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or you could phase sleep...

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i work around 17 hours a day. Still i complete all my works a regular time. You just need faith in you.


Sit down and brainstorm on how can you make use Pareto 20/80 rules. Then concentrate to work on the top 20 percent of the activities and try to delegate as much as possible the remaining non-productive tasks to others.


Sit down and brainstorm on how can you make use Pareto 20/80 rules. Then concentrate to work on the top 20 percent of the activities and try to delegate as much as possible the remaining non-productive tasks to others.


I guess I've choses the third path. Should I start stockpiling nonperishable foods now?


I work 12 hours a day and have no life. And won't live long, probably.


Shaun L: when I was little I knew a computer programmer at my dad's work who operated on a week of six 28-hour days instead of seven 24-hour ones. His week synchronised with other people's at midnight on Friday, so he was roughly in phase with other people for weekend socialising*, but had the office to himself on his (four) weekdays.

* This may have been a bit academic, come to think of it.


I couldn't agree more with Dennis' comments.

Notions such as 'fault', 'guilt', 'obligation', etc., and those classics 'I HAVE to/I MUST', are just weasel words for our own clouded thinking and laziness. However, I think the word 'effective' is a good pointer towards living well. Work out what you want to do, then do it. Done.

If the president of the United States has time to fart-arse around on a Segway scooter, then surely we all do.


At my age, I make do with 6 hours of sleep. Mission accomplished.


I've recently removed all women from my life (about a month ago I had 4 girlfriends (yes, simultaneously. yes, I really am an engineer!)). Removing all of them has given me so much free time to do the things I want to do! It's amazing. No dates, no sex, no talking on the phone or just hanging out.

So here is my new schedule:

8 hours sleep
8 hours work
1 hour travel (sometimes riding my bike, so exercise)
2 hours misc (shower, getting dressed, thinking)
5 hours leisure (includes exercise).
(I multi-task food in with other activities)

5 hours a day to do whatever I want... it's great!



I think that I am one of the very, very few people who never ever thought that they have too little time. Well there were stressful situations, but I mean any permanent idea like a "bad schedule".

It escapes me how people always think of it.

I *do* sometimes think I could done something more sensible, but quickly I remind myself that in this case I WOULD have done it.

Sure, I work, sleep, I have family, friends, etc but I never had any competition between them. I just do what I do and when sometimes someone/something demands more I explain it to other people (or myself). Conflicts are a part of existence.

I don't want to be effective, important, or special at all. While that probably makes me special, I still refuse the notion.

Nothing I do is an obligation. I dislike it when people say "I HAVE to care about my wife/kid/dog." At some point I made a decision and I can decide differently if I think so today. "Family time" - what is that?

The problem is never TIME, it's just the inability to accept what we do is what we do and that we are responsible for it. Indecision and dishonesty is the problem.

It's easy when you know there is actually nothing you HAVE to reach and there is really nothing to leave behind. Stop budgeting your time as you have to blame someone or something because you are unhappy for NO REASON AT ALL.

Let life happen.


Well, I don't fit into either of those options (although of course am striving for #1).

My day breaks down like this:

Sleep - 8 or 9 hours (okay I like to sleep a lot!)
Eating - 2 hours (includes prep time & food shopping)
Hygiene - 1 hour (includes a leisurely bath, make-up, hair etc)
Work - 8.5 hours (includes the commute to & from work)
Exercise - 1 hour about once a month when I can drag myself to the gym.

That leaves me 4 and a half hours for the rest of the stuff - quality time with hubby (no children yet), sex, reading, surfing the net, watching dvd's (not a big fan of tv) and socialising.

I have to also agree with Mike that a lot of my me-time and websurfing can happen at work, since my actual work load definitely doesn't take up 8 hours a day.

All in all, I have a pretty happy & balanced life. Not missing out on pay, and not killing myself with no sleep and since I prepare all my meals, I'd like to think I eat pretty healthily. Well, the exercise is something I could work on, but then that'd cut into my 4.5 hours of fun, which I don't always see as a great compromise.


New comic page fails:

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New blog doesn't come up either...


Off topic...

What in the name of spartacus' sporan have you done to


screw the employer, sleep less, eat lunch in 5 minutes. leaves plenty of time for anything.

PS: get that goddam registration on fixed
my lines were
So you want to change the SQL dBase installed yesterday?
The industry is moving fast.

Geoffrey James, Sales Machine

Freelancing. It's relatively easy to make six figures and then some, essentially working part-time. The key is understanding that freelancing is essentially a sales job.


eat in front of the TV with your family thereby combining at least 1 hours (given that breakfast n lunch are either rushed or at work) for tv and family time

You also forgot that part of your eating will be a work lunch therefor either 1 hour or 30 mins should be reduced from work time.

im worknig on an average of 7 hours work or 7:30 mins work

get and Exercise bike and use it whiel in from of the TV or listening to music. if you can use different parts of your brain you can do many thnigs at the same time just don't try reading and driving (not good)

also just to be clear many people can and most do function perfectly wel on less that 8 hours sleep night.


"That leaves you three hours for family time, sex..."

Assuming you all eat together, eating is family time. And sex comes under the hour of exercise.


Shameless self-promotion:


Lack of social life. My friends didn't get on well with my wife so they are more accurately described as ex-friends.

Off topic, the dilbert beta site looks neat. And good idea to get advertisting revinue to yourself rather than just letting typepad or whoever get rich off your humour. Just surprised there is no merchandising like buy this stip printed on a mug or mousemap type of thing or is that still to come? Its certainly what I would do.


what's that horrible new blog page Scott?
it's like up(up?!?)grading from xp to vista!!!
please, please, PLEASE, stick on the old one!


Your new website sucks.

Fix it.

Not everyone lives in the US for a start!

Its not ready for use.

I wanted to see todays strip and cannot.

it keeps crashing too.


Well put. I'll be switching to the third path (part-time work) soon. I also overlay the "exercise" hour on the "commute" one by cycling to work, an option available to far more people than use it, in the UK anyway.

I also don't use up any of my precious hours by having a family (although I still have vague plans for that to change some time) or, currently, sex (which may be a hindrance to those plans.)


Here's my problem:
I'm fit and healthy - exersise and good eating are my idea of fun.

I've worked hard all my life for very little money - I love the job but it doesn't pay well.

Consequently, I have my health but no retirement plan whatsoever.

I'm throwing in my lot with the armageddonists. It seems there's so many reasons for the world to fall apart, and I'm just hoping that civilisation collapses a short moment before I open that first tin of cat food.

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