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She actually a bikini pin-up model. And here's the video at the press conference. You can see her demonstrate getting stuck in door with her I cup breasts.


OK, my chest is bigger than hers, and I have no doubt that I could fit through that hole. She's trying just about as hard as...someone who doesn't want to go to prison.


"[Update: Okay, this just gets better. Blog reader Aaron wonders if she could have reached through the hole in the door and just unlocked it. I am laughing because I got so carried away thinking about how to get those boobs through the hole that I never once considered just reaching in and unlocking the door. That is hilarious.]"

I hate to point out something so obvious, but if her boobs are *that* big, she can probably talk a skinny guy into doing it (or anything else) for her.


"Vico Dan" .. are you out there?

Patti wants to know..
is my friend.. "VicoDan" still around? Does he ever post?


If you do a google search for "McDonalds biofuel", a surprising number of results backing up a story last year pop up - that McDonalds UK is switching it's truck fleet to run on used cooking oil.

Probably an April Fool's hoax gotten out of hand, but if so it's certainly spread.
for example



Keep us a "BREST" of the situation.


Maybe she wasn't smart enough to unlock the door - after all, she is a pinup model.

The more I see the video, the more certain I am she's pulling a fast one.

I note the video and article make a big deal about her ribcage and breasts extending 29 cm, as if her standing position with breasts supported in bra constitute a solid object. Breasts aren't known for being rigid items (at least not the ones with which I'm familiar). She could get her ribcage through the opening, so she could wiggle through. In her demos she doesn't make much effort to compress - not the kind of effort that an irate woman intent on entry and causing damage would give.

As for splinters and such, I was wondering about a girl that could kick a hole in a door, but looking at the video here, they show the door.

It appears to have a ventilation slot down the middle of the door, which is what she would have kicked out, rather than kicking through full-panel door. Kicking out a louvered grille insert to the door would leave the hole fairly smooth, just like the rectangular slot shown in the demo videos.

Ric asked:
>Did they ever check her to make sure they were real? She could have just worn a big padded bra to court every day knowing they would be the difference. When I think of Japanese women I just don't immediately think big boobs.

Given that she is a "pin-up model", there are plenty of photos to confirm it is more than a padded bra. There is a photo of her in a bikini top at the provided link. Though I wouldn't mind checking to confirm if they are real.


I am a size 16, bra size 40DD, and I could have gotten through that hole easily! What a crock!


According to my calculations, she could have fit through the rectangle diagonally.

C = sqrt(72^2+22^2) = 75.3 cm

Her breasts only stick out 29 cm.

Oh, never mind. The circumferences and perimeters don't fit. You must acquitt!


much better picture of her on here




The linked article merely says she has big breasts, but as we can see in this profile
"big" is a serious understatement. She must have implants, those mis-proportions aren't possible without them.

I'm sure, as Diana W says, a breast can be compressed a lot, but can an implant be compressed? I'd expect not.


Thanks. Very intresting post =)


your 2/25 Dilbert. In the last frame Bob looks like he something sticking up his bottom

Surely U. R. Mad

Imagine that...the first case ever where big breasts didn't open doors. :)


They got it wrong...

Her breasts made the hole.

jerry w.

Mike D asks:

Besides the double posts and the "First!" posts, is there anything less funny than puns?

Posted by: Mike D | March 06, 2008 at 07:53 AM

Mike, thanks for including the answer inside your question.


Okay, I watched the videos and read the stories, and while I think it is funny as hell, she so scammed the judge and or jury. I don't think she even tried to crawl through the opening the way she was arching her back, about as hard a OJ did trying to pull on the glove.

Oh well, after watching her writhe around on the floor wearing a push-up bra, miniskirt and boots trying to fit through the hole, I would have let her off too.

Diana W

Speaking of funny news items, have you seen the video clip at ? It's a politician trying to explain why the front of a oil tanker fell off and spilled 20,000 gallons of oil. It's hysterical on many levels. If the link doesn't work, just Google "Front fell off video clip". This guy could be the PHB of the year.


the news is about a building worker who was found having sex with a vacuum cleaner. I thought there were plenty "funny-story-about-guy-having-sex-with-object/animal", but I can't seem to get enough of them!

I think it has Scotts's name written all over it.

Regards from an Argentine fun


Sorry off topic. Thought you might be interested in this automated delivery system for things - kind of what you proposed in your ideal city blog earlier...

[Cool! -- Scott]

rita mae

There I go!! Posting again before I watched the video!!

She could have gone through that opening. Hell, I could have gone through that opening. I thought it was a little bitty hole in the door. That was a large opening and I don't think she was trying very hard to get through.

I'm still having a hot fudge sundae later today.

Rita Mae


Patti says:
Grin.. and bare it!

Just the other day I was taking a walk when I noticed a large butt sticking out of a door-hole.
I thought it was one of those fun gags and did a double take when I saw it squirming.
I stood in amazement wondering how a fat-ass got wedged in that tiny hole. Could it be a body without a mid-torso?
I stood there eating my potato chips and drinking my soda while I contemplated the scene.
Maybe, someone forgot their keys.
Maybe someone thought it was a people hole and it actually was a man-made dog/cat-hole.
Maybe someone had gas and stuck their large butt outside.. so as not to offend someone. (In that case I would make sure that I stood a great length away)
Pretty soon a CROWD GATHERED. Everyone had their own take on the situation. Since we couldn't determine the sex of the person, we debated that issue awhile.
After an hour or so we decided to approach the A$$.
We asked questions but the half-assed answer was muffled.
Finally, in an attempt to help, we pushed the butt inside (making the hole larger) and much to our amazement...
It was a thief named Charlie who was simply holding on to his own lower prized possession.
It seems his penis and privates were so large that the bulge got caught on the inside of the house as he tried to back-out through the hole...and leave.
The more he pushed the more swollen his jewels became.
Charlie admitted breaking the door to enter. But, he stated that he never ENTERED the house and had just started trying to go inside.
We knew that he was on his way out with some items that he dropped near the hole in the door.

I was happy they never asked that I be a witness.
They never asked …and I … never offered.

Now, during the first trial, the thief was found guilty of breaking & entering and … robbery.
HOWEVER, during the second trial, they found many old girlfriends that came to his aid and proclaimed his innocence. They all stated that he was not quite that endowed at all. Therefore he was not stuck backing out through the hole. Instead, they believed that he was just caught trying to break in.

SO? Was he just ..breaking in ..
or .. was he already inside and got stuck attempting to leave with some merchandise??

Finally in an attempt to settle the case, they asked to see his treasured privates.
What they saw, settled the case .. for good.

On his privates, he had a tattoo that simply read "Charlie".
That was certainly not enough to convict him of anything more than an “attempted break-in”...since that evidence showed his privates were NOT large enough to get “stuck“
backing out.
…and so? He was found "innocent"

But, what they failed to note (and what I had actually seen) is that when excited it actually read
"Charlie’s Charcoal Broiled Hotdogs Chattanooga Tennessee"


Her breasts didn't have any splinters!?


Did they ever check her to make sure they were real? She could have just worn a big padded bra to court every day knowing they would be the difference. When I think of Japanese women I just don't immediately think big boobs

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