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And after we solve this one, I'm hoping we can pursue legalized and subsidized 39th trimester abortion.


how about going into space, we could ship the old people to colonize mars, but if you could keep on living why stop there..old go where no young man gone before

Max Kaehn

Urn? I'm having my remains turned into a diamond. Take a look at ...

tim shepard

Dude, you won't make it to 70 the way you're going
Give it up already.


One way ticket to said country and a return UPS label. I smell "cross-marketing"...


Get rid of the non productive old people (who defines productive?).
Get rid of the inmates costing money.
Get rid of the non productive Down Syndrome people.
Get rid of the fetus that has the wrong DNA.
Get rid of the non blond, non blue eye ... oh wait, wrong era.


Why is it that every discussion of euthanasia avoids the real problem? The problem with euthanasia is not medical or ethical determination of right or quality of life, but society vs. individual. Death is the cheapest fix to all medical and care taking problems, and we are all greedy assholes whenever situation doesn't directly affect us. If helping patients die is easy for doctors and at the same time hospital or nursing home is pressured to cut costs, you know what's going to happen. There is plenty of evidence that most of us are willing to kill healthy people if some authority figure demands that. How hard would it be to convince doctors to kill sick people?
I agree that people should have the right to choose to die if there is nothing but suffering left in their life, but in the same time people must have absolute power to choose to live and get all possible help to do so.


I guess there is a reason they haven't cured cancer yet. Thinning the herd.

Assisted suicide is overrated, and you are overthinking the problem. All you have to do is find a friend who also wishes to die, buy a gun, and then go and shoot him in front of the police station. The police will rush out and end your suffering right there. Just in case the police are bad shots however, make sure you do it in a state that still has the death penalty. That way, the taxpayers can pay for your youth in asia trip.


[dons ceremonial tinfoil hat] They are already doing assisted suicide for old people, in the form of "flu vaccinations".

D. Mented

To those who think nobody needs assistance if they really want to commit suicide -
what about the REALLY sick ones who can't get out of bed to get a rope or a gun or whatever? It seems to me if you still have the ability to commit suicide without assistance, you probably don't need or want to commit suicide - unless it's one of those cyclical mental decline ones like Alzheimer's where sometimes you know who you are and what's happenning to you and how much your loved ones are suffering, but you know you're just having a good day, and you will inevitably sink back into the paranoia and amnesia,etc. (by the way, hang on - the blood vaccine sounds VERY promising for that one)
To those who think the only problem with the average lifespan going over 100 is unproductive old people - DO THE MATH...Even old people eat, sleep in beds, wear clothes, drink water and wash in it,etc. Meanwhile, the birth rate hasn't stopped, and we'll be very lucky if it slows down. That means the population grows faster than ever with people getting born at the same or higher rate and the death rate slowing down...EARTH ISN'T GETTING BIGGER. Where are all the resources going to come from to feed, clothe, shelter, heat, cool, and provide internet for all these people?
I'm pretty sure most countries will allow assisted suicide (probably with something other than'd need a doctor's consultation to declare incureable and debilitating or fatal, but then some death-technician would provide the actual assistance) maybe not the U.S. because we can politicise ANYTHING!
What we will need to preserve life as we know it will also be some form of general encouragement to USE BIRTH CONTROL to limit the number of children per couple to a sensible one or two, and time these births to occur *after* one has a steady job and stable relationship to bring them up well, so the little darlings have a chance to be blessings on society - not blights.
Sadly, the culture (and religions)will not change in time.
By the time even the selfish people recognise the crisis, it will be too late for even draconian measures to turn the tide (which will, by then, have swallowed a lot of coastland)
We're doomed.
We're so doomed I don't even want to live long enough to see the inevitable fall of civillization...Check me out at age 60(if the Mayan Doomsday prediction hasn't already proved true and destroyed the world on December 24, 2012)
D. Mented
Hey, Rita Mae - please tell us you'll check in and say PENIS every once in a while even after retirement; SOMEBODY has to keep us in line!


I am all for Assisted suicide, but i see alot of problems in it as well.

1) determining if a person really needs to die. look at all the famous people in history including now, take a look at Jack LaLanne he is well into his 90's and looks great and just keeps going. there are many more that i could list

2) who would perform the deed, it would have to be someone that has a very low opinion of life because they are really in essence killing people. I know i couldn't do it just because i have a conciouns.

3) what would be the means of death, pill, injections, gas, you have to be certified in what ever the death requires(look at all the botched Lethat injections in the criminal systems), and not including all the religiouls rights that people have.

and last

4) most older people are on Oxygen which means they cant get into a plane and fly to a country that has it, so there is really no way to get them there. he only way to get them there by boat and with any luck they would die on the boat ride there, the next thing is extridition of the remains back to there home country, its alot of paperwork would the families and or government really want to deal with that much, not to mention the cost of all of this.


In the times of the end men will beg for death and be unable to die.

From about 6 years of age I realized my agenda would take about 400 years in my current incarnation. When I mentioned this to people they universally told me I was crazy. Now Ray Kurzweil says the same thing and he hasn't been wrong about anything yet. Yoda did it.

As for suicide I have always felt that to die on the surface of this planet would be the greatest ignominy. Ezechiel got a ride out, what am I chopped liver?


By the time we have any significant number of people reach 140, we'll be in the midst of a technological singularity. That means that either the economics issues will be solved, or we'll be too busy attempting to survive an AI assault.


You don't even need a good airport. Just make sure everyone on the airplane has purchased the same special one way ticket, and find a pilot who wants to go on permanent strike.


This leads me to a controversial thought: We really need to revise our concept of ethics/morality.
We need to understand that the bottomline of our environmental/resource issues are just because there are way too much folks around and near to unsustainable.
The whole frowning upon assisted suicide was fine for times when we had whole civilizations facing extinction but this does no longer applies to our current reality.

My 2c...


Sanjay: You're missing a really important point: "Soylent green is OTHER people"


I think a lot of these comments are very cynical about the value of human life. There is an inference in these comments that the old and infirm are a burden to us. I really think it is the epitomy of ego and selfishness to either think that because someone requires care that may get in the way of our own consumer culture, they should "off themselves." Or conversely, the idea that we don't want to "burden" our children with having to take care of us, so we'll just kill ourselves and the government can give them money. What if they want you? No amount of money can replace a human being.
Finally, I don't think the government should be in the business of killing its free citizens whether directly or indrectly, volitionally or against their will. Why does this need to be a "legal" thing? If you want to do it, there are plenty of painless, efficient means. Go out into your garage, turn the car on and wait. Or, supposing that medical science does make it possible to live that long, just don't avail yourself of those services and you can die earlier.


Scott, this is the best pro-tobacco argument I've ever seen. You need to get yourself on a big team of lawyers and start making your money. You're poised for bajillionairedom in the next 50 years.


A friend of a friend of a friend once told me that his father was financially comfortable, had loads of friends, and thoroughly enjoyed his time on earth. He purposefully spent all his accumulated wealth though and died with only $1000 left in the bank. He did not have to kill himself either. It just so happened that he got to spend his kids' inheritance before his (un)timely departure and impending bankrupcy.

Cool, eh!

Now, what were you saying about assisted suicide?


So long as the elderly can remain productive, there's no reason to check out early.

It's when "old people" turn into "useless old people" that extreme old age becomes an issue.


The "Assisted" Suicide debate is simply an attempt by a few narcissistic individuals (e.g. Jack Kevorkian) to call attention to themselves and to further their political ambitions. They a taking what should be a personal and private process and turning it into a three ring circus, complete with "60 Minutes" video (a show that is still striving to rise to the level journalistic integrity of Jerry Springer).
DIY suicide has worked for all of history and those that choose it should be allowed their privacy.
Thank you for allowing my monkey dance.


If you are able to stay alive and healthy, why stop working? There is no reason to retire at 65 if at 65 you have the energy of a 35 yr old. Hence you wouldn't have to kill yourself. As for technology every scientist has already admitted the upper span for human age is in the 120's with the one exception coming fro ma calorie restricted diet, not technology.

jerry w.

You said "assisted suicide will be legal", but I'm looking for a place

where it's mandatory if you get voted off the island by a group of

your peers, and ones relative's votes count double.

It's not that I won't miss that low life nephew of mine, but

everyone serves a purpose even if it's only to be used

as an example of what not to do.


It's legal here in Germany.

It's unfortunately the second time in our recent history that something like that is accepted here.

John VdC

In Belgium (where I live) this sort of thing has been legal for years. Sure, there are some legal hoops you have to jump through to avoid abuse etc. But if you're 'in grave pain' (can be faked) and have 'no chance of being cured' then it's just a matter of a few forms and that's it.

And those conditions are just boundaries which can pulled and pushed all the time. This law is only valid for adults (18+ here) but people talk about allowing children with cancer etc the option as well. What is 'in grave pain' and what is 'uncurable', that is all very debatable.

*shrug* Even my own mother, who saw her father being reduced to a shell of the man he used to be, told me to get things over with if at some point she no longer knew who I was.

Yes, it would be insanely hard to do, but if need be, it will be done.

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