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Anirudh Sravan

'Poo'ja-a very common Indian name :D
Makes sense cause poo is the english poo...and
"ja" in Sanskrit is "to be born"(A Lily in Sanskrit a Neera-ja..Water-born)
Thus the 'excrement-born'! :P

Pooja normally means Prayer in Sanskrit. :D

Cap'n Bob

Johnny Carson used to use the name Latrina for a scuzzy girl. I thought this was great, and a few days ago I saw a small claims court TV show in which a female litigant was named Latrina. What was momma thinking?


no pain, baby escapes train


This is to JEB humor in the USA is spelled without the U as is Color and probably other words. Our English is not the same as yours just as the English in Australia would be different than both countries. Just different dialects of the same language but definatly not a spelling error. Plus, hes not writing a formal essay so lay of people for what you perceive to be minor spelling errors that make you feel so much smarter than others.




Mary "Flush"



I'm sorry I just read rayno's post and almost delivered a baby too and I have had a TAH!


Heck our anal of a doctor let my baby fall in the kickbucket (the litle bucket they put against the table to catch what may fall out - haaahaaahhhaaaa! - but usually not babies). So should be have named him kicky or buckethead? PS: the baby was fine, but we should have sued the anal anyway!

Andy Watt

Wow, there are some really po-faced comments on here.

I'd recommend the name "Armitage", which sounds like a grand old english name, and I bet only a few of you poor-spelling Yanks get that one :)


Bill Green

Name the kid "Coriolis".


I mentioned earlier that Scott would have made the same crack if this had happened in New York - of course if it did, the baby would have drowned in a sewage tank and the mother would have (successfully) sued the train company for not having prevented this. How's that for a racial stereotype?




Now I remember why I never read the comments on your blog - they make me hate the world at large.

But I've never felt compelled to comment myself before. I must REALLY hate people who have no time for toilet humour....


Patti wonders:
I am happy that the baby seems okay.
However, I need to figure something out. Maybe you can shed some light on this, Scott.
My babies were all born with.. "Umbi-bungies" AKA as umbilical cords attached. HMmmmm Now, just how did this poor little baby fall out and disconnect herself from the umbilical cord? Why didn't the mom pull her back .. was the mom also trapped in the toilet for awhile?
It usually seems that an additional push presents the umbilical cord. VERY VERY ODD. You'd almost think that the mom did all this on purpose. I am ashamed for thinking that a mother could do such a thing. But, it does make me wonder. What do you think, Scott??
Was this the first baby born... without a life-line??


Very disappointing. First, no one seemed to read that the lady passed out before delivery. Second, no one had a funny name to offer ("Happy Bidet to You" was pretty good though). Third, I can't think of anything really funny either.


Dear Scott,
I am disappointed at the fact that you found this funny. Naming the baby based on this unfortunate incident is really the worst kind of humour you could ever think off.

I do not think this is necessarily racist and I hope it wasnt.


Responding to Rita Mae's comments: "Now you've got me thinking. So the baby just slipped out?
You can't fool me. I had babies ranging from 7 pounds 10 1/2 ounces to 10 pounds 2 ounces. They don't just slip out. Keep watching the news releases and say you heard it first from............."

Rita, even if what you are hypotheticating is true, I fail to understand the humor here.

Mayur Puri

Scott! This post is in very poor taste...

Have you ever seen the lavatories on Indian trains? They are not chair style like western toilets where you sit comfortably, not even knowing what colour your poop is today.

Indian style lavatory on train comprises of two steel foot pedals about mile and a half from each other - on the floor! There's a hole in the middle, big enough for a baby elephant to pass through, and you really have to stretch your legs apart with your ass in the air with no support whatsoever, as your poop drops down in the giant black hole underneath. All the while you hold on to a rod making sure that you don't slip out yourself, because the train constantly, noisily, hurtles not only forward but sideways as well. (Heck, even when you sit on your seat in the compartment, you hold on to window-grills, seat-edges, luggage, anything that saves you from bumping into the cast iron walls of the train.)

Sitting to poop in a moving train in India is like sitting on a roller coaster in Disneyland - only without your clothes and in the position I described above. I've heard of women wanting to deliver there, who were not even expecting. I've almost delivered a baby in a moving train -and I AM A MAN.


And the baby is still alive? Man, train bathrooms have the worst kind of germs imagineable .... I should know because I've been to China where you have to squat while the train is moving .... it was aweful!

Avi Bernshaw

Well, if she gave birth in a --public-- rest room, then perhaps something like "Chlamydia" would work.
Not only does it have a pleasant sound to it, she's probably contracted it if she didn't have those disposable toilet wraps with her.


The story is remarkable, not particularly funny (but only in my view) and only-just-borderline-fair-game-for-humor because the baby survived. Not Scotts finest hour. But racist? Come on, that's ridiculous, why is there always some pillock looking for a reason to scream rascist? If the toilets worked the same way, he would have made the same crack if it happened in New York, to a white anglo-saxon protestant. Why are people always looking for reasons to take offence to stuff these days?


All I can think about was a TV special I saw a few years ago, about some crazy Christian fundamentalist family living somewhere in the States, that had something like 15 kids with more on the way.

Apparently when the wife gave birth to the latest baby, she was in labour for five minutes.

Next time I'm sure she'll just sneeze and it'll pop right out.


Wow, I'm amazed by all the people that think if they shame you enough, you may feel bad about what you posted. YSLEs.


Every year, they'll sing her 'Happy Bidet to You!'


i would say the definitive one has to be KILROY

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