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It's standard engineering practice to pump water into reservoirs as "battery" storage of hydroelectric power. That's basically using gravity. It's as efficient as your pumps and turbines, which have the benefit of many years of refinement. However, I wonder if there isn't some sort of capillary action system which could be used to "pump" water to a reservoir without inputting energy from the grid?

Still, that's bound to be far less efficient than storing electricity directly from a solar cell to a nanowire battery.


I found a link to the reversible dam I mentioned in my previous post.

Doing the gravity idea in an individual backyard does not seem practical. Now a neighborhood power storage system...

Real Live Girl

And hopefully, Mr. Burn's isn't planning on buying the sun or blocking it. LOL.

jerry w.

What if we could use solar power to move a rock up a hill, and then drop said rock

on the head of anyone that refused to give up driving their hummer?

Note, not on the head of anyone getting a hummer.

Nor, on anyone that's giving a hummer.


This has been done, kinda. There is (at least there was) a dam somewhere that generates hydro power during the day. At night when energy is cheaper, the generators become motors and the turbines become pumps, lifting water back into the reservoir to reuse the next day.

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