it would have an environmentally friendly, inexhaustible supply of fuel.




Ant muscle?

Every time its about to rain, all the cars start driving around like crazy.


Technically, the DeLorean from Back to the Future was always powered by gasoline. The plutonium reactor (and later the Mr. Fusion) was only used to power the time-travel machinery in the back.


Maybe we also need to create an organism that eats plastic and turns it into oil, or eats water, CO and CO2 and produces natural gas?

Trash into power

I wouldn't mind a house I could move from place to place too while you're at it.


'we used to call these cars "horses"'



Uh... you think the human digestive/circulatory/muscular system is more efficient than an internal combustion engine? *Seriously*?

A diesel VW Golf can drink a quart of cooking oil and haul several thousand pounds ten miles. A human runner... well, we're not going to get into the details of what he'll do if you pour a quart of cooking oil in him, but it definitely doesn't involve a few hundred KWh of work.


...and if you feed your car beans, be ready for a take off!


Sounds like intelligent design to me. And just as crazy.


The runner in your story doesn’t get much faster than 10mph, and doesn't carry more than 5Kg of stuff. Design a 100Kg car (fully loaded) and drive it at fast walking pace and you would have a pretty impressive set of results.


we used to call these cars "horses"


Cows are only meant to eat grass. They get sick when you feed them anything else. I think you're mistaking them for goats.

Jack @ The Tech Teapot

Wouldn't the cars crap everywhere?

Michal Malkowski

Hey, but the interior won't be as crappy as in BS: Galactica, right?
Altought it'd still beats that cheap chevy plactic...

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