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Hi Scott,

I really enjoy your website, and read your comic and blog almost every morning. Unfortunately since you have upgraded the technology on your website, I am no longer able to read the comic.

Most offices do not allow people to add software to their own computers because of virus risk, and they slowly upgrade versions of internet explorer, windows etc., in order to make sure they are well tested before being rolled out to the whole company.

Because you have switched to using the newest version of adobe flash player, all I get is a prompt to upgrade my sortware which I can not accept. I'm sure that many of your readers encounter the same issue if accessing the site from their work computers. It might be better to upgrade the technology more slowly on your website, or to have a backwards compatable link, where people can see it displayed in the old way.


Energy Star rating for homes: good
Your new website design: really really bad. And slow. Ick.


That might not save the world, but it's a small step in the right direction. Let's see what you come up with tomorrow :-)


Good one, Scott. I would like to have a solar home in the future, I am willing to forgo some convenience for the cause of humanity or the greater good. Oh does it exist? But you know I just like to think it does :)


Just what we need, more regulation by an inept government. @@

D. Mented

Bonus energy saving tip!
A small, low-power exhaust fan in your attic space, run automaticly with a high-low limit switch so it shuts off when it's cool and also if there's a fire, can lower your house's temperature ten degrees. That same ten degrees, if provided by an air conditioner, takes about four times as much energy (sometimes more)
D. Mented

Mr Cranky

The flaw in your plan is that today is the last day the world can be saved.

And your plan is weak. How much have the mandatory mileage stickers and mandatory energy stickers affected consumer behavior? And if anything is clear from the present mortgage meltdown, it's that most people don't know what they're doing when committing to a mortgage.


While it indeed already exists, it would be nice were it implemented in the US. I'll be looking forward to your world saving idea tomorrow!

PS: Please bring back the old Dilbert website.

Sam Vass

Your comment is not only not new, it is already required for children to learn both arithmetic and algebra in school. Most teachers, politicians, and even college graduates can not understand mathematics, especially Republicans. The problem is trivial. sam


In Australia we have the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) for houses, that works like the star system for appliances. While it does give a bit of an idea about energy efficiency, it doesn't do it very well, and does not allow price comparisons such as Scott has suggested (and I think is a very good idea ini a market-driven society like ours).

Another problem with our current EER system, is that 5 stars is the minimum rating a new house must comply to, whereas we expect '5 stars' to mean it achieves the maximum possible efficiency.

While the calculations are difficult, and vastly affected by how the house is used (not just how the house is built), I think there is merit in the idea that is worth pursuing.


Something curiously similar to your previous speech problem.


haha too many variables. besides. who in congress actually cares. and al gore certainly doesnt. u realize his mansion is 20 times less energy efficient than Bush's ranch. godamn hhypocrite

Burt (hypocrite-hater) trub

Tanmay Kumar

Screw the world. Just give us our good old back.


Tanmay Kumar

Screw the world. Just give us our good old back.


Dim Sum

In Canada we have a lots of problems with leaky condos. Would it take into account the costs with fixing leaks?


That's a great idea. Consumer Reports recently launched a "true cost of ownership" for car reviews, which includes depreciation, maintenance and repair cost. It gives people a better idea of what they can afford.

I agree with the previous comment that it needs to concern the number of occupants. It depends on cities and neighborhoods. Like the car testing in consumer reports, they use average mileage to come up with the data. The APR for homes would use the average of the area.

The APR for homes would probably end the ridiculous trend of having 2 side by side sinks, 2 toilets and giant roman tub.

A recent study shows that most new home owners can't really afford their homes. Too many people believe that "$999 per month" on the ad is all they need.


I want to be able to see the old strips with navigation buttons like before. At the top of each comic strip there should be nav buttons like "next strip, previous strip" ...

I like the animation thing, and even mash-ups might be kind of funny, though I am very tempted to have Asok say something like "Pwned" or "All your base are belong to us" after exploding that guy's head.

Just kill the laggy flash, it's entirely unneccessary for a simple thing such as displaying a jpeg image (which even loads on the page behind the flash!)



Yeah, WTH is up with the new page? Tell whoever it is that runs the server that "text/html; charset=utf-8lias" is not a valid Content-Type response header.

Kent McManigal

Why make it a law? We already have law pollution in the world. Just start a business that figures out the cost of houses for prospective buyers. Everybody wins that way.


while we are talking about world saving ideas: changing back to the old dilbert site would definitely be worth a try.


Given all the factors that affect energy consumption, such a calculation would be impossible for new houses, and for older houses would require several years of data such as most consumers don't have time to keep. This is the case with most of your world-saving ideas: they're really good at first glance, but the details are impossible. I suppose you're not a detail man.


Unfortunately, the APR of loans can be gamed like any system. They do this by excluding certain fees from the calculation. (Is the "title insurance" included? Maybe not in this loan :)

Anytime you have money involved... fair is not possible. Just ask the right questions, and don't be the fool.

Morriss Partee

This is a great idea. But surprisingly, it looks like the U.S. government has beaten you to it. We've had the Energy Star rating on refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers for awhile. Now Energy Star is rating homes too:

Tom Hundt

Yeah that's a good idea -- kind of like the labels on appliances. Another incentive for builders would be to add value by getting a house Energy Star qualified, see . This site also has general info on things to pay attention to when looking at home energy efficiency.


Thumb down, not good idea today. Your country probably doesn't need any new law as legal system is already too complicated. But, maybe, some of your relatives is layer; in this case, I understand.

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