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No, I do not know anybody who would fit into these categories. However, I suspect that this is only because it's not politically correct to openly convey these types of views in this day and age. If I could be a fly on the wall of the voting booth I think the numbers would be dramatically different. I also know quite a few people who don't vote and I can't see them voting as a result of this. The scary thing is, so many people don't even know how to vote today. When I was in school, I had an hour lecture on the importance of voting and they showed us how to pull the lever (yes, it was an actual lever). Lecture over, we all went back to passing notes and gossiping in class.


1) I do not know anyone who believes Obama to be a muslim.
2) I do not know anyone who believes Obama wants to destroy America.
I DO know some who will not vote for Obama just because he is black.
I know many who will vote FOR Obama just because he is black.



They are my relatives!! :(
I'm from the South.

Dale Henderson

How can Obama do more " destroy it from within?" after Bush? There really isn't much left to destroy. What he hasn't pissed away in Iraq, he's given to his corporate elite buddies and sold to his Indian/Chinese task masters.


I am sick of people acting like Democrats are the only ones with socialist ideas. What the hell was that bail out of Bear Stearns? Right now we are living in a system with capitalist successes and socialized failures. I would much rather let the corporations go under for making risky decisions that didn't pay off than let half the country go without minimal health care.

I really hope you're wrong Scott. We don't even really know what McCain thinks about the war. He has changed his mind three times in the last six months. We don't know what person will end up in office - the neoconservative panderer we see on the campaign right now or the rogue Bush-condemning hardass he has been for the last few years.


Oh boy. We're going to play dress-up today and pretend to be pundits. Fun!

Here's my entry, an open letter:

Dear Senators Clinton and Obama:

You each claim to be "ready to lead". Please prove that to all of us, who are all desperate for true leadership.

From my armchair, it appears that neither of you will have enough "pledged delegates" to secure the nomination, which means that it will be up to the "superdelegates" to decide the election, much like the Supreme Court did in 2000.

And like the Supreme Court in 2000, there will be a large number of people who will never accept that decision. But unlike with the Supreme Court, you are going to need those disgrutled voters in your corner to win the election. So you can't gruntle them in the first place.

The two of you need to reserve a conference room for 3 days, and sequester yourselves. Show the same leadership skills that you know you possess, the same ones that you will use to defend America's interests when you become President, and secure

Agree, up front, that if a resolution can't be reached, that you will decide who will be the nominee by one round of Texas Hold'em, or a coin toss. (Remember to give the deck of cards / coin to the Smithsonian when done.)

Be creative in your deliberatins. Remember to do what's right for the PEOPLE, and not just yourselves. The solution is almost certain to involve one of you being the Presidential candidate, and the other being Vice. Perhaps the role of the VP could be expanded, to something even greater than Al Gore or even Dick Cheney enjoy(ed). Perhaps you can agree that, whichever one of you is the candiated, than in 2012 when it's re-election time, that you will job switch, instead of simply run for re-election.

Be creative. This election is breaking all the rules anyway. Why not push the envelope further?

Please, America needs Leadership. Senator McCain will lead the country. His chosen path is "Same Direction". Both of you have a similar "Change Direction" vision. If your ego, your insistence that you be the one calling the shots, is more important than your vision, then by all means keep up the rancor. It will be you, not the American People, who chose to "Stay the Course".



My Ssurvey answers:

1) No.
2) No.

These questions remind me of an old smear-campain survey:


You don't actually call Jeb Smith a child molester, but you make that association in some people's minds. Enough to tip the balance.

"Prediction", or "self-fulfilling prophecy"?



Richard Knickson

1)- No

2)- Secretly? He's pretty open about it. When has he ever said anything in praise of this country? He's just another far-left socialist who wants to pick the pockets of the half of the country who work for a living and hand the proceeds to the scum who don't. Poor people stay poor because they are stupid and have bad decision-making skills. Oh well, this country is doomed now anyway. We have now hit the point where one half of the population recieves some sort of government assistance money. Any government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul, especially when the Pauls are out-breeding the Peters at an alarming rate.

Simon Jester

1. No.
2. Yes.


I had a few people send me the famous Obama = muslim e-mail. I corrected them with extreme prejudice.

I don't know anyone that thinks Obama secretly hates America and is out to destroy it. However, I know lots of people who believe George Bush hates America and is out to destroy it.

I also know several people who believe that George Bush is quite literally Jesus Christ returned. Rather than surrender that belief as George Bush's time in office continued they came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ hates America and wants to destroy it. And since that's what Jesus wants they now shop at WalMart, drive Hummers, and plan to vote for McCain.

I hate people.


Being English, no and no. I do not know anyone who thinks Obama would not be a positive change.

It is certainly interesting that many people here see Obama as 'socialist' though. Err, no, he has never proposed anything remotely socialist as far as I can see, that is just crazy talk, he is as extreme right as all your rabid nutjob politicos. For instance health reform seem drastically required in America - even extreme right wing governments around the world provide some kind of socialised medicine. That is not in itself socialism, just common sense.


Hey, I'm not american, so I really don't know where Obama or Hillary or McCain stands in any issues. Maybe I should care, since USA has impact on my life too, but since I can't vote, I haven't seen the reason. Can you talk about something funnier next time?

Well, since I'm commenting, here are my answers.

1. No, but I do know muslim ppl. Good folks overall. If I was american, the religion of canditates wouldn't influence me. Politics would.

2. No, and I don't know why anyone would think so. I'm not into details, and I don't know what Obama or any other canditate wants to do or the procedure for being elected, but I think that when running for president you need some support from the political party you represent, and I think that would be very hard to get if you want to destroy your country from the inside. Since he is a candidate, I guess he has some support.


In Singapore, polls revealed that a significant portion of local teenagers thought that Obama was Osama bin Laden's brother.


I'm racist I'm fine with Obama being President. Black isn't a skin colour it's a cultural identity. He's what we call a coconut - he's only dark on the outside.

I'm feminist, but Hillary is about as much female as Obama is black. I think she will run the country better (hard to run it worse than it is!). But with all the emotional disappointments she has had to deal with, she must be pretty disillusioned with the world, and men in particular. And perhaps even with women for allowing men to use them. Obama has lived a protected life, perhaps he will be more optimistic and therefore TRY a little harder to right the wrongs.

In my country religion isn't a relevant divider and I know enough really honest, kind, generous muslims to believe that being muslim isn't intrinsically a bad thing. It's a religion that guides most of its believers into doing what society accepts is the right thing. I also know a few really nasty, dishonest, church-going christians. Religion isn't a valid pigeon-hole for character.


I think you are right. The next president will be Mc Cain. but not for the reasons you said, rather because of the ongoing debate between Obama and Clinton. People will get fed up of both Obama and Clinton by the end of thr debate and vote for Mc Cain.


What happened to President Romney? I read somewhere some fellow wrote Romney would be President because Americans voted for the guy with the best hair. Who was it that wrote that?


amen-not wrote:

"People dont seem to understand that NOT voting for obama is not racism...A minority should not be a representative for this country, it's simple logic."

So....all politicians should be white, but that's not racism. Yeah, I'd say that's just about the simplest logic I've ever heard.


I am in the UK. The USA looks racist from here. We had a programme on TV about the problems U.S. high school white girls had dating high school black guys. In "Scrubs" they had to introduce a black female character to date the black male character, it would have been too much of an issue to have a white character date a black character. I know this does happen on some shows (but can't think of one just at the moment - maybe Ally McBeale early series?) but it is never just part of the background. Captain Kirk kissing Uhura is still big news ! (mentioned in Futurama - big news to me) The U.S. is a very racist country, I think you try hard to respect one another and give each other space, I don't see much integration.

Mark Ingram

I really find it difficult that Americans can be that easily swayed by what they hear on Fox "News". It's dangerous.

Obama would be good for America, and for it's international relations.


From your statistical facts I draw an obvious conclusion: The racists are very popular. See how many friends and acquitances the few of them make!

So, for all of us IT nerds, there's a chance: We become racists and welcome all the new friends. There's no risk in becoming an outcast - nerds already are outcasts, no change on that front.

Surabaya Stew

I predict that Obama will be the new President by virtue of the Electoral College. Just like Bush 8 years ago, he will loose the popular vote. And yes, the difference reflects the margin of White Racists in certain States. It's funny how we thought the 2000 race was proof that the Electoral College had to go; I believe 2008 will make up for it.


1. Do you personally know anyone who thinks Obama is a Muslim?

I know he was, and I know he didn't pay attention in his "Christian" church or he would have know what that preacher was teaching. For all I know he secretly still is. Either that or he was listening and agrees with that pastor, I don't know which is more frightening.

2. Do you personally know anyone who suspects Obama might secretly hate America and is running for President to destroy it from within?

America? No. Democracy? Most certainly. Obama is a Marxist at best, a fundamental islamist at worst.
I also find it disturbing that a group that wants to be treated like everyone else votes along racial lines.


As long as your next president is NOT called "Bush" who gives a monkeys?


I know for a fact that my aunt thinks he's Muslim, and she probably also thinks that he wants to destroy America.

Wooo for fundamentalist Christian bigots.

In any case, I'm looking at some of the third party candidates to vote for, but if they all end up being stupid I'll go ahead and vote for Obama.


I'm not even voting this election. There's no one to vote for, and even if I pick a 3rd party candidate, it still legitimizes the system by saying XX% of Americans voted. I want to be one of the ones that didn't.

Not voting is the only way to protest this.


I am still amazed that everyone here keeps referring to Obama as a black man. Folks, his mother was *white*. Does having black ancestors make a person black? And yet having half your ancestors being white DOESNT make a person white??? The simple fact that so many of us here think of him as black -- only because he isn't 100% pure like ivory soap -- betrays the subconscious racism that we all keep assuring each other we don't subscribe to.

And on an unrelated note, all those here who fear Obama's liberalism will destroy the country should notice that the bar has been set incredibly low in the last eight years. Even if he were TRYING to do things wrong, he couldn't possibly do worse than the guy in office now has done. There frankly isn't a whole lot left to destroy anymore.

(And you guys who say Obama is all talk and no action, well you guys must be all talk and no read -- try taking a look at the bills he has introduced in Congress, compare them to the efforts of any young congressman).

Not that he'll win the election. No one has ever accused the US electorate of having excessive intelligence.

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