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Where on earth do you get the constant feed of nonstop non-sense you use as fodder for your thoughts ?
Phew I think I know :)
I read almost the same things that you read ... The only thing .. i dont blog it .. and I dont have a fan following ... Is that good or bad ?

Joe Smoe

An emerging market for The Club?

Windows XP

Wow. This is the first I have heard about this. Do you know how many police officers/investigators that lose their job over this since they decide they don't want to touch another guy's penis? Just wondering..

Besides, why would anyone want to steal some penises?!

Miky Schreiber

you can call it dicknap (instead of kidnap).


hahaha that was funny hearing it in the news.

Thomas Beck

There's a very good reason to *go* to the Congo, which is to see all the famous bonobos.

Of course, considering exactly what it is that bonobos are famous *for*, that's kind of ironic in light of the topic of this post.


I clicked on the link for this and I SWEAR there was an ad for Qantas Airlines with the headline: Meet the biggest member of the Australian Olympic team.
....It just boggles the mind.

Piotr Zieliński

I know some penis enlarging sorcerers :)


Hmmm... I was actually in the Congo that week... pretty relieved to get out with my life and health intact, although at times it felt pretty touch & go. This thing about the penises is worrying... those mobs really don't behave rationally. Saw a 12-year-old kid get brutally savaged by the mob because they thought he'd stolen a handbag, but the real thief got away. Still, hate to be in a crowd when one of them points at you and screams, "He just stole my penis!" No way you're getting out of there alive.

Tanya G

Gosh, If I were a superheroine and this was my super power I wonder what I'd do with it. I'm very glad there are no breast thefts, but then in my case there'd not be much to steal...


Just remember, all cultures are equal.


Jeez. Clearly they're not tiny, someone stole their penis!

Sounds like somebody's excuse to a disappointed lover that got out of hand.

Barfo Rama

Detachable Penis... hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm...

Sick of Mo's


What are you doing about these problems? Are you out there in any of those places making things better? I don't know. We really don't know anything about any of the other commentors except one thing: we all took a moment out of our day for entertainment and that includes you. If you came to this blog for anything else other than philosotainment, you're an idiot.

Dim Sum

I'd be suspicious if I shared a taxi with someone and it caused them to enlarge. Perhaps a good reason to abolish all taxis and replace them with unicycles.


Rita Mae must be on holidays. I thought she'd be all over the penis.

John Reedy

My cold shower is apparently some sort of witch.

minister of silly walks

So that's what happened to it! Penis stealing sorcerer thieves from the Congo! And here all this time I thought it was because I was getting old ....


The post reminds me police jokes about visiting the place of occurrence in rape cases.
Btw, the syndrome is usually found in China and South-East Asia. There were newspaper accounts of about such syndrome being reported in tribal population in North-East India where witchcraft is practiced to cure the syndrome. A good business without any capital, he he. To add some more countries to your list please visit


Yeah, and I suppose the police report would say "Insufficient Evidence".


maybe it would be good to read the associated articles more thoroughly: "He was trying to raise funds to provide a rest stop for lorry drivers in Paranagua, a major port for agricultural products." Not the most noble goal i supposed but still charitable...


BTW I like the RSS-feed on



Guess what I heard about the Congo?..there is an all out genocide going on amid a desperate food crisis.

Remember Rwanda? Did no one wonder where the murderers went? They are in the Congo doing exactly what they did in Rwanda and does anyone care?
It's much more amusing to write penis jokes.

Never forget my ass.
The holocaust is being repeated all over the world and still no one really cares do they?

RT Wolf

What I love is this bit right here at the end of the article:

(For full Reuters Africa coverage and to have your say on the top issues, visit: )

Uh...I'm against penis thieving?


Geez, your right, there is another reason not to go to Congo. Love yoru comment about the victems not having internet access too =)

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