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"Energy is nothing but a concept"

- but energy has mass .. but then, mass is nothing but a concept too.


I do not understand why you say Atheists say mass does not exist. Mass expresses itself without existing. This blog, for example, expresses itself without having mass. People can express themselves without existing, too.

BTW, which Dilbert character would be religios if one of Dilbert characters had to be religious ?


Love is all that exists, god = love x Smile, love and be loved x


Slightly funny, but in seriousness it's unsound and no one who's commented really sees why. You say that concepts don't exist without reasoning why they don't exist, and that alone fails the whole argument.
I don't know anything about philosophy and I'm not educated and I saw that. How dumb is everyone else?


Slightly funny, but in seriousness it's unsound and no one who's commented really sees why. You say that concepts don't exist without reasoning why they don't exist, and that alone fails the whole argument.
I don't know anything about philosophy and I'm not educated and I saw that. How dumb is everyone else?


yeah E= mc^2 means the energy associated with a mass equivalent to human is tremendous... and the mass associated with energy such as light energy consisting of photons, electrical energy consisting of electrons is too little... so its considered negligible..

ur verdict is like "when we say virus is invisible, it means elephants are too" too smal 2 c cud b sometimes considered non existence:)

really a good one... ur blog!

Jan Mikhail Pesimo

This is the first day I see this blogsite. This is a very good one. I like the blogs it contains. There are many good titles and subjects tackled by the author, Scott Adams.

However, in this particular blog (proof you don't exist)there are wrong statements. Please be careful in using your(author) philosophical analogy in arguments because that will reflect your logic.

To have a good arguments one should read a reliable books, dictionaries, and other related articles about the topic one wanted to discuss.

I know I should not give a correction in this blog because every blog is mostly an opinion of the blogger(i.e, should be respected).

But according to the saying, "every man has the right to his opinion but he has no right to be wrong in facts".

There are wrong facts in this blog.

First, you should not made an agreement with your reader to agree with the definition that existence is confined only in the material sense (...let’s agree that we are only talking about existence in the material sense) because it is only your opinion and is very much untrue!

According to Wiktionary, existence came from the Latin word "existere" which means to appear, to arise, or to become.
Although it is only concept, this single definition concludes that anything happens to appear, arise, or become in and out of a man's mind is said to be in existence. So may it be physical(visible/invisible), spiritual, or mental(thoughts, letters, concepts, etc.)things it all exists.

Second, according to science there are only 2 things that exist or will exist in universe. First matter. Matter is defined as anything that has mass and occupies space. And the second is anything that is not a matter, of course. This is energy. That is, we may securely say that energy is anything that does not occupies space and has no mass. Energy is defined as the product of the mass of an object and its velocity squared. Therefore, it is not synonymous or rather equal to mass. Now you may question how comes energy doesn't occupies space yet it is a product of mass and velocity of light? It is only a mathematical calculation. But in philosophical terms that is how we define it.

The universe is comprised of if not a matter it is surely an energy.

The truth is WE ALL EXIST because we are created by the Creator named TO BE.

Michael H

besides we can't measure energy anyway just the change in energy (e.g we can't define what is zero energy)
mass is a property of a substance which is one of those undefinable ideas that we all rely on including measurement
what is distance anyway? if you have a definition make sure it doesn't include the concept of distance in it(or use one of those other undefined terms)

Michael H

an Atheist defined as a person with a lack of belief doesn't exist. If a persons says I don't believe in anything than you must entertain the possibility that those others persons beliefs are true, if you don't that means that you can't know which is an agnostic. If all those other people are believe to be wrong you have a belief.

therefore atheism with that definition is self-conflicting
hence doesn't exist

Kristal L. Rosebrook

Interesting article

Kristal L. Rosebrook


Mass isn't equivalent to energy, mass is energy condensed to a slow vibration. That's like saying the strawberry plant, the strawberry, and the strawberry smoothie are all the same thing.

I see you're philoso-taining yourself again. As Wally said, have you tried it with a magazine?


One of the problems with reality (and existence) is that it is defined in absolute terms. Wouldn't it be a more complete definition to say it is whatever can be perceived itself or its effects by an individual? We are just lucky that these personal realities intersect so much.

For example, you may swear by patriotism but it is such a meaningless term for many people you may surprise. Or modesty, which is as unreal and inexistent for many tribes as God may be for atheist because they have never experimented it or its effects.

Milla Valkeasuo

This is crazy...


I see that there are 255 comments to your post. This clearly means that the posters are actually a computer-generated illusion, but only 8 bits were used to store the number of replies.


Does no one who comments have a sense of humor or irony?


Does no one who comments have a sense of humor or irony?


Hmmm... are you calling yourself God?

aashish (Cogent)


This is good to learn.


Your argument is pretty much equivalent in quality to "So logically, if she weighs like a duck, she is made of wood, and therefore, a witch!"
Dating someone who really understands the word 'commitment' on


To paraphrase Douglas Adams

"Oh dear" said the Athiest "I hadn't thought of that" and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.


Men eat peanuts.
Apes eat peanuts.

Therefore Men=Ape?



nondescript wrote:

[Atheism is the lack of belief in religion not a belief itself, or in your terms a lack of faith rather than a faith in something. Calling atheism a belief is like calling baldness a hair colour.]

I've always hated that argument.

If you had never, ever thought about God in some sense, I might buy the mere lack of belief status.

But I've never actually met an atheist, who did not willing and actively reject faith in God without reasons they could clearly articulate. At that point, their rejection of a notion of God is clearly tied to assumptions and worldview and belief.

If that is fair at all, then it would be better to say that claiming atheism is a belief is like claiming baldness is a hairstyle for someone who has shaved their own head.

Seems like a fair claim to me.

If you're going to argue from bad, pithy analogies - they can go both ways very quickly.


I dare you to prove that black is white and that white is black. Be careful crossing the street. You seem to really like your computer program reality. Maybe you should stop prodding at the structure, before you encounter a fatal exception error at 0000c8h:h456ag8 and will have to reboot...


Mass itself is just a "property of objects", as much so as energy is. In in some respects energy is better understood than mass.

The way to separate the things that exist from the things that don't is by considering whether the evidence we have supports their existence. I can reasonable assume you exist, because I have evidence in the form of this blog, the comics that appear in my inbox most days, the books you have written etc.

On the other hand, you have no evidence that I exist other than this blog comment, which isn't all that convincing really. So odds are I'm just a figment of your imagination.

J. F. R. Wright

Scott, it'd've been great to see a typo on this entry, such that it started: "Poof, you don't exist!" Then you would have inadvertantly homophobically insulted the Internet! Something it richly deserves...

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